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File: 1663429390180.png (1.14 MB, 775x849, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


Teens, lately I have been thinking on building a keyboard hardware trojan with the attiny85. I would need to properly develop such thing from the groundup but theoretically it could be pretty cool.
Got any other epic ideas for projects I can do with an attiny85? Also, electronics thread I guess.


what's an attiny85


>keyboard hardware trojan with the attiny85
that sounds like a cool project. keep us updated


I wanna make the lil nigga act as a hardware level middleman that records and lets traffic through from the pc to the key alrd and vice versa. Ecentually it takes over and stops forwarding inputs and begins a script to send all recorded input to a server in a bad usb fashion.


It's a micro controller you little chudcel.


what makes it better than my Arduino Uno which I bought 7 years ago and is now rusted and dusted to death though.


It's very small, very cheap and consumes very little power.


i already do that though.


Ummmm chudcel shut up I will do my hardware based, slow burn, intricate, middleman, keylogger trojan and you WILL NOT stop me ok?


i am not trying to stop you though. i just want to know what an attiny85 is since i am about every microproccessor. also won't you just need to connect it to an actual keyboard with the code and make the board try to connect to public wifi to then send the stored keystrokes over SSH or scp though. seems like a simple thing though.


I think you don't understand how bad usbs work.
I can make the attiny do actual keystrokes in the victim's machine.


i know that chud. i made a mouse jiggler once and already found out it's possible to just send keystrokes to a computer. it's pretty useless though unless you want to spam NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER when they are typing up a CV.


I can make it ssh to my server and unload the EEPROM's contents THOE (the victim's keystrokes)
Dumb little chudcel


i said ALL of this already though. stop repeating yourself schizo. meds.


Yea but theres no need for it to have any networking abilities by itself.
You hide it and soldee it inside the victim's keyboard when he aint looking.


>ssh into my server
>no networking abilities by itself
holy retard chud.


It just needs to open the victim's powershell (asuming he is using bimbows) to do this thoe.
Fucking retard nigger. Also the victim could not abort it unless he pulled the plug cause the keyblard would become unresponsive.


that would mean you expose yourself though, and the police come to your house and rape you and hang you because you licensed the code with OpenBSD license signed under your name.


Won't get me if I do it to some noobs pc and he isnt aware.


>betting all on black..... because i am cool like that
i will be waiting for the headline. white supremacist soyjak obessesed 13 year old gets 20 years in prison for hacking into plannedparenthood with a virus keyboard.


Not a virus as it doesn't spread thoe chuderino.
I can just use good ole bulletproof hosting. If they can host 'p they can host my epic command and control server.


>fingerprints on the board and keyboard


It's over


Ok what if basic bitch bad usb that downloads 'p in thr victim's machine HYPOTHETICALLY only.
How fucked would the victim be?


depends on the amount of time.
>1 hour
they put the person in cuffs, take all devices. they inspect every device, and find that the keyboard looks weird.
>24 hours
guy has been questioned and released, since their IT tech found that the 'p has been downloaded in bulk from an ftp server that the bad usb keyboard kept doing connections with.


unless the word spreads after, which means that their reputation is forever ruined even though they are innnocent.


Dont wanna sound like someone who defends 'p but it's fucked up how that happens.


either way, just have it run in stealth with internet connection so that it SSH the keystroke data from time to time while not being exposed. chinks and pajeets have been plaguing ebay with things like this for decades.


Now I'm scared of the sim reader I got off aliexpress.
Teens have I been pwned?


hello sim reader thread OP. if the seller was a bulk one with multiple tech products sold then it's probably safe. plus pajeets and chinks don't even do sim hacking, since most of them don't have credit cards.


Shit I broke opsec...


>teens keep laughing about trannies being doxxed all the time even though they can't do OPSEC themselves


Time to burn all my electronics and order new ones brb


>implying that policemen even know what the fuck an FTP server is and are not sub 80 IQ subhumans
you're so naive its unreal


anyways OP are you sure this all it takes to get access to the victim's machine? he plugs the keyboard into his PC and it's allowed to launch powershell commands? shouldnt OSs have some sort of protection against this?


chud, i am not saying officer David who barely passed physical will be able to find you in second due to his computer magic, it should be obvious that they are going to call some IT team that will look into it. the only IT thing cops do is plug in a mouse jiggler.
OP's thinking is this:
>sends super key output to open application launcher
>sends in "powershell" and "enter" output to open powershell with app launcher
>sends in command output so he can make a reverse shell, and send in the keystroke data to his VPS


>it should be obvious that they are going to call some IT team that will look into it
which is also going to be composed of sub 80 IQ subhumans since they wouldnt be working for the lolpolice otherwise
>sends super key output to open application launcher
>sends in "powershell" and "enter" output to open powershell with app launcher
>sends in command output so he can make a reverse shell, and send in the keystroke data to his VPS
oh fuck
this makes sense


even though the police IT is retarded, they are still book smart.


somehow i doubt that
unless maybe for very big cases, like attacks that affect banks or some shit like that, nobody competent is ever going to step in


they obviously have the money and the time though. the police need know if the 'p is from the computer or a virus, so they get someone smart enough to know though.


The micro controller shows up as a keyboard chuddie. It can and will do everything a keyboard can do.


i got a couple of attinys too, i wanted to play with em a little bit
im a noob when it comes to embedded stuff but i might try to build a guerrilla rubber ducky if it turns out to be feasible.


Isn't that just Metasploit in a USB?


File: 1663881679804.png (1.21 MB, 747x906, unknown-95.png) ImgOps

Attiny rubberduckies are better than actual rubberduckies cause you can actually have loops. So if you wanna have a condition loop of some kind u got that fam.
Rubberduckies are overpices pieces of shit.


>you can actually have loops
lol what
am i literally unable to code a rubberducky with a while or for loop or what


When you make a "rubberducky" with an attiny with an arduino bootloader inside you can have loops and conditions. Cause it's fucking arduino.


yea but you can program a rubberducky in the same way too, no?


No because it's owned by a nigger corpo that blocks it from being wholesomely open sores and having loops.


File: 1663957463330.png (1.51 MB, 3098x3617, 1662931006543.png) ImgOps

No, rubberduckies can only run a list of simple instructions. And it costs 40 fucking dolars. I keep telling you, it's a scam. If you dont wanna solder studf instead of an actual attiny85 get the DigiSpark attiny85 dev board, it can connect directly to USB and costs from 2 to 3 bucks.


File: 1663957564418.jpg (125.25 KB, 1500x1500, 61EFrvjxibL._SL1500_.jpg) ImgOps

It's this one. Small, cheap and convenient for electronics noobs.


Nevermind what I said applies only to oldschool rubberduckies new ones are actually good.
Thoughever they are even more expensive at 59.99


replace the nas coal on the bottom with a gigachad, and then we got a full gemerald.



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