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Just imagine this, you see kuz and you the most white, pure looking, green-eyed brown-haired girl named Sobot running towards him. It's almost like it was meant to be, both smiling and looking like love at first sight, with marriage and children happening in the future. But, you see Sobot run pass him and in comes in the frame is none other than Drake. As the woman goes to hug and make out with Drake, Kuz turns his head and opens his jaw wide. As Drake and the green eyed brunette make out, Drake removes his shirt, undos his pants and out comes his 13 inch BBC. Sobot goes on to suck it, ride it and enjoys getting BLACKED with the best sex of her life. Meanwhile, kuz is in the background with his lil penis caged up with his jaw on the floor, wanting to jerk off to Drake getting Sobot BLACKED and hoping for her to breed and bear his beautiful Black Babies


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this but with 12yo sobot


File: 1675018840095.png (34.86 KB, 255x233, 1642807801814.png) ImgOps

And then you ask why nobody loves you yikes!


this threads reeks of discord and homosexuality


>BBC makes fanfic of an underage boy
How surprising...


Kys pedoid
You lost

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