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File: 1661572630597.jpg (70.26 KB, 1280x960, OpenBSD-Logo.jpg) ImgOps


>What is computing minimalism?

>Who hates software minimalism?

Glowniggers & Corporate Programmers (FAANG, Intel, AMD)

>Why is software minimalism good?

fewer bugs, better performance, lower memory footprint, better maintainability, longer software lifetime, smaller attack surface

>Website development

learnbchs.org, suckless.org/sucks/web

>Minimal OSes for PCs

openbsd.org, alpinelinux.org
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File: 1661572941928.gif (3.82 MB, 370x377, s.gif) ImgOps

>Cars are bloat
>Useful links


stay mad honey


File: 1661650142921.jpg (72.23 KB, 500x614, reddit moment.jpg) ImgOps




don't get tech advice from reddit chud

File: 1661308523004.png (28.46 KB, 600x800, 1600882165342.png) ImgOps


>plug in new mouse i got from ebay
>home screen shortcuts now have x's on them and the keyboard types on its own when i open a text box
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Gemmer mice have software which interacts with the PC for rgb


thank god i'm not gay.


Those grey X's have something to do with windows 10 cloud applications such as OneDrive not being synced. The keyboard thing sounds like when I split water on mine and shorted it.


Based bad usb keyboard


Should have used Linux.

File: 1661717540822.png (471.53 KB, 1920x1080, averagezoomerdesktop.png) ImgOps


Your average zoomer uses windows,thinks tor isn't a honeypot, does drugs and eats goyslop while shitting on the rest of the population so the elites can numb him down

yes my mom is schizo and yes i have talked to terry a davis when i was 15.

Bye bye soyjak.party
you will not be missed, you probably have a tranny admin anyways, just like 4chan
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trannyfox with some obscure window manager just gives you a unique browser fingerprint as a known schizo weirdo
op is just an insecure elitist faggot trying to shit on others
at this point of your schizo paranoia you should be using whonix/qubes if somehow you're still connected to the internet


whonix and qubes aren't enough, you need to run them in tails at the same time


retard ngmi (pronounce "nig-mee")


zogzilla firecuck


Actual noob.
I block ALL tracker

File: 1661942677453.png (101.01 KB, 1436x1408, 1661508744868-0.png) ImgOps


recommend some loonix books




File: 1661948125781-0.png (246.76 KB, 406x500, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

File: 1661948125781-1.png (2.42 MB, 1937x2560, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

use google or libgen,is you fucking imcompetent!


The experts that don't even know that Troonux is a kernel and not an operating system.
>Red Hat


You don't even need a book unless if you're using an insane distro like Jewbuntu
All you need for Arch and its derivatives is pacman -S/-R and yay -S/R


>pedo dust

File: 1661812171168.mp4 (715.35 KB, 498x442, q04gesd64ib81.mp4) ImgOps




File: 1661812794371.webm (2.95 MB, 1200x901, 1660371417676199.webm) ImgOps

wrong picture


most trannies use proprietary software though


File: 1661869039244.gif (2.53 MB, 480x480, jelly.gif) ImgOps

most people use proprietary software though


holy newteen fail


Are there any chipfabs that aren't pozzed or is that Spyro guy going to have to go through with his delusional plan to create a based chipfab?

File: 1661793633332.png (51 KB, 500x600, niggers.png) ImgOps


JUst why
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end your life


start your life


no one says this albeit




WΑŔNTNG! Ꮯarry οn readinǵ! Or you wiⅼⅼ Die, e|/en if yοц оnⅼy |оoкed aЪ Ънe uuоrd warninģ! οnce th€re wa§ a ⅼawnmο\\'er |\/|an <a|Ǐe|) Cοpson, нз was 7wenЪy-year5-οⅼ|> /\nd he ⅼived in a ?i/|\|_|зⅼaЪiοn, |>ec4зuse he |/|/as &xp&ri^^enЪe|) on. Ηe эoЪ sо pad sнe went Ъo k][ⅼⅼ °А°ⅼⅼ 7нe |зfopⅼe in his |_|зnivers3 sο +нe qovern|\/|ent decided Ънa'][' Ꮟe§7 idea was Ъο 9eЪ rid of нi|\/| sо Ъhey $et u|> a s][De[i@ⅼ roÔo|я€!m tο |<iⅼⅼ him, a$ |-|umane a5 |°os§ipⅼe p[_]Ъ iЪ wenЪ wrоnq tнe ^^acнi|Ꮩe Ънзy were u§inq wenЪ wrοnq. Аnd нd®ei saЪ t/-/ere in aqοny PΗоr нοur5 unЪ|ⅼ /-/e Die|>. Now every weeк οdrein Ъhe da_| Ôз|= нer de4зЪ]-[ #e reЪ[_]rns tо Ъ4e pe?§οn ЪнaЪ reads Ъ}{i? |_etЪer, оn a |ÎŤоnda`/ niģнt aЪ iз:ОÔa.m. Нe [reeps inЪo your rοоm and кiⅼⅼs y*u sⅼowⅼy, py c|_|ttinq yоu and waЪchinq yоц bⅼeed tο deaЪн. Nοw send ']['нis ЪǑз Ъen οther threa|>? оn Ъhis οne siЪe and |)o\|/nⅼoad this c*Ꮟsоn, and нe wiⅼⅼ haunt someοne eⅼ5e whο []|оe5/Ꮩ't. Ťhis isn't fake.

File: 1661552776500-0.jpg (2.27 KB, 125x120, wayland.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1661552776500-1.png (35.63 KB, 800x456, gtk4.png) ImgOps

File: 1661552776500-2.png (11.03 KB, 402x488, gnome.png) ImgOps


*Slowly kills Linux*
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shes right tho




File: 1661755219692.png (121.61 KB, 956x523, die nigger.png) ImgOps


File: 1661832404584.jpg (47.84 KB, 780x534, red hat.jpg) ImgOps

I wonder who could be behind the push for this.


same cobshitter go back to shitcord

File: 1661448744421.png (4.74 MB, 1920x1080, wincucks.PNG) ImgOps


kuz approved desktop thread
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>narcissus and echo wallpaper
im thinking based






File: 1661838055032.png (2.98 MB, 3440x1440, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps


File: 1661849023502-0.png (649.24 KB, 1024x768, the windows is better than….png) ImgOps

File: 1661849023502-1.png (648.34 KB, 778x720, wintoddlerfagshitpride_202….png) ImgOps


File: 1661371468781.png (153.42 KB, 500x426, t61.png) ImgOps


>upgradable RAM, CPU, HDD/SSD, screen, etc etc etc
>IPS option
>8GB of RAM with a custom BIOS
>can run midweight linux distros (like mint) just fine
>$50 on eBay

yeah i'm thinking based


Are they still on production?


>50$ on ebay
every thinkpad ive seen costs >100$ on ebay, even the original ibm ones. fucking scamming resellers


File: 1661429457414.png (705.88 KB, 720x1085, IMG_20220825_071029.png) ImgOps

see picrel


when i was looking at thinkpads, the only ones that were under 100 were broken ones.


how do you install a non pae OS? i want to install puppylinux on a T42 but it won't let me cause pae

File: 1661659561354.jpg (7.13 KB, 480x360, 68747470733a2f2f696d672e79….jpg) ImgOps


The PHP Group has no idea what they want PHP to look like, so keep reinventing it, meanwhile Vichan, and countless other projects suffer


I have maintained Vichan alone since 2017, which is a large, old PHP project.

As a collective, the Vichan community rejects in the strongest terms the PHP project's abandonment of the PHP 5 language specification. I likewise reject it. Their wonton disregard for the compatibility of projects written to this specification is destructive to our community and the community in general. Their Chinese water torture-esque method of specification development is in all regards an affront to good morals and decency; they know not what damage they have done.

But Fred, you say. Surely it is not a problem to change a language's specification when problems become known? Surely you will not defend the PHP 5 language specification?

It is a problem and I will defend it. When Python migrated to Python 3, they at least provided an automated upgrade tool (2to3), and committed to maintain Python 2 for years. Instead the PHP Group has scandalized the community with its ineptitude, constantly introducing breaking changes into the language spec. Why could the Python Software Foundation make all its breaking changes at one time, but the PHP Group has the audacity to foist new breaking changes on us yearly?

They have no idea what they want PHP to look like. ANSI C code compiles in a modern compiler, yet they can't manage to make code that's only ten years old continue to work. The same is true of C++.

The Vichan community has suffered these fools quietly for years but we want to make our suffering known: you, PHP Group, are a scourge. With every new change to the PHP specification you break another one of our bones.
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PHP group is not going to design their software towards incel gamergate website maintenance


File: 1661689932215.jpg (768.76 KB, 1086x974, 18607 - blood bloodshot_ey….jpg) ImgOps

>Their wonton disregard for the compatibility of projects
Stop using PHP, it was gay from the start.


He makes some good points, maybe he is right, any PHP-stans care to weight in?


Do you know what happened to Czaks?

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