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>Kill Indians. Behead Indians. To kick a Indian in the balls. Throwing a Indian baby in the trash. Crucify Indian sparrows. Poop on Indian food. Throw Indians into the sun. Indian frying in a wok. Throw Indians into active volcanoes. Piss in the gas tank of a Indian. Do judo holds on Indians and throw them into a wood chipper. Break the head of Indians. Report Indians to Immigration. Do karate chops to Indians and split them in half. Smash pregnant Indian sluts. Trapping Indians in quicksand. Destroy Indians in a garbage processor. Liquidate Indians in an acid tank. eat indians. Dissect Indians. Exterminate Indians in the gas chamber. Crush Indian skulls in metal-soled boots. Cremate Indians in the oven. Lobotomize Indians. Mandatory abortions for Indians. Crush Indian fetuses in the trash. Drown Indians in fried chicken grease. Vaporize Indians with a ray gun. Throw the old Indians down the stairs. Feed Indians to crocodiles. Cutting Indians with a katana.


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File: 1674495003214-1.jpg (9.14 KB, 1160x768, flag.jpg) ImgOps

Which has contributed more to killing the quality of online discussion in the past 7 years?


Racism is banned from 4chan doe


Twitter trannies





Made possible by indian coders. It's a chicken and egg dilemma


File: 1674511252356.jpeg (23.54 KB, 720x405, madotcykablyat.jpeg) ImgOps


least racist kuwaiti


stop sucking jews off and come back you zionist faggot


File: 1674933068364.jpeg (204.38 KB, 1074x1005, 4B76D1FA-BC61-4C04-9CC4-0….jpeg) ImgOps

“ stop sucking jews off and come back you zionist fagg-ACK!!!!1!”


File: 1675061430196.png (121.86 KB, 1216x1903, 1654804153246.png) ImgOps

>Poop on Indian food


The arrow is supposed to be pointing the other way to signify narration, after all, the hanging Indian is not the one spouting those words.


I wonder how subcontinental muslims are treated in the gulf


they still are better treated than indian muslims in india

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