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not politics just in case
Why eastern slavs suck at memes? Why western slav memes have more funies value? i begin to loathe even my own nation for being cringey postsovietbongs. only funny meme was battle pigs but while it became mainstream it was ruined. pic are example of good battle pigs


why are they anime girls


modern western humor is equally as bad


for funi value
i mean western slavs, not westoids. western slav have equally abstract and witty memes


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>western slavs
>abstract and witty memes
can you post them never seen them


i'll elaborate - western slav memes are like finest shitposts. there is a pic where pope gets condom in his mouth or photo of pole in bizzare situation. these are indeed gems


wait a min, lemme check my pole friend dms


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first one is related to the fact that people forget the concept of "depends on who we're trolling today". pretty based pic
second one zabije means ding but also kill
big ben will ding/kill again in new year
third one is self explanatory. paradox entity rapist brute polandball is creation of pope suddenly
fourth is not meme but the one of sexiest things that poles created


File: 1674242442906.png (81.15 KB, 1500x1500, 1663523315158.png) ImgOps

what is the name of than polish meme with a polish pope eating a cake


show example
i've seen it sometimes but googling that pic is futile


File: 1674244947060.png (832.2 KB, 914x577, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

this one?


dunno for cake but generally its john paul 2nd raped little children


Ukrainian pig is funny in a metaironic sense simply because no matter how infantile it is, it makes someone mad


agree. i remember times when 2ch.hk users used pigs because of it's infantile and abstract value. i was even one participants of raid on 4cuck and we posted battle pigs to piss 4cucks. they werent knowing about it yet, cuz it was like spring of 2021 or something.
there is thread that was archived, go look at collection of piggies https://2ch.hk/b/arch/2021-04-24/res/245090589.html



The pig anime girls are cute.


Another polish gemmy. Has more soul than westoid 2020s content, be it from imageboards or from troon resources



File: 1674246559661.png (548.15 KB, 700x606, ukranian pig says.png) ImgOps

>dunno for cake but generally its john paul 2nd raped little children



File: 1674246771567.png (57.99 KB, 200x200, pffj3zVW_thumb.png) ImgOps

(nice pic got my pp hard but i am obliged to counterattack)


prove doe


search " john paul 2nd raped little children" on google via polish translate
this is how general those memes called


it's kinda the point of soyak too. i'm guessing these battle piggies are just the slavic version of soyduels


no arrow


File: 1674257504871.gif (66.15 KB, 775x849, cobson neutral.gif) ImgOps

south slavs have no memes at all it's just "other side bad now laugh" i really wanna see actual funny serbian memes but no one makes them


I had many names:
>rzułta morda (yellow face)
>papaj (popeye)
>jp2gmd (jp2 raped little kids even doe there is NO evidence and he'd rather hang out with late teens and young adults)
Some more bizzare iterations related of this meme were:
>papajak watykaniak
>bestia z Wadowic (monster of Wadowice, his home town)
>kremówkarz (kremówka or napoleonka cake was his favorite)
>Janusz Pawlacz
>Warol Kojtyła
>cenzopapieżyca złośliwa

I saw these memes for the first time in 2011 and I was mad about them. Then in 2013 i was angry because these memes started to be funny for me (because of this smug face). When I was in university in 2016, 3 of my 5 close friends liked these memes and I surrendered to these feeling and started making jokes about pope ovetly. Also 2016-2018 was the peak of these memes. Then they got normified like oomer wojaks.

Even doe phonk got popular and hyperborean or something.

I remember reading demotivational posters on vukajlija.com, but I hardly understand other slavic languages unless they are short sentences. Bulgaro-Macedonian dialect continuum is the worst because of no noun cases. Czecho-Slovak is the best by grammar and Ukro-Belarussian is best by phonetics plus all 4 have similar vocabularies. Russian and Sloveno-Serbo-Croatian have easy phonetics, but their vocabulary and grammar are a bit distant.


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what animal would pigatoro bully ?






i've noticed tendency in neo-russkies memes to focus on feces and genitals
go back to 2ch.hk


thats funny cos I knew a girl looked just like pigatoro who made snorting noises when she laughed but she was anglo


Who's that Z russian girl?


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