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File: 1663308251795.png (208.05 KB, 2244x975, rikafag sister daki.png) ImgOps


i'll start with rikafag (pic rel). That guy was an infamous pedo on /a/ who continuously posted suggestive pics of his sister and apparently even went to thailand to fuck kids.
The guy has a youtube channel called esfelectra. There's also a kiwifarms thread on him


File: 1663309457244-0.png (129.32 KB, 1815x353, rikafag 43.PNG) ImgOps

File: 1663309457244-1.jpg (359.55 KB, 1797x1290, rika shrine.jpg) ImgOps

>from the past
Rikafag is a delusional retard to this day and is still on 4chan quite a lot despite him telling everyone otherwise before he got banned on 'witter. He's pretty much always in when they cry threads on /a/ (and sometimes /v/ i think) if you ever want to ask him something because his posting style is extremely obvious.
I have a decent amount of stuff I could add to his kiwi thread of him saying hilariously weird bullshit that looks like it was written by a 15 year old but I don't ever intend on making an account there
I find him interesting because (some) of his videos are great but his track record of literally everything outside of youtube is filled with the most retarded shit I've ever seen; pic related


For some more context, that post was in some loli-related thread on /a/ where he sperged out as usual and tried to make a narrative that him posting pics of his sister was in his 'master anime villain plan' despite that happening well before he ever made a youtube video or anything like that.
I'm 99% sure there is more information about him out there because of the way he worded an old twitter post that he 'covered his tracks pretty well' (posting pictures of your family and going to conventions with other youtubers is apprently good opsec according to rika) implying that he isn't completely airtight. I don't care about moralfagging and saying he deserves some justice or anything though, even if he actually fucked kids I still wouldn't care. I just think he's a really interesting story to watch unfold, his potential for bullshit goes far beyond all the trannies and gunts that kiwifarms obsesses over but it seems like we wont get a whole lot more now that he got banned with no sign of coming back.


Yeah I know that guy, does he have a new twitter?


fun fact he also made this video



what a retard


He said in the comments of his ciconia video that it's extremely unlikely he makes another one. Apparently he didn't even get a reason from 'witter jannies for the ban.
Yeah I know. It's actually a really good and well-researched video when you give it a chance but not many people on the other side of the fence about lolicon will watch it in it's entirety, because the thumbnail and title are extremely provocative (also if you are aware of rikafag's 4chan history before watching you probably wouldn't give it a chance either).



imagine being this addicted to twitter




least kidfucking higurashi fan


File: 1663953635452-0.png (609.88 KB, 623x466, 1663792308225674.png) ImgOps

File: 1663953635452-1.png (255.84 KB, 300x347, 1663792419912684.png) ImgOps

What worshiping blue haired himecut girls does to a mf, pic is Bernfag from /07/th


haven't been to /07/th in well over a year, how are things there? I briefly visited and saw them spamming about a discord server called kizuna, looked pretty bad



Most of them are on the 'cord so the threads are nothing but discord circlejerks nowadays, kinda like this site but idk worse.


File: 1663959765413.png (807.55 KB, 824x735, muh magic makes me a woman….png) ImgOps

lmao checks out, i've always suspected umineko shills to be twitter tourists, i've yet to meet a more fervent and defensive VN fanbase on the 'chan


Cute beato


Rikafag? You mean the faggot who avatarfags as bernkastel on /a/? T They're also a mod and I recorde them doing cheat ERP in VRC public worlds


rikafag is a janny? kek


File: 1664113249138.jpg (60.38 KB, 560x420, bernkastel ange.jpg) ImgOps

rikafag isn't a janny, no idea who he is talking about there
I also have no idea why some people call rikafag 'bern', he autistically hates bernkastel to an insane degree because he trusted her thinking she was rika until the episode 7 tea party (THAT scene) and got mindbroken when bern tries to destroy ange.


so its a different bernkastel avatarfag and not this tranny?


those links aren't working for me


skill issue

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