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>Residential proxies/VPNs/etc
List of proxies detected by Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Open_proxy_detection (usually unbanned)
Mobile data: Your mobile data, if not rangebanned, works very well at ban evasion. To change your mobile IP, turn on airplane mode and then turn it off.
TuxlerVPN: https://www.tuxlervpn.com (works well, note that it's an unironic botnet)
MysteriumVPN: https://www.mysteriumvpn.com ($0.03/day, you can top up your account with crypto)
PacketStream: https://packetstream.io ($1.00/GB)
IPRoyal: https://iproyal.com ($0.80/GB, make sure to buy ONLY rotating residential proxies)


4tranx: https://www.4chan-x.net
4Chan Mass Reply: https://github.com/HamletDuFromage/4chan-mass-reply
Proxy switcher:
https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/proxy-switchyomega/padekgcemlokbadohgkifijomclgjgif (Chrome)
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/switchyomega/ (Firefox)

>I'm still banned despite switching proxies
Clear your cookies. The 4chan_pass cookie is used to identify ban evaders.
>How does 4chan block so many IPs?
They use a paid API known as Blockscript (https://www.blocked.com). It blocks IPs considered to be abusive, such as IPs from datacenters, VPNs, Tor nodes, free proxies, etc.
>Why doesn't my post go through sometimes?
This depends on a variety of factors.
It could be your user-agent, or your file is secretly hashbanned, or the flood filter is on.
If 3 threads/replies are posted within a short period of time by users with different IPs and 4chan_pass cookies with a very little amount of posts attached to them (aka 'empty' 4chan_pass cookies), then the flood filter activates. It lasts exactly 5 minutes.
4chan compares your user-agent with what your TLS fingerprint says. e.g. If you have a Chrome TLS fingerprint, but your user-agent says you're using Firefox, this is an immediate redflag and your post doesn't go through. Use only user-agents that would fit your browser type.


I lurk without proxies for speed but use proxies only to post and solve captcha


stop spoonfeeding newfags


there's been a lack of raids recently, it's necessary


is a botnet bad


Just don't use 4crap, place was lost to normalcattle and their rulecuckery long ago.


they are retarded anyways
probably will not be able to figure out how to configure switchy and then burn through data really fast


This, the sooner 4chan burns down the better. Its time to fell the giant hardwood so alternatives can flourish.




not everyone is an incel like you


um im not giving 1$ just to raid a tranime site


Irrelevant comment.


everybody knows this chuddy, that's what makes raiding 4chud fun


File: 1654115868466.png (82.32 KB, 600x800, blank markiplier.png) ImgOps

>this IP range is blocked due to abuse


were you using proxies or mobile data?




then keep hopping proxies until you find one that works
or just use tuxler/mysteriumvpn


does tuxler work?


I haven’t used it in a long time but I did when I last tried



Try it now. I think i tried it once, and it didn't work.


I’m not gonna bother them. I already deleted that botnet and I’m using proxies now


>PacketStream: https://packetstream.io ($1.00/GB)
You need to buy like 50 dollars worth minimum with this one


File: 1654255648760.png (41.59 KB, 1004x1068, proxy.png) ImgOps

How do you use proxies? Do you need to download something, or do you use the proxy settings in your computer? Dont you need to enter a port along with the ip address with that?


use a browser extension like proxy switcher (linked in op)


Added. Now what about the port? Does wikipedia list that? The extension comes with default 8080


wikipedia doesn't list, it's best to use it with an automated proxy checker program first (browser extension won't help much without that)


File: 1654260172584.png (292.77 KB, 2276x1410, RSocksProxyChecker.png) ImgOps

I downloaded RSocks Proxy Checker, but how do you check port on this? The address list thing does not have an option for that


you try your lock with default ports






How do you know the port of the ips you enter from wikipedia?


port scanner


>wangblows 11

on a serious note though is there a good service to bypass mobile 2FA verification thingy on google? imma spam a couple channels and make twitter dummy account




wouldn’t you like to know


File: 1654634337995.jpg (21.18 KB, 474x553, th-1554224781.jpg) ImgOps

Great, now get a VM running Windows 95 on top of all that.






iproyal is absolute shit, If you want to get proxies to spam, I'd suggest proxiware. Yes It's $8 for 1 gb but it's fast enough to make at least 20 +threads in a few mins before tranjans comes back with his hot pockets


Don't forget the router reset method. Here's how to do it in the US.

1: Verizon FiOS - Most routers today for FiOS have a DHCP Release/Renew button. https://youtu.be/7UppP7VGazs] If this doesn't work, you'll need to leave your ONT and Router unplugged overnight to cycle the DHCP lease from the pool.

2: Comcast or other Cable-based modems in the US. You will need a modem that is hooked to a router that will allow you to change its IP address. I recommend the following:
What you need to do to dab on cable is easy. Log into the router, change the MAC address to something random (I usually change the last digit), click save, then unplug the modem, and plug it back in. Simple as.



I won’t stop until /qa/ is resurrected


File: 1655985986717.gif (1.33 MB, 435x498, 199999.gif) ImgOps

>who ask





oh nice, the furfag brought it back


shouldnt fucking use it though especially since he celebrated us losing the /toy/ get. nigga probably added a virus


yeah there's no way in hell i'm using it without a vpn


why is it down...BITCH...


what the fuck bro get this shit off my screen you piece of shit


Is tuxler supposed to work out for free? I tried 3 IPs and they're all range banned




stop posting gay shit and we will accept you


File: 1661322772200.png (19.11 KB, 592x720, 1625041342625.png) ImgOps

if you use this can you avoid getting rangebanned

so don't admit you are evading a ban, that way when they ban u, they just give u a 2 day ban


Can I make new threads with this tool? I can only reply


those niggers require to pass cloudflare filter to get the captcha now, if you've disabled the images enabling them back works


is it over for tuxler? every node is range banned since yesterday


*you can still reply but not create threads


it's gone again


The jannies killed it with that “checking your browser” shit you get when you click get captcha now.


The Sharty is obscure enough that this should can be shared on /raid/ with no problem


File: 1662306917813.jpg (41.95 KB, 631x486, 1659469562609720.jpg) ImgOps

>use airplane mode to switch ips
>tfw this actually works
>tfw I can shitpost on 4cuck endlessly now
I feel like the biggest retard ever for not having figured this shit out myself.


you are lucky, my ip never changes


ask a provider if they can enable it


I have a 5 mile radius around my home rangebanned on most boards






can anyone vouch for rotating ip websites such as iproyal now that tuxler is banned?


tell me if you can create threads using them


do the rangebans go away after a while?


mine on bant is like 2 months old at this point


File: 1662446779144.png (836.97 KB, 691x727, starfire-back-issue.png) ImgOps

This needs to be pinned


how the fuck do i avoid getting banned for ban evasion on 4chan? do i need a browser/vm with a vpn always enabled?


have you tried not saying "im ban evading btw"


I had what I think was sitewide rangeban for the past few weeks that just expired today/within the past few days. Couldn't make any threads on any board I tried.


File: 1662569664816.jpg (64.26 KB, 600x536, 1649977940758.jpg) ImgOps

There are 3 ways you can get hit with ban evasion:
1. You got any ban on your browser and tried to post on a new IP without deleting your ban cookies (automatic)
2. Spamming content that is similar to what was already recently punished (depends on janny competence, may lead to rangebans)
3. Getting datamined by using the same browser fingerprint (browser, browser version, mobile version) across all your posts (janny tranny hates you if he tries this, but is easily mitigated by changing browsers or using a fingerprint randomizer)

just remember to delete 4ch cookies, change IP, and refresh everytime you see an active ban and you'll be fine in most cases. you can also change your digital thumbprint after each ban if you feel like the CIA niggerfaggotjannies are stalking you


File: 1662572871492.png (42.18 KB, 768x719, 1662558653500.png) ImgOps



File: 1662635465062.jpg (146.67 KB, 894x894, 1662571625331800.jpg) ImgOps



port for wikipedia proxies?


just use tuxler on a VM


so is tuxler really the only free option out there? how does one exactly use tuxler safely since it is a well know botnet


simply run it in a vm, or stop the tuxler process from starting when you boot up your pc. the wiki has some useful information


sorry to sound like a moron but will the mods be able to fingerprint me if i connect to using my home internet. just making sure i dont end up getting my home ip permabanned and having to forever rely on tuxler


just dont use it when you arent banned


File: 1663611541937.png (134.02 KB, 512x512, 6050.png) ImgOps


File: 1663611612676.png (121.2 KB, 512x512, 5768.png) ImgOps

forgot to tell you guys about the new domain


hi goth!


ive uncovered tranny jannies grooming kids and spam their shit all over their favorite vrchat generals on /vg/ and /trash/ got range banned both places

also the nigger faggot jannies are NOT cia dont give them credit like that, theyre just grooming kids trannies

how do i fingerprint randomizer in short


ban evasion isnt an argument. tranny jannie will just tell his butt buddies you're ban evading and ban you if he hates what you posted

scumbag tactics
coverup tactics
they groom kids and were involved directly with the reiko r9k shit show


Do you have the screencaps of jannies being groomers?


>were involved directly with the reiko r9k shit show


>how do i fingerprint randomizer in short
I bypassed "ban evasion" by using LibreWolf and tuxler.
LibreWolf is just firefox with more fingerprint blocking. It also clears your cookies/cache when closed, so it's useful if you are hopping IP's it will prevent 4chan from finding your real IP using cookies


Does Tuxler still work



anons are claiming it doesnt around these parts


it wasnt working for me a month ago but works again now


it works for me, but it seems like half of the IPs are banned from 4chan. probably gonna buy a residential vpn just because of that


File: 1663686199110-0.png (922.4 KB, 1860x1176, 1658333307004.png) ImgOps

File: 1663686199110-1.jpg (252.12 KB, 643x833, 1657045473210.jpg) ImgOps

>permabanned after raiding /lgbt/ on a static IP
>still able to bypass it by saving new SoftEther VPNs with low lifetime bytes transfered before they disappear for later use
the tranny janny faggots fear the brazilian/canadian/german chud


Do residential vpns even exist, outside of buying residential IPs one by one for high prices


I bought the one in the OP for $2 (MysteriumVPN)

First IP I tried was US and it said I'm rangebanned.
Second one was from Portugal and it works fine, much faster than tuxler.


with mysterium, connect to the nodes that have an "r" on them. they're residential and most aren't banned




gone again


you dont tranny mod is tranny says ban evasion for anyone he dislikes


yeah but its a big chain i posted a bit here


Browser Plugs Fingerprint Privacy Firewall (delisted)
chrome extension that lets you evade hardware or fingerprint bans


manifest 3 probably going to cripple all these wonderful extensions
say goodbye to twitch video adblockers and userscripts too


>If 3 threads/replies are posted within a short period of time by users with different IPs and 4chan_pass cookies with a very little amount of posts attached to them (aka 'empty' 4chan_pass cookies), then the flood filter activates. It lasts exactly 5 minutes.
it does not work this way. you can post a lot for two hours and then it all of sudden starts and can last for half a day or even for more. there is nothing related to tls fingerprint, there are 3 ja3 hashes - google, firefox, edge and thousands of real users and bot users.


File: 1665542671297.png (74.76 KB, 1518x600, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

I have the proxy from the wikipedia page
I switched to chrome just to see double check to see if the proxy/firefox setup still doesn't work
Still fails. Is there something wrong with my port?


What error do you get?


There is no error it just refuses to switch the proxy. I double checked multiple times and it keep saying that my IP has not changed


File: 1665597749761.png (15.82 KB, 233x349, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

Well, have you enabled it?


to the nigga behind pecker and public instance: thanks


File: 1665731696875.gif (162.11 KB, 1200x444, 7729 - 2soyjaks animated b….gif) ImgOps

>how do I avoid jannies rangebanning me
The 4cuck jannies and mods are remarkably stupid people and they are also lazy faggots. To get around not wanting to moderate they use an interface that automatically shows them reported posts, meaning 99% of the time they are not looking at the board. The chances of the same janny seeing your post, being smart enough to see a pattern, and making an effort to get an admin to range ban you are almost 0.


if you ever get range banned just bot spam their home town on their favorite general and it magically goes poof funny ;o


I did enable it. Wikipedia has no information on what the port is. I know I enabled it cause I cannot connect to any website
It's probably some shitskin. I'm in Dearborn, so some camel jockey probably spammed something on my system. I wish I can see what it was that got my IP rangebanned, just to see if the guy who did it was funny at least


I investigated a problem that some boards like sp have "your ip range is blocked" error, and when you post on another boards, all is ok. What can be the reason of this?


File: 1665970774264.png (131.48 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

Actually looking into it, I realize what it REALLY is. This is the dumbest fucking shit I've ever seen in my world
>it's some t-mobile router
>it doesn't use a cable cord, no it's too nu for that
>you set it upstairs
>and it's just a glorified fucking hotspot
I'm on a cell network now. Jesus christ. Should have got my dad to not get it, now it's too late.
Oh well, plan B: setting up a VPN to my/some other school's VPN. I can't shitpost hard if I do that. It's either that or be an altchanfag


what's pecker and public instance?
what do you connect softeither to?

wikipedia proxies aren't good guys. Nearly all of them are banned or don' work


are there any good FREE alternative VPN to tuxler that isnt a botnet??


No, you have to pay



What? I pay $3 per GB...


I used to be like you but I use iproyal now and it's pretty good


I am using iproyal. I have for a year. I've always paid $3 per GB for their royal residential proxies.




I got ip banned but changing IP and clearing cookies and swapping browsers doesn't help, wtf?


is 4ch.su gone?


>you need to pay $50 to use 4chins


If I'm using Tuxler inside VM I'm safe right?




just suspend it after each post ctrl+p



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