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Janitor applications are now being accepted. Apply here
Kuz will soon depart again, and the site will once more be handed back to moderator control.

File: 1660321459776.jpg (70.65 KB, 415x707, 1660321099776.jpg) ImgOps


kuz is deleting posts about soyak party
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On the second site? Yeah, like 5 or 6 of them


i don't remember him making two sites lol but i do remember posting on one pretending like this will save soiposting but then left after like an hour again lole


The first was soyjaks.net, which I mentioned earlier, where he showcased the gem/coal upboat system, he advertised it in... maybe september or October I dont remember, the second is what OP is talking about, which kuz advertized during the CP era.


Oh yeah and then supposedly someone posted cp on his site as we were shitposting so he leaked some IPs of everyone involved in the shitposting (not mine luckily)



File: 1660195815901.jpg (43.65 KB, 822x960, 1630331279157.jpg) ImgOps



bump I need answers


File: 1660253336694.png (55.85 KB, 775x849, cobson stare.png) ImgOps

I'm still here but I post gemsons now.


File: 1660253473871.png (512.65 KB, 1024x1024, sproke gang.png) ImgOps


File: 1660152850234.jpeg (190.08 KB, 1131x967, communist women must abid….jpeg) ImgOps





File: 1660170251163-0.png (52.72 KB, 775x849, niggerdiscordrone raped at….png) ImgOps

File: 1660170251163-1.png (11.4 KB, 809x1080, 1660098332516.png) ImgOps

File: 1660170251163-2.png (72.35 KB, 834x284, bant deviantdrone that wil….png) ImgOps


What do these avatarfaggots have in common?
A. They all masturbate to oblivion in their filthy niggerdiscordhole
B. They were raped at birth
C. They will never be a woman
D. Their entry into heaven has been denied
E. All above
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File: 1660176216223.jpg (655.57 KB, 2036x1184, babypilled king.jpg) ImgOps

We WILL take them down, me and you, king.




File: 1660177102722.gif (143.35 KB, 735x719, hanging poltard 20.gif) ImgOps



File: 1660183849898.png (69.53 KB, 472x539, froge.png) ImgOps


i don't understand this, i am not that much of a discordrone

File: 1660170353287.jpg (110.02 KB, 737x769, itter.JPG) ImgOps


niche twitter microcelebrities browse the sharty confirmed
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rw twitter has been using chudjaks for a long time now. they probably don't know about the sharty




>peter thiel funding coal
why i am not surprised?


he liked a reply calling it a gem doe


Kys, Thiel is based.

File: 1660161331313.png (653.26 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


File: 1660124255648.png (127.89 KB, 642x712, pinkfloyd.png) ImgOps



Meant this to be a reply lol


Its shit


>pink floyd
Missed cheese

File: 1660088457833.jpeg (259.68 KB, 640x1087, 87FA2D2F-CDD5-417B-8043-2….jpeg) ImgOps


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You will be defeated.


Its coal


Cool guy, makes listening to sharty song parodies more convenient.


I prefer the 'ru, I know this tranny will get taken down one day.

File: 1660007083393.jpg (68.78 KB, 491x490, 1660002677478.jpg) ImgOps

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I have only identified a some:
>the pepe nigger
>the froge spammer
>the fag obsessed with the ugly tranny, there are probably 3 or 2 of these
>the tranny that spams his face everywhere
>the tranny pedophile that makes the demoralization threads, and his friends
>the bbc spammer, probably related to the pedo
>the weeb obsessed with that shitty VN nobody has played
>the nigger that forces the western cirno recolor
Some of them are probably the same person.

I am 100% sure they are in the same server, but i have no evidence, i also believe they are receiving support from someone in the staff.
My theory as to why they are all uppity and shitpostlike right now has to do with this "sobot". There was probably some drama in their discord server which led to this tranny leaving it, making his orbiters bitter and blueballed. Knowing it lurks in the sharty, they decided to pretend he is part of the staff (might be?) and spam every thread with his face in hopes of annoying him, the other trannies, influenced by their friends, and resentful because of the twitch raids that targeted mostly trannies, decided to make bait and demoralization threads too.
Anyone has more info on these deviants? We might be able to dox them.
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you can find a few of them if you play on /bant/ tf2


I figured that one out, yet, i haven't found the discord server of /bant/, i am not interested in playing with a bunch of deviants.


>>the froge spammer
that kid is such a fucking gigachad because they make the frogies seethe


you are on the discord server though


You will hang.


the toggletroon discordnigger deviant freak is the one DDOSing the site, he is being helped by his cobson spamming friends and the fags that sometimes post that webm of kuz, there are the parasites that roam at night fearing the sun
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something something twin peaks


File: 1660097787033.png (84.78 KB, 676x707, cobby stare.png) ImgOps

>you will hang from the tallest nigger in the african continent discordrone


i see no image, very sorry!


File: 1660097882679.png (52.11 KB, 775x849, 1658994592787.png) ImgOps

>i see no image, very sorry!


File: 1660097902373.jpeg (100.58 KB, 768x574, 9AF43A45-CC34-4D30-A9B0-A….jpeg) ImgOps

did somebody say Twin Peaks

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