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File: 1655842205842.jpg (212.8 KB, 828x924, angry spanish twink soyjak.jpg) ImgOps


>Because the West (like the writer of the question himself) keeps utilising Southern Europe as a basis for the West.

>It is very common of racists like yourself to believe Rome, Greece or Jesus Christ were some ethereally European entities. As if the Romans were from Sweden and Jesus from Finland. As if the columns and vaults of your cheap allegory to the Roman Capitoline Hill governing your republic were from Scotland, and the Latin letters of your Christian name from Germany.

>So the roots of Europe are for share, while you play as if Rome were yours, barbarian. But at the same time you set a standard of European-ness, in which the very civilisation born south is to be less southern than northern by some wonderful delusion of greatness, unable to go further back than a century. Once you go past the century you jump south to pretend that OUR past is also yours.

>Latin America is Western, and Southern Europe is Western, and Western civilisation is southern for anything more transcendental to Western-ness than fake cereals and Kim Kardashian.


I didn't make this post you obsessed schizo

File: 1655743351790.png (963.68 KB, 750x422, 98859C15-568F-4F8A-A32E-3D….png) ImgOps


What were the 90s like in your country?


nobody here was a """90's kid""" (cringe term albeit)


lol idk


I was born in 1996, but I heard that country was very poor after fall of communism (which was already failing) and opening to the more competitive world marked even though there was one of the freest capitalisms in the Europe (later socialists stopped it). My grandfather was unamused when they shutted down ~80 year old textile factory.
Even in 2004 my parents didn't want to buy me too many toys because my mother didn't work yet and my father earned something like 750$ or less.
Anyway many people had Nintendo DS ripoff and played games like "Mario" which was SMB with only name changed.
Music was better than on 80s, but still pretty coally.


File: 1655822279465.jpg (125.53 KB, 620x800, Безымянный.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1654281877907.jpg (3.89 KB, 223x226, 193834234543.jpg) ImgOps


Hindu time measurement:

• a Lipta (लिप्ता) is approximately 0.4 seconds
• a Vighati (विघटि) is 60 Liptas, or approximately 24 seconds
• a Ghadika (घटि) is 60 Vighatis, or approximately 24 minutes
• a Muhurta is equal to 2 Ghadikas, or approximately 48 minutes
• a Nakshatra ahoratram (नक्षत्र अहोरत्रम्) or sidereal day is exactly equal to 30 Muhurtas (Note: A day is considered to begin and end at sunrise, not midnight.)

An alternate system described in the Vishnu Purana Time measurement section of the Vishnu Purana Book I Chapter III is as follows:

100 Truti = 1 Tatpara
30 Tatpara = 1 Nimesha
15 Nimeshas = 1 Káshthá
30 Káshthás = 1 Kalá
30 Kalás = 1 Kṣaṇa
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Interesting. Good post. Upvoted.


lol xD fkin chutiya


I read every single word


no you didnt fake flag


I did though

File: 1655776065426.png (359.48 KB, 1280x1280, Americas_(orthographic_pro….png) ImgOps


Anglos be like


they're right


they're wrong


We split the continent

File: 1655702006083.gif (389.63 KB, 1070x1172, 1655188549342.gif) ImgOps


test thread


Nas thread





File: 1655667858105.gif (28.53 KB, 192x192, thumb.gif) ImgOps


shitfart board


she's actually not lying


That's /pol/ however


File: 1655675136127.gif (224.67 KB, 500x477, 1638293249346.gif) ImgOps

>That's /pol/ however


you chudcels are unfunny


File: 1655676540750.png (400.33 KB, 760x706, Suwako fact 1.png) ImgOps

Louder for those in the back

File: 1655584741904.png (67.4 KB, 853x800, soyence.png) ImgOps


gib free french course



File: 1655535934931.png (554.93 KB, 746x825, 1632108503223.png) ImgOps


Are Galicians Celts or not?


Not at all thats just a cope


t. celt

File: 1642924077998.jpg (196.74 KB, 593x584, germanichad.jpg) ImgOps


bbc>>>bwc>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>tmp (tiny med pecker)
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File: 1645529579835.png (477.66 KB, 470x680, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

you surely do a very inflated opinion to be posting as a pole with a vpn, Cylde


File: 1655545368436.png (325.7 KB, 578x632, american.png) ImgOps

>bbc>>>bwc>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>tmp (tiny med pecker)

File: 1655193744812.jpg (37.93 KB, 400x400, IMG_20220614_040138_823.jpg) ImgOps


>Literal vatnik, echoes whatever comes out of the kremlin even if it contradicts what he wrote 2 weeks earlier
>Has HIV
>Married some uzbek he bought
>Lies, steals, manipulates, and false flags
>Runs multiple shady websites
>Open pedophile (its normal in russia)
>Sweaty, puffy cheeks
>Receeding hairline
>Stolen, knockoff watch

Is kuz the perfect stereotypical caricature of a Russian?
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File: 1655234837886.png (125.09 KB, 800x600, 10366 - arm glasses hand o….png) ImgOps



>>Literal vatnik
>>Has HIV
fake news
>>Married some uzbek he bought
fake news, his wife is moldovan
>>Lies, steals, manipulates, and false flags
fake news
>>Runs multiple shady websites
true but nothing wrong with that
>>Open pedophile (its normal in russia)
>>Sweaty, puffy cheeks
fake news
>>Receeding hairline
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


all of that is keyed




also don't forget that he looks like half of his family is from kalmykia

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