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Janitor applications are now being accepted. Apply here
Kuz will soon depart again, and the site will once more be handed back to moderator control.

File: 1660518356197.png (82.32 KB, 600x800, 333 - closed_mouth glasses….png) ImgOps


discuss this:
"yes - also, lolkek was part of our staff too. Both of them are good moderators. But as for sobot ive instructed her not to delete drama about herself anymore and have closely watched to make sure this stays the case. Anyways, lolkek decided to quit the internet. He was a great mod for a bit, he reformed and apologized. If your reading this lolkek, you were cool. Thanks for apologizing and moving on and live a good life."
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i know for a fact that lolCHAD was a mod too but guess what because he didnt act all eccentric and posted selfies no one made "namefag drama" (complaining) about him as opposed to sobot




i am honestly more weirded out by the pronoun "her" what did kuz mean by this????


I'd assume the correct pronoun's are free/him



File: 1660404046350.jpg (11.03 KB, 400x400, er profile.jpg) ImgOps


Was this guy in a coma for 2 years or something? it feels like he hasn't changed at all since the turn of the decade.
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Jay Exci for an example. I didn't know guy transitioned and I agree with him related to Love and Thunder. That movie was cringe.
Also, E;R's content is well done. Life is Tumblr was funny to watch.


Ryan Faulk


I prefer Tobuscus.


Jimbo Plumbous


Troons keep trying to cancel him, so he has to wait for JewTube strikes to expire.

File: 1660506548743-0.png (546.56 KB, 1200x504, 0793ED60-D08F-4FC8-8C91-36….png) ImgOps


New Vatthie

File: 1660333892571.png (79.09 KB, 586x607, 1591988860574.png) ImgOps


hello soyjakers. expect this thread to get deleted. im the guy who wrote a kuz expose called unmasking yuri kuznetsov, and i plan to write a new one with updated info. do you want to submit anything in this thread that i can research?

Oh, and dont bother bringing up the forbidden letter. I know. I have redpills coming soon.

Anyways, im gonna probably get hit with a perma for posting this. So get in quick before he does

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as long as he keeps banning schizotroon he has my support


Epic honeypot kuzsisters. surely this will drag out all the kolyma haters.


Good going mate, post it on the /incel/ board


u still around?

File: 1660439085624.png (41.02 KB, 214x255, 1659390847441.png) ImgOps



the anchor looks like if david lynch and ninja from
die antwoord fucked and had a child

File: 1660335316145.png (45.57 KB, 512x512, culotransparent.png) ImgOps


How is he such a good artist? Is there an archive of all his work?




Disgusting nigger ass


attractive aryan chest





File: 1660412596216.png (1.93 MB, 1200x1200, 1618212806385.png) ImgOps


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10 cents have been deposited. Not OPs problem if some people derail it into a kuz thread. rather just move it or delete the things breaking the rule about excessive drama


the thread literally mentioned kuz in the OP


Yes hes our admin you are ought to mention him some times i'm sure you can find other threads on /soy/ mentioning him right now


File: 1660416863140.png (39.41 KB, 200x199, C1ECDD1D-025E-4AA9-AC94-85….png) ImgOps

>you WILL circlejerk about the heckin adminerino all day instead of exposing the jews and kikes and posting jaks

File: 1660330966297.jpg (60.3 KB, 1080x1072, 41ae4ad5a83be76f1df7a7a4cb….jpg) ImgOps


>find new e-celeb with good content
>go to twitter page
>in search bar from:@twitterid (keyword)
>type keywords like blm, lgbt, bigots, sjw, woke
>based results or inconlusive results = keep following the e-celeb
>faggy results = dropped

Unironically how many do this?


i do this

File: 1660172622159.png (100.86 KB, 920x700, Taste the Luv.png) ImgOps


New 'luv
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why does everyone vinluv draws look like theyre melting and turning into goo


File: 1660268195153.png (50.15 KB, 789x494, Jaque at the STUL.png) ImgOps

because that's how the world looks like to me.


the only art style more degenerate than picasso


unironically this


I try really.

File: 1659915494955.gif (2.09 MB, 480x270, 1633234127943.gif) ImgOps


does 'cado browse the 'party?





i always read it as of /qa/ get out


YWNBAW (You will Never be a Weeb)

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