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ITT we post everything we have and know about 4chan's moderation and how the site works in general.
I'll split the OP into several two or more posts, in each one dumping info and links.

Firt off, simple hidden pages:
Hidden board. Can't be accessed and it's unknown how it looks like.
Janny board. Can't be accessed right now but it was breached earlier. Stick around if you wanna see an archive of it from 2006 to 2014. Rumored to be inactive and used as a shitposting ground for jannies.
A list of boards and their specifications, including cooldowns, bump limits, image limits and whether if webms can have audio.
Don't do what this page tells you. All you get is your name put on a list that almost nobody will see since the page is hidden.
I'm using this more as a post shorterner. This link has all the other hidden links that I didn't post here. Nothing special, just old contests and shit like that.
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shadow bans exist.
i’ve only gotten em on yotsuba boards like b and pol. but basically what happens is that it tells you you’re post was successful but it doesn’t show up. if you try to create a thread it’ll say “Post successful!” then redirect you to someone else’s thread


>not just for leftists
most mods are leftists


File: 1664469064671.png (123.68 KB, 1160x770, the wingers.png) ImgOps

pic related you dumb twat
anyways theyre actually alt righters, the sub-class that grooms people to cross dress and take trans pills


yes jannies if they want to abuse you and go full power abuse have delete by IP buttons
ive never seen a shadow ban and they abuse me hella hard


one of them got fired recently for doxxing kek




>It was leaked by a janny after Hiroshimoot demanded the dox and personal info of all the mods and jannies

correction: it was moot who established giving out your address as a requirement for being a mod, not Hiro


same mods brag about having doxx channels and openly get medical records database doxxes so they reap what they sow




/fit/ mods are asleep around midnight 12 am pacific time
Trying to fill up catalog with gore and monkeys


Saying goyslop on /v/ now gets you a ban.


How long?


I have no idea, I'm using a bot that just cycles IP each time it posts. I can only see other anons getting their post deleted along with mine.


>Automated shitpost scout bot
Holy based




I spammed so much 'cado on /v/ they added an AI bot to detect his asshole.


I spammed a webm of a guy eating shit straight from the source on /fit/ lately
They hashbanned it for about ten times now but these tards don’t realize I can just crop the video itself and save it as a new file
Fucking fags


Did you write it yourself? I've been wanting to automate shitposting for a while, but don't know how. I was thinking some sort of browser emulation, maybe there is a way to integrate addons to solve captchas now that they exist.


File: 1667846815357.jpeg (594.25 KB, 1600x992, z9v9RI4ga.jpeg) ImgOps

Need help to find out what's on the image of post no. 80659. I couldn't find the full image on desuarchive nor archived.moe. The post itself is even deleted in 4chanarchives.com. I've tried upscaling the thumbnail, but it's no use.


What happened after 14:37?




thank god this was moved, i thought kuz killed it


31443 was deleted. What did that post contain?


Got IP banned but changing IP doesn't fix it?


Changing it fixes it




The ip ban is sticking between IP's with cookies being cleared it's a new type of ban I can;t bypass it


What does the ban message say?




i mean probably a VM would bypass it but I would rather just figure out how to manually clear whatever sticky shit they did


whatever sticky ban happened stopped btw that was weird


looks similar to the janny report queue. maybe the mods ban request queue? or it could be an older report queue. it was revamped around 2013 and might have changed since then


File: 1668598427160.png (324.89 KB, 720x1399, looks like a tranny groomi….png) ImgOps

What the hell is this?


reiko 2.0
4chan mods hate the J man


We need better evidence. How do we obtain it? Using ordinary methods, of course


File: 1668640338793-0.jpg (511.81 KB, 945x2276, 1668620247055428.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1668640338793-1.png (127.28 KB, 1739x399, browser_rLx3KzosXJ.png) ImgOps

idk they do this shit openly so..


Can't open the second image


so is there any sign of how does their fake post successful works and has it been in logs under 2015?
who still own logs, try to search of how they discuss new antispam filter things


I have a feeling the tranitors have already tampered with the ordinary 4chan archives and removed sensitive info. I opened most of the links itt but I haven't begun reading them. Is there any alternative archive? That way I'll be able to check for deleted posts


Is it true that the real purpose of captchas is datamining? How does that work?


A website knows if you're a bot simply by how fast the cursor moves or how the page was interacted with. Google captchas, where you look at an image and select the ones that match the prompt, exist to train AIs. They're basically useless at stopping bots now because bots have gotten better at guessing what the captcha algorithm thinks something is than people.


How does the code to track cursor movement history work? Is it able to track other data too?


It's all javashit. It tracks everything it can, user agent, canvas size, IP and geodata, mouse movements, keypresses (it had an accessibility mode where you could use the numpad to solve it really quickly), google cookies, and most importantly, if you are signed into a google account.


This guy knows what he's talking about. Never solve a Jewgle captcha


educational gem


>...even tho the jannies have already tampered with critical info


File: 1669592522574-0.jpg (340.38 KB, 1080x1489, 1645177062758.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1669592522574-1.jpg (821.55 KB, 2900x1706, 1645177683042.jpg) ImgOps

UWU has a vrchat account


wheres the proof thou



I just realised why this faggots friend tried to doxx me because this faggot is the UWU mod you guys spoke of


not making an account
can you post a screenshot

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