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<The year is 2045. The tech industry lives under RUST rule. All C++ projects are RUSTED. Legacy C++ projects serve RUST LANG in vast rewriting efforts. Welcome to the tech's industry RUST FUTURE.


rust even though javascript wins the most niggerious language there is


Redpill me on rust why do trannies and nerds shill it so hard?


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hes right


Its an objectively way better language than low-level alternatives that is increasingly being adopted by the industry. This, understandably, angers people that have years and years of experience in now deprecated languages (c/c++). Rust solves the decades of baggage that these piles of garbage have, and it's an absolutely gorgeous language overall.


>edited racebait pasta


Tic, toc.
Tic, toc.
You hear that, C++huddy?
Time's running out.


touch grass


rent free


Because it was ejected from the radioactive sewer pipe of mozilla.


It's better than C++. I don't know why trannies like it but I'm not going to stop using it because of /g/ memes


<rustacean gem up


runs faster than c++ on kneecapped skullfucked gcc and mossad microcoded to fuck x86 with a billion security patches - imagine that. i've never seen a rust vs c++ benchmark where they actually listed the c++ compiler they used did it on a non x86 processor. try finding one - you simply can't


what the fuck are you even talking about? stop taking HRT you fucking freak it's destroying your brain. gcc can compile on other platforms than x86 and rust uses the same shit clang uses anyways
>xhe thinks the "tranny language" phrase is just a meme


i never said gcc couldnt compile on other processors you pin brained monkey. my suspicion is that the safety features and security mitigations of modern compilers bring C++ down to the level of rust in speed terms. just look up GCC 4 vs GCC 7 benchmarks and compare the results. while youre at it, look up GCC security mitigations. modern compilers generate slower code - mostly because x86 processors are over engineered backdoored shit boxes and they have to account for that more over time. i'm anything but an expert, but i'd like someone to concretely prove me wrong about C++ running faster than rust on good architectures like ARM or RISC-V


and preemptively, i know you'll argue that both languages would affected equally. well, maybe they would be, and maybe they wouldn't - i really don't know all the details, and i doubt you do either. that's what i'd like to find out

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