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"Femdom" is fake and gay.

Female domination is fucking Chad behind your back and divorce raping you.

No girl wants to be the man in a relationship, that's why lesbians end up beating up each other instead of having sex.


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this is more gay than being gay


gem go up..


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no need to bump


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more feet stuff please


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File: 1673370683229-3.jpg (145.6 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps


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File: 1673370715304-1.jpg (211 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673370715304-2.jpg (194.83 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps

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File: 1673370755292-1.jpg (177.65 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673370755292-2.jpg (157.48 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673370755292-3.jpg (191.19 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps


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File: 1673370841522-1.jpg (158.28 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673370841522-2.jpg (210.41 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps


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File: 1673370942712-1.jpg (198.45 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673370942712-2.jpg (189.28 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673370942712-3.jpg (115.31 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673370961481.jpg (217.29 KB, 750x1060, succubusdungeon_newslave2_….jpg) ImgOps


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File: 1673371069063-1.jpg (56.19 KB, 600x450, 22.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673371069063-2.jpg (187.54 KB, 1200x1200, 13_535.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673371069063-3.jpg (157.64 KB, 850x856, 08_229.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673374284519.gif (331.99 KB, 1070x1172, Coal.gif) ImgOps

Saging this coal


Literally me


File: 1673457437497-0.jpg (96.66 KB, 1280x900, 42_591.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457437497-1.jpg (130.95 KB, 901x1200, 10_839.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457437497-2.jpg (225.94 KB, 1200x1200, 2_451.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457437497-3.jpg (169.96 KB, 1280x907, _382.jpg) ImgOps


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File: 1673457501605-1.jpg (39.28 KB, 640x843, 1313_869.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457501605-2.jpg (399.45 KB, 1450x1057, 6_443.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457501605-3.jpg (111.16 KB, 811x1216, 726_066.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673457551452-0.jpg (244.96 KB, 870x1230, 5812_478.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457551452-1.jpg (73 KB, 640x905, 23_708.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457551452-2.jpg (121.16 KB, 414x1280, 01_578.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457551452-3.jpg (188.96 KB, 1280x998, 8_251.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673457625659-0.jpg (344.89 KB, 1261x1280, 0409_157.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457625659-1.jpg (85.89 KB, 901x1280, 5_191.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457625659-2.jpg (47.78 KB, 517x1024, 03258_864.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457625659-3.jpg (54.38 KB, 725x1024, 05_521.jpg) ImgOps


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File: 1673457705188-1.jpg (38.28 KB, 500x699, 119_498.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457705188-2.jpg (59.29 KB, 600x600, 059_266.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457705188-3.jpg (94.96 KB, 640x905, 699.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673457731201-0.jpg (84.24 KB, 640x905, 048_326.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457731201-1.jpg (77.49 KB, 640x905, 50_590.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457731201-2.jpg (83.35 KB, 640x852, 4_746.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457731201-3.jpg (106.43 KB, 640x905, iffapuqlmh771.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673457755662-0.jpg (260.5 KB, 1836x1201, i9j8q5ve97941.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457755662-1.jpg (386.26 KB, 640x903, i39i9t3896s71.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457755662-2.jpg (66.62 KB, 640x640, hn24yz2uzju61.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457755662-3.png (944.11 KB, 640x974, hCxOX77tAUFJ4YBxMc6hyUZd44….png) ImgOps


File: 1673457776633-0.jpg (1.2 MB, 4583x4583, hentai-glass-slippers-voca….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457776633-1.jpg (208.53 KB, 2048x1919, g1usy0afuwd61.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457776633-2.png (822 KB, 640x895, gf2zdybxcqt41.png) ImgOps

File: 1673457776633-3.jpg (129.07 KB, 558x1267, fnvxd9la6a371.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673457820068-0.jpg (39.88 KB, 500x708, futa-dom-8m6io63k95-500x70….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457820068-1.jpg (581.89 KB, 1593x1790, FM33lDnWQAQep2j.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457820068-2.jpeg (764.08 KB, 1800x2546, f8a9d08747ab2137bbafd481f….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673457820068-3.jpg (155.88 KB, 850x1408, ErEEmRKXIAACRtM.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673457853148-0.jpg (574.54 KB, 1414x1000, es1j79i04qs81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457853148-1.jpeg (170.7 KB, 849x1200, EOD521qU0AAc8qm.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673457853148-2.jpg (1.43 MB, 1842x2662, ELFg3XUVAAANpdR.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457853148-3.jpeg (103.06 KB, 848x1200, Emw1Q_cXMAA4JQw.jpeg) ImgOps


File: 1673457894120-0.jpg (203.88 KB, 1584x1980, EhrqDpTXgAAlbN9.jpg_large.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457894120-1.jpg (65.86 KB, 540x600, ekroefg3hom81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457894120-2.jpg (115.25 KB, 640x873, EF7Qp2lXkAAUQ5Z.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673457894120-3.png (8.62 MB, 3600x4800, e9be781e-67e9-4ed2-bce4-2a….png) ImgOps


up this gem


pic 3 does not look like femdom at all


source on the higurashi one


File: 1673506777706.jpg (50.21 KB, 1024x954, weird.jpg) ImgOps

soyteens, i...


File: 1673545449758-0.jpg (90.88 KB, 605x553, 1671860799307.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673545449758-1.jpg (391.85 KB, 1119x787, 1585265985795.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673545449758-2.jpg (251.51 KB, 1339x1894, 1673433365098127.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673545449758-3.jpg (382.44 KB, 1550x1392, matching-outfits-by-nimble….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597145522-0.jpeg (1.69 MB, 999x1863, E6PrFGYVoAA8xpG.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673597145522-1.jpeg (550.08 KB, 1474x2047, E4j3qqLUcAQlL_R.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673597145522-2.jpg (117.81 KB, 664x1062, E5Fb7_lWYAcabR5.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597145522-3.png (708.67 KB, 711x946, df2df957a519d664998651f2bf….png) ImgOps


File: 1673597162712-0.jpg (141.13 KB, 1200x934, DtjK9FRV4AATChF.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597162712-1.jpg (82 KB, 960x640, d5kmsgb5g9p51.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597162712-2.jpg (48.11 KB, 640x686, ci4qz0jdgrf51.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597162712-3.jpg (37.88 KB, 599x429, cJQnwmcACT2K5GM_abrYh2hCIP….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597183335-0.jpg (74.37 KB, 856x900, cqquswwiskn71.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597183335-1.jpg (109.6 KB, 553x765, c39b5b4a62b054cdca4f6d9fa0….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597183335-2.png (559.2 KB, 1200x1600, cb5b102f92535fb0b57406969c….png) ImgOps

File: 1673597183335-3.jpg (120.29 KB, 640x895, brfTM0nqM5LyTObzP6htwq9r_o….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597232725-0.jpeg (1.96 MB, 2860x3951, c4f6ca8cefeef026f44df7207….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673597232725-1.jpeg (840.99 KB, 3500x3500, becfb6609513caa1c2c273f1e….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673597232725-2.jpg (7.06 MB, 4000x6000, ANIME-PICTURES.NET_-_77249….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597232725-3.png (2.72 MB, 3241x3354, a94dade163fb7a265ce730f77b….png) ImgOps


File: 1673597268133-0.png (1.32 MB, 772x951, 1670135444495466.png) ImgOps

File: 1673597268133-1.jpg (1.14 MB, 1854x2318, 1668152221426367.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597268133-2.png (2.99 MB, 1859x2796, 1670522339639751.png) ImgOps

File: 1673597268133-3.jpg (72.8 KB, 554x1024, 1667488027142663.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597316182-0.jpg (289.16 KB, 2000x1582, 1667039482222355.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597316182-1.jpg (506.17 KB, 1280x800, 1663310570584101.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597316182-2.jpg (2.58 MB, 2856x2142, 1651006483262.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597316182-3.jpg (754.31 KB, 1000x1266, 1650983294559.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597359646-0.jpg (70.42 KB, 1024x922, 1650843431958m.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597359646-1.jpg (519.53 KB, 1200x1678, 1650656607597.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597359646-2.jpg (197.77 KB, 850x637, 1650421714799.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597359646-3.gif (3.34 MB, 1253x940, 1649976760142.gif) ImgOps


File: 1673597389661-0.jpg (60.02 KB, 640x480, 1649991728365.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597389661-1.jpg (309.73 KB, 2500x2100, 1649824367580.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597389661-2.jpg (1009.41 KB, 1021x1200, 1649883984950.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597389661-3.jpg (817.74 KB, 2771x3933, 1649752940719.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597413408-0.jpg (77.45 KB, 787x1024, 1649748873265m.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597413408-1.jpg (348.81 KB, 850x1235, 1649687560915.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597413408-2.png (209.55 KB, 1754x1240, 1649353617921.png) ImgOps

File: 1673597413408-3.jpg (481.59 KB, 850x1204, 1649497956900.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597461464-0.jpg (2.08 MB, 3035x2150, 1649353515705.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597461464-1.jpg (317.92 KB, 1216x1363, 1649107132135.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597461464-2.jpg (206.32 KB, 650x587, 1649010573437 (1).jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597461464-3.jpg (327.41 KB, 1024x1080, 1649080634676.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597508213-0.png (3.38 MB, 3591x2039, 1648563727905.png) ImgOps

File: 1673597508213-1.jpg (454.42 KB, 600x850, 1648600720074.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597508213-2.jpg (309.7 KB, 850x1358, 1648475831798.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597508213-3.png (2.63 MB, 6213x4441, 1648293692587.png) ImgOps


File: 1673597555328-0.jpg (224.37 KB, 1280x1795, 1648366836485.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597555328-1.jpg (370.87 KB, 850x637, 1648017903201.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597555328-2.jpg (100.2 KB, 1200x600, 1647983425554.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597555328-3.jpg (136.21 KB, 707x1000, 1647968391996.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597588770-0.png (1.45 MB, 900x2049, 1647839677136.png) ImgOps

File: 1673597588770-1.jpg (626.15 KB, 900x1391, 1647708546254.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597588770-2.jpg (129.7 KB, 736x1024, 1647727194953m.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597588770-3.png (1012.61 KB, 915x1500, 1647518394582.png) ImgOps


File: 1673597616645-0.png (1.37 MB, 2063x1368, 1647678059656.png) ImgOps

File: 1673597616645-1.png (733.83 KB, 1200x929, 1647682961194.png) ImgOps

File: 1673597616645-2.jpg (832.77 KB, 1200x900, 1646869998631.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597616645-3.jpg (151.35 KB, 695x780, 1647351862370.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597649260-0.jpg (624.15 KB, 985x874, 1647356234136.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597649260-1.jpg (725.93 KB, 1817x2612, 1645639492660.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597649260-2.png (3.89 MB, 2481x3508, 1645717895760.png) ImgOps

File: 1673597649260-3.jpg (426.95 KB, 1900x2400, 1645639306304.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597714232-0.png (1.08 MB, 800x1217, 1645338818499.png) ImgOps

File: 1673597714232-1.jpg (474.69 KB, 3457x3000, 1645204034065.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597714232-2.jpg (162.62 KB, 963x1116, 1645291551933.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597714232-3.png (539.55 KB, 638x825, 1645277677448.png) ImgOps


File: 1673597743566-0.jpg (1.28 MB, 1052x1488, 1645130937246.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597743566-1.jpg (451.98 KB, 740x949, 1645203502011.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597743566-2.jpg (193.78 KB, 850x1210, 1644190726606.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597743566-3.jpg (197.37 KB, 1054x1486, 1644266849710.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597770542-0.jpg (1.09 MB, 1270x1800, 1644586252598.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597770542-1.jpg (876.97 KB, 1920x1248, 1643416644975.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597770542-2.jpg (352.07 KB, 1260x1200, 1643733413146.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597770542-3.jpg (2.42 MB, 2500x3600, 1644041734481.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597800746-0.jpg (256 KB, 850x1601, 1643248843755.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597800746-1.png (678.89 KB, 712x1196, 1643318335424.png) ImgOps

File: 1673597800746-2.jpg (1.16 MB, 2893x4092, 1642144583149.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597800746-3.jpg (953.55 KB, 2250x3000, 1643224286204.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673597912052-0.jpg (221.14 KB, 1169x1590, 1673327887246416.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597912052-1.jpeg (900.65 KB, 990x700, 1663021592291-3.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673597912052-2.jpg (1.08 MB, 1111x1700, 1673239095387217.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673597912052-3.jpg (150.78 KB, 1438x1380, 1667106028712.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673637572272-0.png (1.4 MB, 1280x960, 1642145229396.png) ImgOps

File: 1673637572272-1.jpg (376.87 KB, 644x560, 1642327132544.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637572272-2.png (598.76 KB, 1100x1000, 1642104581464.png) ImgOps

File: 1673637572272-3.jpg (214.81 KB, 1700x1273, 1642123996043.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673637599158-0.jpg (205 KB, 1075x2048, 1641985563809.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637599158-1.jpg (674.68 KB, 900x1273, 1642097185654.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637599158-2.jpg (2.24 MB, 3507x4456, 1641706679252.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637599158-3.jpg (431.39 KB, 2227x3125, 1641586014123.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673637641917-0.jpg (2.85 MB, 1400x4300, 1641780875653.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637641917-1.jpg (3.55 MB, 1400x6169, 1641780827045.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637641917-2.jpg (1.88 MB, 1000x7200, 1641096296225.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637641917-3.jpg (3.05 MB, 1000x10000, 1641181018811.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673637697183-0.jpg (3.63 MB, 1000x10000, 1641096177829.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637697183-1.jpg (3.05 MB, 1000x10000, 1641096243606.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637697183-2.jpg (1.58 MB, 4093x2894, 1640749060942.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637697183-3.png (3.56 MB, 3396x2160, 1640992100954.png) ImgOps


File: 1673637794848-0.jpg (447.08 KB, 1440x1035, 1640328779107.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637794848-1.jpg (705.08 KB, 1772x1393, 1640592973331.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637794848-2.jpg (262.41 KB, 850x1140, 1640637897057.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637794848-3.png (2.54 MB, 2000x2500, 1640134286943.png) ImgOps


File: 1673637822940-0.png (1.49 MB, 2499x1834, 1639452017022.png) ImgOps

File: 1673637822940-1.jpg (576.39 KB, 898x1300, 1639754414462.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637822940-2.jpg (391.19 KB, 3284x1238, 1639830627443.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637822940-3.jpg (77.68 KB, 697x1024, 1638975634267.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673637888044-0.jpg (268.11 KB, 856x1518, 1639329333823.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637888044-1.jpg (81.43 KB, 728x977, 1638792663044.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637888044-2.jpg (215.79 KB, 850x1308, 1638911639677.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637888044-3.jpg (63.86 KB, 640x859, 1638868718895.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673637921401-0.jpg (910.58 KB, 3277x4096, 1638778867483.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637921401-1.jpg (590.4 KB, 2160x2429, 1638782248598.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637921401-2.jpg (836.37 KB, 1158x1638, 1638496702208.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637921401-3.png (3.59 MB, 1600x2300, 1638563811423.png) ImgOps


File: 1673637970529-0.jpg (724.47 KB, 850x850, 1638246352790.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637970529-1.jpg (641.81 KB, 851x899, 1638430820508.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637970529-2.jpg (178.33 KB, 1280x1160, 1638481497877.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673637970529-3.jpg (169.06 KB, 1212x1937, 1638067237259.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673638006154-0.jpg (3.19 MB, 3508x2480, 1638204534293.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673638006154-1.jpg (812.02 KB, 1200x3430, 1637639871873.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673638006154-2.jpg (68.78 KB, 893x1006, 1637709426094.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673638006154-3.jpg (751.33 KB, 2008x3402, 1637812666966.jpg) ImgOps


coomer freak, just troon out already


File: 1673644251633-0.gif (1.26 MB, 320x320, 1673551880576.gif) ImgOps

File: 1673644251633-1.gif (2.46 MB, 125x125, 1673551772706.gif) ImgOps

>Femdom bad because it just is ok ?


File: 1673650678489-0.jpg (185.42 KB, 450x637, 1669492410456939.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673650678489-1.jpeg (271.22 KB, 1250x1963, Fif-_r1agAA3uEz.jpeg) ImgOps

I look like this.


File: 1673651033088-0.jpg (92.22 KB, 915x1000, 1633796632636.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673651033088-1.jpg (357.11 KB, 1200x1600, 1633798341044.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673682964314-0.jpg (3.33 MB, 3508x2480, 1673681649157.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673682964314-1.png (96.33 KB, 866x752, 1673680338312.png) ImgOps


File: 1673715215614-0.jpg (836.55 KB, 1200x1400, 9492161c5f248aea0e397ba151….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715215614-1.jpg (623.91 KB, 700x990, 1637312428273.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715215614-2.png (891.93 KB, 586x880, 1636911189800.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715215614-3.jpg (457.26 KB, 900x922, 1637538342883.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715246489-0.jpg (142.94 KB, 600x824, 1637032183437.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715246489-1.png (532.7 KB, 1360x1049, 1636736693590.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715246489-2.gif (881.11 KB, 500x281, 1636864349708.gif) ImgOps

File: 1673715246489-3.jpg (703.17 KB, 850x1214, 1636089800132.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715270473.jpg (1.57 MB, 3680x1536, 1629793919705.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715284774-0.jpg (347.59 KB, 850x1258, 1636315439583.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715284774-1.jpg (680.05 KB, 1248x2814, 1636384202045.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715284774-2.jpg (355.23 KB, 1000x1072, 1636612915668.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715284774-3.png (2.21 MB, 1600x2266, 1635874584442.png) ImgOps


File: 1673715313822-0.jpg (1.07 MB, 1150x4000, 1635829292379.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715313822-1.png (763.57 KB, 1358x1414, 1635974105732.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715313822-2.jpg (183.9 KB, 800x1000, 1635717925072.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715313822-3.png (549.91 KB, 860x1214, 1635727462182.png) ImgOps


File: 1673715343153-0.jpg (623.38 KB, 900x1262, 1635795770796.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715343153-1.jpg (142.36 KB, 1200x1200, 1635498967111.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715343153-2.jpg (635.48 KB, 1049x1080, 1635668438271.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715343153-3.jpg (70.31 KB, 667x775, 1635717149660.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715369958-0.jpg (457.57 KB, 1371x2438, 1635450874008.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715369958-1.jpg (673.86 KB, 1114x1200, 1635470546942.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715369958-2.png (1.03 MB, 800x1131, 1635442374900.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715369958-3.jpg (163.83 KB, 850x1326, 1635445511838.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715408131-0.png (621.78 KB, 750x1200, 1635439849854.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715408131-1.jpg (162.78 KB, 850x1408, 1635440807486.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715408131-2.png (1.57 MB, 1950x2550, 1634701080239.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715408131-3.gif (2.99 MB, 360x480, 1634950980944.gif) ImgOps


File: 1673715448123-0.jpg (566.04 KB, 2023x4096, 1634298463412.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715448123-1.jpg (1.29 MB, 1049x2500, 1634269995118.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715448123-2.jpg (818.46 KB, 1080x1200, 1634524298227.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715448123-3.jpg (340.36 KB, 1024x576, 1634604524754.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715482794-0.png (354.35 KB, 1005x1000, 1633972748834.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715482794-1.jpg (229.02 KB, 620x591, 1634089735068.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715482794-2.gif (808.57 KB, 584x924, 1634195774503.gif) ImgOps

File: 1673715482794-3.jpg (436.49 KB, 1181x1181, 1633821338908.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715512997-0.png (468.63 KB, 1561x1000, 1633972685738.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715512997-1.png (367.09 KB, 1195x1000, 1633972717688.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715512997-2.png (2.42 MB, 1500x2100, 1633705096743.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715512997-3.jpg (996.55 KB, 1121x1725, 1633753677844.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715543072-0.jpg (182.69 KB, 1280x1733, 1633524836555.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715543072-1.jpg (190.27 KB, 1280x1667, 1633524887889.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715543072-2.png (792.09 KB, 1100x1500, 1633564512569.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715543072-3.jpg (73.77 KB, 720x776, 1632866341688.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715574813-0.png (582.43 KB, 700x880, 1633019723395.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715574813-1.jpg (1.59 MB, 3082x4096, 1633524538266.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715574813-2.jpg (230.35 KB, 1280x1470, 1633524724396.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715574813-3.png (333.13 KB, 1021x1193, 1632808061266.png) ImgOps


File: 1673715603789-0.png (248.31 KB, 572x600, 1632862031112.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715603789-1.jpg (146.4 KB, 850x1308, 1632865985847.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715603789-2.jpg (68.43 KB, 400x558, 1632430894139.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715603789-3.jpg (1.23 MB, 2480x3508, 1632434862092.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715635418-0.png (992.42 KB, 901x1258, 1632455951253.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715635418-1.jpg (549.52 KB, 2500x3150, 1632173066572.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715635418-2.png (1.82 MB, 1920x1200, 1632263874284.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715635418-3.jpg (2.18 MB, 1447x2046, 1632355083301.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715668968-0.jpg (1.55 MB, 1333x2037, 1632098177796.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715668968-1.png (1.5 MB, 1400x1980, 1632146934947.png) ImgOps

File: 1673715668968-2.jpg (365.93 KB, 800x1067, 1630682540017.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715668968-3.jpg (307.68 KB, 850x1201, 1630724037317.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715710080-0.jpg (1.8 MB, 2456x1736, 1631290941251.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715710080-1.jpg (2.11 MB, 1980x1320, 1631442883138.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715710080-2.jpg (2.26 MB, 2618x2343, 1630051514999.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673715710080-3.jpg (80.44 KB, 663x873, 1630175252838.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673715776065.webm (4.03 MB, 1920x1080, fact check soyjak.webm) ImgOps

In my experience, femdom is either
a. A sign of incredibly high T, or
b. You have a very small penis and should just give up and start getting blacked already.
Anime femdom is always option b.


it's the other way around actually


Copey cope meds and bbc now


File: 1673720482146.mp4 (5.23 MB, 864x1080, Sueco The Child - FAST「AMV….mp4) ImgOps


I like femdom but i love submitting to my boyfriend more :3


reeeeeeeeeeeeeee normie scum get out of my thread discoal troons


Your thread is trash


ok discoaler


everyone ignored my oc gem...


saging this cancer


>TRANIME femdom


fuck off tard


File: 1673753576941.gif (46.78 KB, 200x200, 1636012108857.gif) ImgOps



File: 1673753649033.gif (1.26 MB, 220x220, 1663453798326.gif) ImgOps

i am gracefully killing this fag thread
be grateful


File: 1673765731557-0.jpg (301.81 KB, 1000x1579, 1629188730915.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673765731557-1.jpg (206.84 KB, 996x2048, 1630666234232.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673765731557-2.jpg (409.63 KB, 1100x1100, 1629228227536.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673765731557-3.jpg (56.85 KB, 719x540, 1629888008407.jpg) ImgOps

I didn't tho


File: 1673769600016-0.jpeg (1 MB, 850x1188, 1671241829519-3.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673769600016-1.jpeg (981.32 KB, 850x1188, 1671241829519-0.jpeg) ImgOps


File: 1673777864527-0.jpg (2.69 MB, 899x9236, 1629998083789.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673777864527-1.png (419.35 KB, 500x706, 1628338101253.png) ImgOps

File: 1673777864527-2.jpg (114.64 KB, 844x1200, 1628584191363.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673777864527-3.jpg (1.38 MB, 1050x2200, 1628941365364.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673777955862-0.jpg (767.09 KB, 720x1566, 1628941556112.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673777955862-1.jpg (589.98 KB, 850x1202, 1627396944717.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673777955862-2.jpg (161.83 KB, 750x975, 1627692019197.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673777955862-3.jpg (981.24 KB, 850x1152, 1628133134620.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673816785226-0.jpg (1.29 MB, 957x2500, 1628286556291.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673816785226-1.png (2.09 MB, 2996x1373, 1625461852808.png) ImgOps

File: 1673816785226-2.png (1.34 MB, 1940x1097, 1626371949517.png) ImgOps

File: 1673816785226-3.jpg (2.9 MB, 3102x2400, 1627052144405.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673829764070-0.jpeg (589.18 KB, 850x1202, 1671241829519-2.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673829764070-1.jpeg (804.33 KB, 850x1202, 1671241829519-1.jpeg) ImgOps


File: 1673893157437-0.png (1.47 MB, 2957x1941, 1625023070441.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893157437-1.png (977.42 KB, 1000x2485, 1625038170186.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893157437-2.jpg (36.57 KB, 547x479, 1625253722595_01FBCQGE7VY6….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893157437-3.jpg (105.01 KB, 850x942, 1623685876089.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893202912-0.jpg (373.15 KB, 595x842, 1623686226016.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893202912-1.jpg (449.4 KB, 850x785, 1624790720868.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893202912-2.jpg (2.86 MB, 2000x4000, 1621144126113.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893202912-3.png (938.29 KB, 1000x1350, 1623820209769.png) ImgOps


File: 1673893252959-0.jpg (560.38 KB, 864x1200, 1621708260483.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893252959-1.png (2.18 MB, 1714x1093, 1621840585581.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893252959-2.jpg (943.42 KB, 2434x3396, 1622008295984.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893252959-3.png (971.6 KB, 940x1030, 1612555930388.png) ImgOps


File: 1673893286492-0.jpg (423.32 KB, 724x1023, 1612681531358.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893286492-1.jpg (781.27 KB, 900x1379, 1616571248023.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893286492-2.jpg (179.06 KB, 600x848, 1609596931431.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893286492-3.jpg (226.52 KB, 2048x1536, 1610068804185.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893325118-0.jpg (2.76 MB, 2480x1754, 1611862584494.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893325118-1.png (1.76 MB, 1740x1862, 1612147908143.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893325118-2.jpg (887.47 KB, 1200x1600, 1605215944560 (1).jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893325118-3.png (853.59 KB, 1116x992, 1608787801418.png) ImgOps


File: 1673893356663-0.jpg (1.59 MB, 1200x1670, 1609040788945.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893356663-1.jpg (203 KB, 1200x2039, 1609477560928.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893356663-2.jpg (782.13 KB, 1504x3060, 1595223518792.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893356663-3.jpg (764.41 KB, 1000x1388, 1597688459142.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893399584-0.jpg (125.39 KB, 700x564, 1599767717469.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893399584-1.jpg (252.29 KB, 1061x1500, 1603507339565.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893399584-2.jpg (2.09 MB, 2480x3262, 1593551192691.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893399584-3.jpg (1.76 MB, 1280x7241, 1593683068060.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893437095-0.jpg (2.48 MB, 1280x8701, 1593683098963.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893437096-1.png (1.21 MB, 1200x1688, 1595044241912.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893437096-2.jpg (3.05 MB, 2508x3541, 1584663868200.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893437096-3.jpg (174.9 KB, 850x561, 1586367594799.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893466655-0.png (740.61 KB, 1403x992, 1591290061497.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893466655-1.jpg (999.35 KB, 1190x1670, 1591418762127.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893466655-2.png (1.15 MB, 1800x1400, 1557340196891.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893466655-3.jpg (145.75 KB, 1080x739, 1560178772038.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893510939-0.png (1.04 MB, 829x1071, 1564758676239.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893510939-1.jpg (1.33 MB, 1320x1980, 1578805641104.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893510939-2.jpg (355.52 KB, 705x996, 1539582157518.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893510939-3.jpg (348.59 KB, 980x1000, 1551231604668.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893567852-0.jpg (152.9 KB, 1200x1107, 1554609694676.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893567852-1.jpg (3.01 MB, 1400x4884, 1525298230844.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893567852-2.jpg (2.88 MB, 1400x5326, 1525298194475.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893567852-3.jpg (111.96 KB, 800x976, 1504235789776.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893652042-0.jpg (189.89 KB, 800x941, 1535958295080.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893652042-1.jpg (210.78 KB, 800x941, 1535958327535.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893652042-2.jpg (214.39 KB, 800x941, 1535958359757.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893652042-3.png (225.5 KB, 752x758, 1518301454914.png) ImgOps


File: 1673893687666-0.png (518.61 KB, 1280x1336, 1518497298785.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893687666-1.jpg (96.47 KB, 763x1180, 1518620900065.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893687666-2.jpg (2.42 MB, 2004x2438, 1463017218316.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893687666-3.jpg (1.37 MB, 1240x925, 1483319755677.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893728207-0.png (773.86 KB, 1000x886, 1488873870102.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893728207-1.jpg (187.15 KB, 1120x860, 1489588613634.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673893728207-2.png (542.44 KB, 800x600, 1501738743565.png) ImgOps

File: 1673893728207-3.png (249.04 KB, 542x462, 3275590 - Astolfo FateApoc….png) ImgOps


File: 1673893911339.jpg (254.86 KB, 1400x1575, 7216460-Hentai_SPH_1510543….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893944614.jpg (133.62 KB, 850x1200, 263705193_414125.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673893982363.jpg (155.54 KB, 422x1265, 525528.jpg) ImgOps



File: 1673970079467.gif (41.29 KB, 400x400, 1644809761420.gif) ImgOps

>everyone ignored my oc gem...


File: 1673970434866.png (188.35 KB, 1017x1894, 167390819488.png) ImgOps


holy gem


What oc? I don't wanna scroll through this avalanche of homosexual nascoal


i'm just soy quoting some troon from this thread


even actual homosexuals are less gay than this


File: 1673976985709-0.jpg (308.84 KB, 1280x1539, 2019_08_26_beach_nero_HD.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673976985709-1.jpeg (246.19 KB, 1729x2026, 385e1386be0b4e9ca2882cd10….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673976985709-2.jpg (93.96 KB, 708x1000, 663_1000.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673976985709-3.jpg (66.22 KB, 640x816, 876z3yq1wfy51.jpg) ImgOps

seethe faggot


File: 1673977021245-0.jpg (84.5 KB, 600x847, 81kaxvx5p8p81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977021245-1.jpg (77.37 KB, 640x788, 90q19kdloz471.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977021245-2.png (494.79 KB, 640x853, 95wn2Uwsw9JFJmCObz8frVjc4j….png) ImgOps

File: 1673977021245-3.jpg (33.99 KB, 640x417, 327t7ohfbat41.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673977063046-0.jpg (118.18 KB, 640x832, 48mhdldbj5771.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977063046-1.jpg (421.79 KB, 1247x1757, 55.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977063046-2.jpg (55.59 KB, 700x495, 80kbbo0mw7981.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977063046-3.jpg (56.17 KB, 600x432, 15carvkfgnn81.jpg) ImgOps



File: 1673977158021-0.jpg (113.18 KB, 800x800, 8hdirjuw13m71.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977158021-1.jpg (84.37 KB, 960x947, 8likwut5ikw71.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977158021-2.jpg (251.7 KB, 1424x2048, 5hrc9d6a7jm71.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977158021-3.png (323.35 KB, 640x720, 5qahecmpor471.png) ImgOps


File: 1673977282402-0.png (655.29 KB, 1403x2000, 6c812650cfa52f0ced237404e9….png) ImgOps

File: 1673977282402-1.jpg (568.57 KB, 640x890, 4rs7tv6ihxs81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977282402-2.jpg (416.17 KB, 2330x3475, 6gw9B8LWNVhg7mebYmaYHti-a9….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977282402-3.jpg (91.97 KB, 640x808, 4y0be3xuzc771.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673977441769-0.jpg (54.73 KB, 640x516, 4f4lgez2h7p41.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977441769-1.jpg (447.69 KB, 1080x1920, 4fc26acea43a6e472c70214399….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977441769-2.jpg (255.84 KB, 640x458, 4KqcdZIfYAldK-PrB0uvWSc_ZM….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977441769-3.png (497.73 KB, 9320x9990, 3d3802da7c860a04229a525917….png) ImgOps


File: 1673977504761-0.jpg (352.67 KB, 640x754, 0IuKbLX688kb53EqcXKH8pZXEr….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977504761-1.jpg (1.01 MB, 1506x8471, 1Kf8GHRoJaeRhT-p92kB5HrRAs….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977504761-2.jpeg (144.99 KB, 1027x1273, 2Ahj79G.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1673977504761-3.jpg (379.13 KB, 857x1200, __original_drawn_by_fukunu….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673977678906-0.jpg (100.83 KB, 640x640, IMG_20220409_163721_194.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977678906-1.jpg (104.54 KB, 721x1024, 1652028056593m.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977678906-2.png (638.21 KB, 425x600, 1651019579096.png) ImgOps

File: 1673977678906-3.jpg (301.63 KB, 755x1280, IMG_20220511_201837_370.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673977702214-0.jpg (156.42 KB, 881x1200, _986.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977702214-1.jpg (91.25 KB, 800x1000, IMG_20220511_220046_272.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977702214-2.jpg (85.6 KB, 567x851, 1612758287581.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977702214-3.jpg (57.75 KB, 749x999, l1bgf9cez1j51.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673977725543-0.png (203.56 KB, 640x960, 1651509373098.png) ImgOps

File: 1673977725543-1.png (201.84 KB, 800x600, 1652059604006.png) ImgOps

File: 1673977725543-2.jpg (93.58 KB, 850x1133, 1652309181224.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977725543-3.jpg (75.09 KB, 540x585, 1652329559035.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673977743657-0.jpg (1.39 MB, 1095x2500, 1612282555624.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977743657-1.jpg (46.46 KB, 595x842, 1623866144693.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977743657-2.jpg (483.08 KB, 880x1315, 1624805544898.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977743657-3.png (1.07 MB, 1360x910, 1634430357093.png) ImgOps


File: 1673977770996-0.png (367.16 KB, 600x800, 1634855473072.png) ImgOps

File: 1673977770996-1.jpg (244.25 KB, 850x1355, 1632362817751.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977770996-2.jpg (90.73 KB, 540x428, 1639318046760.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977770996-3.png (883.13 KB, 850x807, 1642410204156.png) ImgOps


File: 1673977796854-0.jpg (477.77 KB, 1488x2104, 1644104292065.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977796854-1.jpg (2.68 MB, 1000x4000, 1651730175816.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977796854-2.jpg (3.88 MB, 2070x2886, 1652072360940.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977796854-3.jpg (570.74 KB, 850x1133, 1652270537718.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673977840129-0.jpg (256.24 KB, 1280x853, 1652458230717.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977840129-1.jpg (753.92 KB, 2520x1260, 1652546113170.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977840129-2.jpg (423.59 KB, 2048x2621, 1653098236548.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977840130-3.jpg (2.08 MB, 2355x3052, 1653228397406.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673977860465-0.jpg (371.82 KB, 1500x2375, afz6562bhj091.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977860465-1.jpg (758.63 KB, 638x900, roomwqf77dx81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977860465-2.jpg (355.45 KB, 640x650, y40id5d3w6x81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977860465-3.jpg (652.5 KB, 600x800, 6pc4ox5il8z81.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1673977902686-0.jpg (884.17 KB, 2591x3624, 1648984515209.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1673977902686-1.gif (2.74 MB, 960x540, 1653313350317.gif) ImgOps

File: 1673977902686-2.png (3.36 MB, 1422x1005, 1653511255920.png) ImgOps

File: 1673977902686-3.jpg (2.33 MB, 1442x3283, 1653592884772.jpg) ImgOps


youre the nigga with a fetish for being humiliated by women something which they biologically are wired against btw this is as close the to the exact polar opposite of a womans desires as it gets


so what faggot?


so youre the faggot and your fetish has been thoroughly deboonked


retarded ape


how so


thread died after troonop got destroyed by facts and logic this is a chud win for sure


File: 1673983598989.jpg (38.28 KB, 500x699, 119_498.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674066960981-0.jpg (715.15 KB, 1000x1625, 1654025212961.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674066960981-1.png (1021.76 KB, 3000x3000, 1654112820257.png) ImgOps

File: 1674066960981-2.jpg (161.49 KB, 834x629, 1654184788893.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674066960981-3.jpg (215.33 KB, 1200x1695, chastity-i-hope-these-stra….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674066979991-0.jpg (106.63 KB, 1170x1156, chastity-i-don-t-know-what….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674066979991-1.png (379.23 KB, 900x900, ee4bb831841a5fd25fca744d06….png) ImgOps

File: 1674066979991-2.jpg (359.45 KB, 640x853, cmQ7_Fg8GxtBUi0rOVridfj9c6….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674066979991-3.jpg (516.62 KB, 640x480, izLUOkXWBU7lVO7JG70S0cUFrq….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674067008068-0.jpg (4.19 MB, 3580x1788, hUY6f91jb0engTjwzkm_uLX4Vy….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067008068-1.jpg (828.27 KB, 640x853, nA2mHiS7pQyaF_2ZPSIEItHSR5….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067008068-2.jpg (492.69 KB, 640x704, letgw4l79c091.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067008068-3.jpg (421.95 KB, 640x851, NYF-6T6f_qVMzoa5wLYJtIGOJ4….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674067043527-0.jpg (686.17 KB, 600x800, o6uymj3il8z81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067043527-1.jpg (490.13 KB, 640x704, OHY8QD9uXqS3-qHWFLwFIFi_kX….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067043527-2.jpg (310.8 KB, 640x571, ra6eypgkyfz81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067043527-3.jpg (153.92 KB, 640x360, w81.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674067094894-0.jpg (602.08 KB, 600x800, rnms8c7il8z81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067094894-1.jpg (446.97 KB, 640x480, sx_4yBjDQRddHilP-jpoAKc-Ip….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067094895-2.jpg (471.42 KB, 600x800, t3vz5p4il8z81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067094895-3.jpg (262.61 KB, 600x800, vvoev29il8z81.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674067113145-0.jpg (557.72 KB, 640x905, Y8n0y_8xSJnYKaElysHdi_5sOP….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067113145-1.jpg (507.61 KB, 600x800, ysty082il8z81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067113145-2.jpg (65.98 KB, 800x754, Dv-VmchU8AAVCQY.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067113145-3.jpg (46.06 KB, 700x718, aKx2b21_700b.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674067133661-0.jpg (316.14 KB, 1280x1656, houkago_play_by_hassysoda_….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067133661-1.jpg (279.93 KB, 1046x2000, 1654516013931.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067133661-2.png (1.3 MB, 3425x2480, 1654353394220.png) ImgOps

File: 1674067133661-3.png (467.85 KB, 687x941, 1654264555851.png) ImgOps


File: 1674067161031-0.png (456.9 KB, 792x1072, 1654264501960.png) ImgOps

File: 1674067161031-1.png (885.38 KB, 779x1100, 1654264469768.png) ImgOps

File: 1674067161031-2.jpg (204.41 KB, 800x1131, 1654205574652.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067161031-3.jpg (665.52 KB, 1280x1815, 1654048051339.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674067209462-0.jpg (600.86 KB, 1280x1775, 1654588515378.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067209462-1.jpg (252.06 KB, 906x1280, 1650133907163.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067209462-2.png (415.03 KB, 1769x2485, 1548574743062.png) ImgOps

File: 1674067209462-3.jpg (118.42 KB, 927x878, 1610384645007.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674067250899-0.jpg (1.01 MB, 512x4892, 1641082192834.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067250899-1.jpg (556.08 KB, 1024x768, 1490932946332.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067250899-2.jpg (413.47 KB, 1200x844, 1614845430221.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067250899-3.png (1.23 MB, 678x946, 1649802477992.png) ImgOps


File: 1674067271890-0.jpg (1.86 MB, 848x1200, 1650786519179.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067271890-1.jpg (1.01 MB, 2233x1759, 1643315043149.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067271890-2.jpg (221.08 KB, 689x753, 56c3a04ba06d412aa3180627fa….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067271890-3.jpg (294.35 KB, 850x770, sample_b1a0b9bc0231aa9b936….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674067292106-0.jpg (584.44 KB, 819x1390, 780f8392f5ec7a14dbed39dde9….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067292106-1.jpg (114.89 KB, 735x729, 1649605073850.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067292106-2.png (641.21 KB, 717x1100, 1654615291660.png) ImgOps

File: 1674067292106-3.png (1.17 MB, 1000x3500, 1654690631602.png) ImgOps


File: 1674067313301-0.png (225.89 KB, 640x527, 03e4dajakp591.png) ImgOps

File: 1674067313301-1.png (594.07 KB, 640x905, 5so46brjc5991.png) ImgOps

File: 1674067313301-2.png (471.38 KB, 640x457, 7c34ks7qao391.png) ImgOps

File: 1674067313301-3.png (210.66 KB, 800x600, 1493008433224.png) ImgOps


File: 1674067347919-0.png (3.89 MB, 1920x2160, 1496636986277.png) ImgOps

File: 1674067347919-1.jpg (390.89 KB, 800x1014, 1511412869875.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674067347919-2.png (1.38 MB, 900x1271, 1527877907812.png) ImgOps

File: 1674067347919-3.jpg (1.85 MB, 1286x2000, 1618459695179.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674067372629.gif (585.45 KB, 1012x1012, 1581988517804.gif) ImgOps

all me btw


File: 1674068082764-0.jpg (152.96 KB, 1496x1347, w_null_usi61v8mbgm81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674068082764-1.jpg (72.05 KB, 1077x800, 1673891893813.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674075527444.jpg (17.54 KB, 568x402, 1669138471453451.jpg) ImgOps

keyed thread


File: 1674123468957.jpg (96.65 KB, 850x603, sample_cb7eba08e2e8facbfc7….jpg) ImgOps

>be christian, very religious
>have the urge to be abusive and rape men (including watching them and stalking them)
>had a man who wasnt a virgin and felt primal rage to the fact that I started beating my stuffed animals (when we were long distance and he told me), when we met IRL I choked him and told him Id kill him for going to some fucking slut before me. I am waiting until marriage so I couldnt do much.

Why must god do this to me. I hate having impure thoughts and I hate myself for looking at this thread. Someone told me about soyjak and I regret it. I make more money than him, I have offered him multiple times to be my boywife, etc.. I hate the idea of him going to anyone else and threatened to do PiV (he knows how important my celibacy is to me so whenever I tried to rape him he always reminds me). He is a bit scared of impregnating me, however I just want him to be my house husband and breeding stock. I think I will just be celibate until 25 if this is the case, until I find my boywife to abuse and threaten. I never want to hurt those I like, but I just want them to give themselves to me 100%.


Apologies, meant to capitalize G in God.


File: 1674125068027.jpeg (111.11 KB, 600x882, 221d81292785cfd51ed452275….jpeg) ImgOps

take your pills


Why don't you just marry him if you two love each other? If you two don't love each other, find another man. I'd say at least the majority of them can be convinced into doing some femdom stuff in bed, unless it revolves around their butt, which as a christian you wouldn't do


File: 1674151104278-0.jpg (180.79 KB, 1280x1812, 1674139717910.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151104278-1.jpg (1.32 MB, 992x2200, 1630015305905.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151104278-2.png (1.55 MB, 3000x2716, 1641034647576.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151104278-3.jpg (206.32 KB, 650x587, 1649010573437.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151139674-0.jpg (2.26 MB, 1274x2600, 1651551590102.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151139674-1.jpg (631.67 KB, 900x1200, 1653600221631.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151139674-2.jpg (161.97 KB, 769x1000, 1655305332239.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151139674-3.gif (3.29 MB, 498x280, 1655430411808.gif) ImgOps


File: 1674151169966-0.png (867.01 KB, 907x586, 1655500012955.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151169966-1.jpg (181.03 KB, 718x999, 1655502790273.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151169966-2.png (1.26 MB, 1360x1920, 1656014734051.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151169966-3.jpg (418.44 KB, 900x1200, 1656173873477.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151213129-0.jpg (46.07 KB, 806x806, 1656410872276.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151213129-1.jpg (231.45 KB, 940x1200, 1656540597679.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151213129-2.jpg (465.17 KB, 628x887, 1656602746531.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151213129-3.jpg (248.05 KB, 850x1202, 1656706013459.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151251786-0.jpg (3.86 MB, 1400x10000, 1656753918887.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151251786-1.jpg (3.5 MB, 1400x9600, 1656753959519.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151251786-2.jpg (3.32 MB, 1400x8600, 1656754055649.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151251786-3.png (449.65 KB, 640x818, ce7bpnhu3u791.png) ImgOps


File: 1674151274674-0.png (568.58 KB, 640x905, Cg-SdTsYC82LNwneFPIpK5_6vL….png) ImgOps

File: 1674151274674-1.png (848.62 KB, 640x896, D_972yBRu-ccFND72pp-WKaRps….png) ImgOps

File: 1674151274674-2.jpg (57.36 KB, 540x720, laliberte-is-a-good-artist….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151274674-3.png (398.45 KB, 640x468, xq6sn7a3tx591.png) ImgOps


File: 1674151305995-0.jpg (283.72 KB, 1280x1810, 1656883882084.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151305995-1.jpg (725.13 KB, 1181x2244, 1657024011533.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151305995-2.jpeg (377.4 KB, 1000x1414, 66492412d7e1d06df0367220e….jpeg) ImgOps


File: 1674151330140-0.png (571.66 KB, 717x1100, 1643098763503.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151330140-1.png (832.69 KB, 926x1310, 1643098811701.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151330140-2.jpg (350.29 KB, 850x1134, 1643099101623.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151330140-3.png (600.44 KB, 717x1100, 1643099530217.png) ImgOps


File: 1674151354013-0.png (294.63 KB, 800x800, 1657252777628.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151354013-1.jpeg (702.1 KB, 2400x3000, b9cb85947ab87ac3fd1f13eee….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674151354013-2.png (590.54 KB, 1000x1000, 2ddbe0cf512356ed48d0f61f62….png) ImgOps

File: 1674151354013-3.jpeg (3.47 MB, 2508x3541, 51610de7d4cfe115a40317344….jpeg) ImgOps


File: 1674151399769-0.jpg (303.03 KB, 850x1252, 1653653381227.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151399769-1.jpg (788.59 KB, 2892x4096, 1634359364636.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151399769-2.jpg (1.13 MB, 1000x1633, 1652220777609.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151399769-3.png (1.42 MB, 1050x1200, 1658152514794757.png) ImgOps


File: 1674151422224-0.jpg (1.34 MB, 3078x2100, 1658001820976.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151422224-1.jpg (300.38 KB, 1240x2000, 1658002000218-1.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151422224-2.jpg (484.9 KB, 840x900, 1658002000218-2.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151422224-3.jpg (129.4 KB, 720x1200, 165808180727483.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151449826-0.png (2.17 MB, 4093x2894, 1658172087626-1.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151449826-1.png (1.98 MB, 1783x1472, 1658172087626-2.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151449826-2.png (218.32 KB, 432x515, 1658172087626-3.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151449826-3.jpg (513.2 KB, 1000x1621, 1658172126408-1.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151476178-0.jpg (231.74 KB, 2386x3508, 1658172126408-2.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151476178-1.jpg (430.32 KB, 1200x975, 1658172178860-1.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151476178-2.jpg (1.79 MB, 2800x2000, 1658172178860-2.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151476178-3.jpg (1.65 MB, 2640x1324, 1658172178860-3.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151507717-0.jpg (2.63 MB, 3221x1740, 1658172388507-0.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151507717-1.jpg (403.03 KB, 1280x1961, 1658013511814.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151507717-2.gif (937.77 KB, 1600x1200, 1658258042319.gif) ImgOps

File: 1674151507717-3.jpg (528.5 KB, 852x1200, 1658302004522288.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151536105-0.jpg (290.39 KB, 1845x1125, 1658403301835403.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151536105-1.png (2.01 MB, 1375x2047, 1658472775667.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151536105-2.png (1.33 MB, 2078x1592, 1658570430715621.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151536105-3.jpg (241.21 KB, 1080x1612, 1658577138775125.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151557577-0.jpg (194.2 KB, 600x849, 1658601818297924.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151557577-1.png (1.22 MB, 878x1200, ea7a01e3907529b4f8dcb795eb….png) ImgOps

File: 1674151557577-2.jpg (92.03 KB, 1000x844, lusciousnet_lusciousnet_he….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151557577-3.jpg (106.11 KB, 800x1000, 5bcf9e5a21792f716353d1cbda….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151590280-0.png (1.29 MB, 1600x900, animal_ears_aqua_eyes_aqua….png) ImgOps

File: 1674151590280-1.jpg (107.74 KB, 600x738, 5a5f37b23d798907ad1cfc47ee….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151590280-2.png (1.34 MB, 1600x1000, 1433836385_2019244112.png) ImgOps

File: 1674151590280-3.jpg (83.44 KB, 600x1023, b4ecd0852131bfed5bb078b6e8….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151610532-0.png (631.87 KB, 500x823, d44af10014d99d03b6def1200c….png) ImgOps

File: 1674151610532-1.png (762.56 KB, 1920x1080, a4519fe9a343a74879711b91b3….png) ImgOps

File: 1674151610532-2.jpg (83.01 KB, 640x715, hatsune-miku-hentai-pics-2….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151610532-3.jpg (297.38 KB, 1920x1200, anime-vocaloid-devushki-49….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151630549-0.png (670.98 KB, 849x1200, 5EFH0O6sh0II19eC0PWTRkyaty….png) ImgOps

File: 1674151630549-1.jpg (77.86 KB, 600x763, Post_de721f_5729230.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151630549-2.jpg (165.16 KB, 750x900, b180b7f53b518c7f5420ae60e9….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151630549-3.jpg (465.7 KB, 700x980, 33.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151656734-0.jpg (159.03 KB, 850x850, __hatsune_miku_and_kaito_v….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151656734-1.png (2.92 MB, 849x1200, ANIME-PICTURES.NET_-_39906….png) ImgOps

File: 1674151656734-2.jpg (259.23 KB, 1200x1453, yande.re 628970 sample ass….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151656734-3.jpg (149.72 KB, 713x1200, __hatsune_miku_and_kagamin….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674151693930-0.jpg (106.34 KB, 600x1010, __hatsune_miku_and_kagamin….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674151693930-1.jpg (113.95 KB, 800x1000, 5.jpg) ImgOps




File: 1674153923162.png (214.22 KB, 640x906, girl with nate.png) ImgOps

edit i made


File: 1674244099901-0.jpg (1.22 MB, 1063x1498, 1674008196738944.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674244099901-1.jpg (615.99 KB, 2893x4092, 1674025384875970.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674244099901-2.jpg (265.44 KB, 1456x2048, 1673787405623835.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674244099901-3.jpg (1.16 MB, 1530x2155, 1673930259388366.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674244159966-0.jpg (2.17 MB, 2464x3539, 1673145294336002.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674244159966-1.jpg (1.21 MB, 1136x1598, 1673645502357666.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674244159966-2.jpg (383.52 KB, 1280x1807, 1673713653125753.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674244159966-3.jpg (3.68 MB, 2606x2427, 1673556423385-1.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674244231835-0.jpeg (322.25 KB, 1900x2168, fe5ba1a3a1cfe08db7aeaba82….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674244231835-1.jpg (1.27 MB, 1302x1842, 879c38203bc44647b63a761e4b….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674244231835-2.png (833.73 KB, 1200x900, 3db835146d40a9146332753451….png) ImgOps

File: 1674244231835-3.jpg (1.36 MB, 1800x3350, af2d9e64e7fc6321086974fc1c….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674244247756.jpg (1.16 MB, 1114x1540, a956c3a2650b9cd969e4bd2d0f….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674259871956.mp4 (1.7 MB, 720x1030, James Woods - The nuclear ….mp4) ImgOps



File: 1674310095508-0.gif (962.04 KB, 648x486, lv4_usagi_pisB.gif) ImgOps

File: 1674310095508-1.gif (1.12 MB, 648x486, lv4_usagi_pisA.gif) ImgOps

File: 1674310095508-2.gif (3.97 MB, 648x486, lv4_usagi_eja.gif) ImgOps

gem thread


File: 1674326878173-0.png (4.19 MB, 854x1280, 4c8c5506e4ea161d71c2c26ddd….png) ImgOps

File: 1674326878173-1.jpg (3.5 MB, 6117x4406, f9affe5ce4084566cb18672353….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674326878173-2.jpg (423.33 KB, 900x900, fdbcdfce897aab46add4943809….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674326878173-3.jpg (528.26 KB, 1078x1500, 1489e60f3e8551cccd37fbf569….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674326921681-0.jpg (340.04 KB, 2085x2963, 1653041405805.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674326921681-1.jpg (373.95 KB, 2084x3120, 1659010508089140.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674326921681-2.jpg (513.21 KB, 1200x1697, 1658165916960.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674326921681-3.jpg (83.51 KB, 1364x930, FR9_EVaWUAMpsRZ.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674326959756-0.png (250.54 KB, 1390x1564, bf7d4febc13afecf168982ab68….png) ImgOps

File: 1674326959756-1.jpg (276.17 KB, 850x1289, 2BQaw97.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674326959756-2.jpg (437.4 KB, 720x1019, 1659434370775942.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674326959756-3.jpg (191.42 KB, 1447x2046, 2XsQNWx.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674326993312-0.jpg (551.95 KB, 700x1019, 4 (2).jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674326993312-1.png (467.04 KB, 640x492, 4v1af6tdeyd91.png) ImgOps

File: 1674326993312-2.jpg (104 KB, 600x848, 6sujtw3oqun81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674326993312-3.png (6.15 MB, 3840x2160, 7hcocw113tl81.png) ImgOps


File: 1674327022070-0.jpg (97.74 KB, 576x800, 7ju08tozbi2w.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327022070-1.png (2.87 MB, 2000x2540, 8df978cb3e0aa107cfdc5d8e13….png) ImgOps

File: 1674327022070-2.png (418.01 KB, 640x416, 9cmqy30jorb91.png) ImgOps

File: 1674327022070-3.jpg (315.98 KB, 700x989, 20 (2).jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674327051227-0.jpg (235.16 KB, 1000x1432, 53.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327051227-1.jpeg (1.47 MB, 2150x3035, 59fcd52869e9899392e63eb16….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674327051227-2.png (322.48 KB, 640x480, 86aaVCLC8qFbdH7LYbum7Tj-4o….png) ImgOps

File: 1674327051227-3.jpeg (1.27 MB, 4500x5500, 936qClB.jpeg) ImgOps


File: 1674327108373-0.jpg (4.62 MB, 1636x3496, 5746a643-5441-4151-a6d7-2c….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327108373-1.jpg (259.26 KB, 1900x1263, 7594f766f7f8d2c4c6207c4eb0….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327108373-2.jpg (354.87 KB, 1442x1873, 25262.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327108373-3.jpg (640.95 KB, 1200x900, 196379-21.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674327145505-0.png (351.99 KB, 640x651, 398999.png) ImgOps

File: 1674327145505-1.jpg (946.64 KB, 1273x1800, 99972360_p0.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327145505-2.png (1.05 MB, 1200x1200, 1446725150585.png) ImgOps

File: 1674327145505-3.jpg (835.92 KB, 1697x1200, 1462442540141.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674327177410-0.jpg (89.61 KB, 640x900, 1469689577625.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327177410-1.jpg (1.86 MB, 1490x1400, 1508920985424.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327177410-2.jpg (129.52 KB, 631x476, 1524363461249.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327177410-3.jpg (426.45 KB, 768x1024, 1525894298043.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674327205569-0.jpg (709.35 KB, 2453x3611, 1550393107423.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327205569-1.jpg (181.83 KB, 1533x1419, 1581583640685.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327205569-2.jpg (356.97 KB, 1086x1293, 1585503272846.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327205569-3.jpg (664.71 KB, 1181x1335, 1585595126149.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674327231565-0.jpg (190.68 KB, 1200x900, 1585599290755.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327231565-1.jpg (1.11 MB, 3507x2480, 1598006999635.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327231565-2.jpg (887.47 KB, 1200x1600, 1605215944560.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327231565-3.jpg (83.4 KB, 650x825, 1602693650727.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674327263021-0.jpg (123.77 KB, 1000x1000, 1608532170070.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327263021-1.jpg (201.22 KB, 1000x1500, 1609165570347.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327263021-2.jpg (128.55 KB, 800x867, 1626922072952.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327263021-3.jpg (960.5 KB, 1736x2488, 1631049948186.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674327310366-0.jpg (1.94 MB, 1600x2263, 1634356053711.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327310366-1.png (3.43 MB, 3200x1800, 1634412117602.png) ImgOps

File: 1674327310366-2.png (1.35 MB, 1124x1499, 1641589382500.png) ImgOps

File: 1674327310366-3.png (558.85 KB, 660x1200, 1651177979371.png) ImgOps


File: 1674327543843-0.jpg (313.99 KB, 900x1600, 20210526_152927.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327543843-1.jpg (869.64 KB, 4064x3429, 1670401116272684.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674327543843-2.png (175.76 KB, 500x500, 1665175138789.png) ImgOps

File: 1674327543843-3.jpg (204.33 KB, 2048x1210, 1665106512891.jpg) ImgOps

Is this a femdom doe


what do you mean?


File: 1674346081199.jpg (535.81 KB, 1280x1844, 20.jpg) ImgOps

hottest thread on sharty


File: 1674475113162-0.jpg (164.52 KB, 868x1228, 1654816163350.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475113162-1.jpg (3.01 MB, 2480x3508, 1656095181852.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475113162-2.jpg (418.9 KB, 1600x1131, 1656095625206.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475113162-3.jpg (3.31 MB, 1756x3800, 1656178859846.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674475156298-0.jpg (330.48 KB, 850x1121, 1656474065238.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475156298-1.png (424.89 KB, 1023x1047, 1657082285091.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475156298-2.png (1.11 MB, 800x950, 1657101114707.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475156298-3.jpg (580.77 KB, 1920x1080, 1657117079916.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674475199966-0.jpg (181.65 KB, 735x1023, 1657118672790.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475199966-1.jpg (950.99 KB, 794x1200, 1657204129499.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475199966-2.jpg (839.66 KB, 3000x2089, 1657242354427.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475199966-3.jpg (60.24 KB, 640x892, 1657310408679.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674475274402-0.jpg (3.38 MB, 3200x1784, 1657334782730.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475274402-1.jpg (168.37 KB, 724x986, 1657336979642.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475274402-2.png (1.17 MB, 850x894, 1657469754194.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475274402-3.png (1.08 MB, 1024x768, 1657498049686.png) ImgOps


File: 1674475329568-0.jpg (195.86 KB, 1330x1330, 1657511975381.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475329568-1.jpg (87.76 KB, 1024x845, 1657595139593.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475329568-2.jpg (2.96 MB, 2048x2732, 1657652902082.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475329568-3.jpg (72.18 KB, 725x1024, 1657734623629.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674475356048-0.jpg (545.86 KB, 2048x1916, 1657766130465.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475356048-1.jpg (464.05 KB, 909x1103, 1657987511214.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475356048-2.png (1.38 MB, 855x1200, 1658108747208.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475356048-3.png (785.22 KB, 585x581, 1658364167525.png) ImgOps


File: 1674475384462-0.jpg (1.06 MB, 1124x1499, 1658505751578.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475384462-1.jpg (605.47 KB, 1181x1181, 1658606824138.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475384462-2.png (3.64 MB, 1888x2000, 1658953881494.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475384462-3.jpg (1.07 MB, 2577x2480, 1658988749612.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674475415037-0.png (1.28 MB, 1403x957, 1659508157185.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475415037-1.png (2 MB, 899x1600, 1659567350479.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475415037-2.jpg (77.02 KB, 1609x844, 1659574060479.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475415037-3.png (541.54 KB, 803x677, 1659610600051.png) ImgOps


File: 1674475452553-0.jpg (308.02 KB, 600x760, 1658846744498486.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475452554-1.jpg (934.14 KB, 1448x2048, 1658847617748674.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475452554-2.png (2.4 MB, 1200x2446, 1658899763499632.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475452554-3.jpg (1.2 MB, 1600x2200, 1658994728047032.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674475482850-0.jpg (511.29 KB, 1500x2130, 1659137005275852.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475482850-1.jpg (549.79 KB, 1919x1038, 1659211427819554.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475482850-2.jpg (1.14 MB, 1600x1041, 1659250665785470.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475482850-3.jpg (1.71 MB, 3000x3624, 1659263439648387.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674475525594-0.jpg (3.39 MB, 2600x3500, 1659324080702380.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475525594-1.jpg (231.54 KB, 1328x1943, 1659545268930532.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475525594-2.jpg (274.81 KB, 1280x1894, 1659639543913222.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475525594-3.png (2.21 MB, 1061x1500, 1659565943901249.png) ImgOps


File: 1674475560470-0.jpg (697 KB, 800x1163, 1659748473371485.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475560470-1.jpg (853.06 KB, 797x1802, 1659647530876930.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475560470-2.jpg (105.36 KB, 850x771, 1659780498615506.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475560470-3.png (1.57 MB, 1600x1080, 1659861947932976.png) ImgOps


File: 1674475654015-0.png (733.83 KB, 1200x929, 1659881750456207.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475654015-1.jpg (148.3 KB, 800x1073, a9pw2n30mqf91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475654015-2.png (884.97 KB, 640x905, a-o99BHzPCXzy6i_n_Hzcv7U7Y….png) ImgOps

File: 1674475654015-3.png (177.88 KB, 1080x891, w_1080_3up43d0fear81.png) ImgOps


File: 1674475819500-0.png (635.2 KB, 600x800, bipmp3h2mz891.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475819500-1.jpg (233.93 KB, 2048x1024, bdsmlr-56475-uY2sW8MZed.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475819500-2.png (2.35 MB, 869x1600, bW5SRxx4LlPRW2zVVIrPtIFUA8….png) ImgOps

File: 1674475819500-3.png (7.6 MB, 2044x3851, c2c5d843194dd50a6b49d6e37f….png) ImgOps


File: 1674475864643-0.jpg (550.32 KB, 900x1200, c4EjmqS.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475864643-1.png (760.02 KB, 900x1353, c3dac3a7a19ad7394657f0185f….png) ImgOps

File: 1674475864643-2.jpeg (3 MB, 3543x3543, Challenge_censored.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674475864643-3.png (685.01 KB, 640x853, ckn88h4amdc91.png) ImgOps


File: 1674475906603-0.jpg (906.19 KB, 1521x2221, CMD6Rzp.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475906603-1.png (640.44 KB, 640x1012, cno18mf8nxa91.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475906603-2.jpg (63.1 KB, 600x600, csvpjz1024e91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475906603-3.png (3.26 MB, 1400x1875, dead-subreddit-gundam00uc-….png) ImgOps


File: 1674475955909-0.png (829.49 KB, 640x853, eikc916595e91.png) ImgOps

File: 1674475955909-1.png (4.38 MB, 2280x4818, Ek2kFss6pyrkYoPRSbIwOf6eNH….png) ImgOps

File: 1674475955909-2.jpg (66.92 KB, 720x903, ep611xmzml291.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475955909-3.jpg (120.15 KB, 1518x1001, EwGCp3PUUAAfGpZ.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674475992458-0.jpg (451.04 KB, 894x911, femdom-hentai-thats-not-sh….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674475992458-1.jpeg (262.04 KB, 821x1200, ffd30789d0011604db5d071c3….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674475992458-2.png (1.03 MB, 850x1203, fm4q-YtsNMOkpm4D9pmLmVHH_j….png) ImgOps

File: 1674475992458-3.jpg (207.79 KB, 1284x1884, FOc_e4cVQAQKjsh.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674476025664-0.jpg (89.68 KB, 1280x720, FXqQKXcVEAEULxx.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674476025664-1.jpg (58.93 KB, 640x853, g2rc9bq3niy71.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674476025664-2.jpg (72.44 KB, 600x600, g84vzz1024e91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674476025664-3.png (314.13 KB, 640x466, G-96J322H098cnu35NcdcY0m9f….png) ImgOps


File: 1674497223199-0.jpg (46.8 KB, 640x881, hie6jp7dmys81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497223199-1.png (333.39 KB, 640x451, hr2174gmgsb91.png) ImgOps

File: 1674497223199-2.png (553.8 KB, 640x480, hWdXxNyD1b4Cb52IC1Bz1Wwzyc….png) ImgOps

File: 1674497223199-3.jpg (59.51 KB, 1280x1064, icaq2lj6mdz81.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497257586-0.jpg (143.13 KB, 1200x900, krjxf4nlgrx81.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497257586-1.jpg (126.36 KB, 850x612, ky9omcfjgm981.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497257586-2.png (902.61 KB, 774x1432, l628qqqxVzPwS6mqXn1Ob1CYbP….png) ImgOps

File: 1674497257586-3.png (335.74 KB, 640x904, LkxQWlg.png) ImgOps


File: 1674497289269-0.jpg (222.28 KB, 850x2315, mu3funaas5c91(1).jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497289269-1.png (977.51 KB, 1200x816, n7tfarf51au51.png) ImgOps

File: 1674497289269-2.jpg (242.88 KB, 733x1000, n56D4Ir.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497289269-3.jpg (356.05 KB, 1020x765, NCFfB3M.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497325002-0.jpg (1.37 MB, 2011x1920, nibj3or5wgc91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497325002-1.png (1.55 MB, 850x1202, OJABPY1zyF30uJXXx7bGxOg_cx….png) ImgOps

File: 1674497325002-2.png (634.29 KB, 640x853, p1bajp2amdc91.png) ImgOps

File: 1674497325002-3.jpg (127.63 KB, 1071x1294, r1y8fu3q8df91.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497392943-0.jpg (1.86 MB, 7896x10601, tff.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497392943-1.jpg (184.7 KB, 850x976, RFS50tk.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497392943-2.png (779.9 KB, 640x853, s7hvab6amdc91.png) ImgOps

File: 1674497392943-3.png (293.86 KB, 640x616, tpk7nmz784e91.png) ImgOps


File: 1674497428730-0.png (582.3 KB, 640x640, utns7jk2dv891.png) ImgOps

File: 1674497428730-1.jpeg (796.05 KB, 2304x1433, vavz6az.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674497428730-2.jpg (82.65 KB, 564x1201, vofom2ii18991.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497428730-3.jpg (2.32 MB, 2419x1920, w790neheppa91.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497460826-0.jpg (475.43 KB, 2250x4000, Wallpaper-Guchico-Digital-….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497460826-1.png (129.24 KB, 1150x1050, wAupyt0.png) ImgOps

File: 1674497460826-2.png (825.29 KB, 640x907, WWluO90mf7WW4If6ZdjGXfQ0kE….png) ImgOps

File: 1674497460826-3.jpg (123.47 KB, 850x1133, Y8Gl35P.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497549524-0.jpg (6.52 MB, 1978x3574, yande.re 913694 asian_clot….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497549524-1.png (614.65 KB, 707x1000, zheng-artist-komi-shouko-K….png) ImgOps

File: 1674497549524-2.jpg (135.17 KB, 914x1000, 927_1000.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497549524-3.jpg (133.98 KB, 344x810, 1660098087594904.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497657562.jpg (103.66 KB, 717x751, 2021.jpg) ImgOps

I look like this and do this.


File: 1674497667756-0.jpg (505.68 KB, 1000x1503, 6_1000.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497667756-1.jpg (910.18 KB, 1403x1000, 1660797087203851.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497667756-2.png (1.43 MB, 864x865, 1660970313112837.png) ImgOps

File: 1674497667756-3.jpg (149.57 KB, 1800x1287, 1660922493683-1.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497731825-0.jpg (658.81 KB, 1280x1817, 1661686475727784.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497731825-1.jpg (61.78 KB, 474x669, th(1).jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497731825-2.png (1.68 MB, 1056x1519, Screenshot_۲۰۲۲۰۸۳۰-۱۳۴۶۴۰….png) ImgOps

File: 1674497731825-3.jpg (104.52 KB, 1012x1432, 1660922493683-2.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497774967-0.jpg (938.1 KB, 924x1282, Rider.(Medb).full.2245632.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497774967-1.jpg (260.28 KB, 1061x1500, FA1.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497774967-2.jpg (165.26 KB, 1752x2150, A76.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497774967-3.png (1.11 MB, 995x966, FCC.png) ImgOps


File: 1674497817499-0.jpg (219.6 KB, 850x1082, 01f12fa9f65245e10c653a4360….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497817499-1.jpg (940.1 KB, 4096x3596, 72da37f1f1af45dd70d9ddf638….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497817499-2.jpg (187.31 KB, 850x1243, sample_a569369af950d486884….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497817499-3.jpg (790.55 KB, 1080x1519, __nico_robin_one_piece_dra….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497854826-0.jpg (269.63 KB, 850x1189, __original_drawn_by_hoshii….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497854826-1.jpeg (269.81 KB, 1266x1770, 0.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674497854826-2.jpeg (2.44 MB, 2343x2885, 1e5c50c983fe42b4298a0ca7b….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674497854826-3.jpg (287.24 KB, 1280x1786, 015.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497892557-0.jpg (898.24 KB, 1242x1664, 23cc3731679800e6f5bdbada52….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497892557-1.png (495.26 KB, 737x1100, 45hdod.png) ImgOps

File: 1674497892557-2.png (674.05 KB, 794x1282, 55e58ef89de821af086af701a1….png) ImgOps

File: 1674497892557-3.jpeg (315.42 KB, 566x800, 705a9bcbc0bdb74dc31a8d55a….jpeg) ImgOps


File: 1674497931509-0.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3035x2150, 2022-05-19-1078957.jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674497931510-1.jpg (5.01 MB, 2894x4093, 4698fafac68360bfc8a0758cf5….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497931510-2.jpeg (501.46 KB, 756x1051, 5048d62a1dda159678e8bf24a….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674497931510-3.png (718.79 KB, 800x600, 6798503-CFNM_(04).png) ImgOps


File: 1674497961879-0.jpg (197.13 KB, 900x1061, 1470100440724.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497961879-1.jpg (255.48 KB, 1261x1000, 1474402018643.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497961879-2.jpg (405.79 KB, 800x568, 1525667207624.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497961879-3.jpg (697.95 KB, 1000x1000, 1529829631919.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674497998536-0.jpg (2.02 MB, 1859x2000, 1541976239674.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497998536-1.jpg (492.21 KB, 496x701, 1600736539909.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497998536-2.jpg (272.43 KB, 1311x1831, 1620110740288.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674497998536-3.jpg (274.96 KB, 1583x2048, 1622379601712.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674562685570-0.png (1.83 MB, 700x5345, 1627323393392.png) ImgOps

File: 1674562685570-1.png (351.63 KB, 638x913, 1630119144445.png) ImgOps

File: 1674562685570-2.jpg (1.16 MB, 1439x1499, 1630891081484.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562685570-3.jpg (1.02 MB, 1184x1357, 1631995808485.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674562733990-0.jpg (269.83 KB, 1181x942, 1640468635340.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562733990-1.jpg (1.23 MB, 2890x2284, 1642522771571.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562733990-2.jpg (485.7 KB, 850x1232, 1644551773190.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562733990-3.jpg (3.02 MB, 2334x2500, 1644899774002.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674562777780-0.jpg (52.73 KB, 680x465, 1649266917607.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562777780-1.jpg (720.27 KB, 4096x2521, 1651451772376.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562777780-2.jpg (526.08 KB, 1365x2048, 1655103943000.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562777780-3.jpg (548.84 KB, 2976x4175, 1655220204274.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674562824309-0.png (1.39 MB, 1298x2048, 1655756035652.png) ImgOps

File: 1674562824309-1.png (1.11 MB, 1200x1200, 1658001125403.png) ImgOps

File: 1674562824309-2.jpg (1.79 MB, 1949x1344, 1660515267620.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562824309-3.jpg (92.55 KB, 379x835, 1660722562432.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674562866294-0.png (1.46 MB, 1377x1269, 1660741146134.png) ImgOps

File: 1674562866294-1.png (1.37 MB, 892x1200, 1660902184854.png) ImgOps

File: 1674562866294-2.png (355.79 KB, 854x1280, 1661175936842.png) ImgOps

File: 1674562866294-3.jpg (780.44 KB, 2894x4093, 1661175990817.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674562912262-0.png (451.91 KB, 794x622, 1661342754031.png) ImgOps

File: 1674562912262-1.png (363.58 KB, 1135x1600, 1661582856333.png) ImgOps

File: 1674562912262-2.jpg (2.66 MB, 2388x1668, 1661589171361.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562912262-3.png (1.04 MB, 1165x715, 1661930498571.png) ImgOps


File: 1674562954847-0.jpg (1.21 MB, 2717x1917, 1661811257469.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562954847-1.jpg (227.53 KB, 850x1175, 1662037126839.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674562954847-2.png (148.69 KB, 720x720, 1662115056190.png) ImgOps

File: 1674562954847-3.png (94.9 KB, 531x700, 1662056751501.png) ImgOps


File: 1674563020036-0.jpg (222.89 KB, 1280x1119, 1662147908100.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674563020036-1.jpg (179.22 KB, 900x1200, 1660751756978113.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674563020036-2.jpg (627.58 KB, 800x1200, 1662151756919346.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674563020036-3.png (805.74 KB, 1050x997, 1662279818462364.png) ImgOps


File: 1674563101075-0.png (138.31 KB, 451x750, 1662270857241606.png) ImgOps

File: 1674563101075-1.png (662.57 KB, 900x1000, 1662281261335366.png) ImgOps

File: 1674563101075-2.jpg (854.11 KB, 952x1453, bad169d0a4e70cb903d09a5d56….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674563101075-3.png (702.46 KB, 1039x1386, bdsmlr-663607-7n1yQHQfZg-o….png) ImgOps


File: 1674563145449-0.gif (913.82 KB, 600x709, ezgif-4-1cee2643d9.gif) ImgOps

File: 1674563145449-1.jpeg (371.84 KB, 768x1024, fa358f2d0fd5c7158487854a2….jpeg) ImgOps

File: 1674563145449-2.jpg (240.69 KB, 1280x1969, Femdom - Finger Is enough!….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674648852197-0.jpg (248.49 KB, 1200x1500, media_EZR8cTpVcAEJsuX.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674648852197-1.jpg (3.23 MB, 3000x2000, Konachan.com - 319243 blue….jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674648852197-2.jpg (200.55 KB, 1286x1800, media_Fa2MIsEaUAAt8K-.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674648852197-3.jpg (454.83 KB, 2048x1954, media_FbcL7KZXoAIwzDH.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674648896062-0.jpg (363 KB, 2048x1628, media_FbhVE2oXoAAd4cV.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674648896062-1.jpg (908.6 KB, 2896x4096, media_FbQVLgIXwAIst78.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674648896062-2.jpg (340.01 KB, 2048x1578, media_FWgxoQLVUAA8dwX.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674648896062-3.jpeg (135.78 KB, 1000x1416, mephiscrypie-Samus-Aran-M….jpeg) ImgOps


File: 1674648955322-0.jpg (269.97 KB, 1020x1440, qe8p55cvl1i91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674648955322-1.jpg (7.31 MB, 4441x6213, se3eml.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674648955322-2.png (1.18 MB, 1356x1680, ThiccWithaQ-artist-Scathac….png) ImgOps

File: 1674648955322-3.jpg (94.96 KB, 540x807, torture-of-course-cj2c63xq….jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674649003443-0.png (7.47 MB, 4320x3805, Tracer.png) ImgOps

File: 1674649003443-1.jpg (95.57 KB, 640x905, w 640_3mz4c1vlpyf91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649003443-2.jpg (59.85 KB, 640x622, w 640_l21b9gsi15k91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649003443-3.jpg (166.66 KB, 640x1024, w 640_rvou63dsofl91.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674649088070-0.jpg (133.69 KB, 640x917, w 640_pr5d88a2ybl91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649088070-1.jpg (135.09 KB, 640x917, w 640_r2ckh8a2ybl91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649088070-2.jpg (144.76 KB, 1080x1507, w 1080_1bl595eclwh91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649088070-3.jpg (231.47 KB, 1080x1321, w 1080_2jp55w0oicj91.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674649132697-0.jpg (139.98 KB, 1080x1507, w 1080_a8e2kwsclwh91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649132697-1.jpg (274.27 KB, 1080x1526, w 1080_d89yk06f0dk91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649132697-2.jpg (134.14 KB, 1080x1507, w 1080_pdajav1dlwh91.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649132697-3.jpg (199.32 KB, 1080x1350, w 1080_sjw27labqni91.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674649216609-0.jpg (95.9 KB, 1080x844, y_1.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649216609-1.jpg (86 KB, 1080x844, y_2.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649216609-2.jpg (92.89 KB, 1080x844, y_3.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649216609-3.jpg (92.93 KB, 1080x844, y_4.jpg) ImgOps


File: 1674649232528-0.jpg (106.94 KB, 1080x844, y_5.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649232528-1.jpg (103.69 KB, 1080x844, y_6.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649232528-2.jpg (104.07 KB, 1080x844, y_7.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1674649232528-3.jpg (103.05 KB, 1080x844, y_8.jpg) ImgOps

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