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File: 1699448075857.png (45.69 KB, 1476x533, 1699012014303.png)ImgOps


Is it legal in your country to eat Niggers?

File: 1699086055455.png (113.72 KB, 1200x800, areyousoyingwhatimsoying.png)ImgOps


flag test




I'm trying to do a flag test but it keeps bot tagging me



File: 1699072549619.jpg (42.56 KB, 1000x735, 1698664204654.jpg)ImgOps


Shit country of snooty mongrels and inbred Pakis. Your country isn't important. BBC stands for big black cock and nothing else. Your creepy circlejerk threads because you're like ants who need to obey the heckin queen are not welcome
British women are so ugly that the entire world laughs at bongland 10/10
British men are so pedophilic that they invented a whole new word for it, nonce. The royal family is pedophilic, the BBC is pedophilic, your immigrants are pedophilic.
Britain is rapidly degenerating into a third world country, even in comparison to the rest of the declining west you're doing terribly
You unironically give political power to nobility who inherit it
You talk retarded. The government forces you to watch bad government television with loicense fees, anyone with talent in british tv leaves as soon as they can
You have anti-knife ownership campaigns
The average Brit is a disgusting obese drunk. If I lived in britain I would probably be a miserable drug addict too but I'd like to think I'd have the good sense to just kill myself
Everyone hates british people. You are self-obsessed and snooty. What other country obsessively starts [country]gens on imageboards? Worthless toothless brit scum. You accuse anyone who doesn't like you of being brown but guess what? The same applies to your brown people. The prior company I worked for would outsource some work to brits because you work for poverty wages and having to talk to you people was just disgusting, unironically the pajeets were way nicer and more decent human beings
I will always seethe at you disgusting vermin. Anyone who has experience with brits knows they are like mice or insects, disgusting sick creatures. I hope you got the attention you wanted britfreak, do the rest of the world a favor and kys (don't mess up tho or the NHS will mutilate you even more)
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File: 1699431164144.png (5.62 KB, 181x278, images.png)ImgOps

Did Welshchuds win?


You are literally in Europe you bloody retard


not eu


complelety clueless un-aware of xher own country amerimongrel brimstone


tldr award

File: 1699430975996.png (400.15 KB, 800x922, Gigachad.png)ImgOps


Irish ameriGODS get In here


File: 1700568418014.mp4 (90.92 KB, 640x296, I_Have_No_Interest_In_The_….mp4)ImgOps

File: 1698361186509.png (291.74 KB, 628x611, 9255 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps


This one's a bit controversial but are you Aryan according to the map?
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my parents told me our family came from Germany, France and Switzerland, so no, I am not an Indo-Iranian person


Hopefully not


100% as well




File: 1699424158488.jpg (91.07 KB, 557x1024, photo_2023-03-30_01-41-18.jpg)ImgOps

finns are the whitest


anyone else a ylilautan rapefugee
I think early ylilauta culture was pretty similar to sharty with the raids on KC and heckin weird lors lara memes

ylilauta… my ARYAN homeland…

File: 1699191849763.jpg (207.15 KB, 800x1200, African_Bush_Elephant.jpg)ImgOps


Why didn't sub-saharan africans figure out how to tame elephants for draught labor and riding?
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Niggers are dumb.


File: 1699402145239.jpg (243.07 KB, 1170x1156, 12c1e5f9cb4866cd4d32a92585….jpg)ImgOps


>pizza burgers tamed ronald mcdoanld or however the danish DNA test results show up or some shit like that


File: 1699415546604.png (5.73 KB, 170x297, Shitson Flower.png)ImgOps

literally the most pathetic race
basically semi smart apes
Darwin is right


Do you really expect niggers to be capable of doing a task like this?

File: 1694898110262-0.png (490.66 KB, 400x534, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

File: 1694898110262-1.png (544.84 KB, 474x555, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


Do you country have big roosters ?


poor you.. getting 0 replies hurts a lot, like a knife stab or a rock thrown at you, here, +1 reply, hope it can heal your wounds.


Not that I'm aware of

File: 1699324686316.png (107.79 KB, 250x438, 1671159180798.png)ImgOps


Do you post ridiculous soys in your country?


File: 1699337801028.png (147 KB, 785x731, jannywhistle.png)ImgOps

>Have you got yer fruit-wearin' loicense mate

File: 1699172512612.png (194.23 KB, 1099x2796, cob.png)ImgOps


TIL Adam and God from the bible were incels and misogynists

Before eve, adam had another wife, named lillith, who was created at the same time as him from clay. Adam wanted her to be subservient to him, but she wanted to be adam's equal since they were created together. When adam disagreed and tried to send her back to the kitchen, lillith fled the garden of eden and left adam alone. Seeing adam lonely, god makes him another wife, this time from one his ribs. Eve was the subservient trad wife who made sandwiches and went with the will of her chauvinistic husband. God punishes lillith for wanting independence so today she is a demon who kills babies and takes semen from men at night.

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i see


the british raj was a mistake, teaching indians english was a mistake


mudsime above me


Lilith was a demon from some medieval Jewish tale. Never intended to be a real human waman.


This is fake you dumb dungskin pajeet

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