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/fnac/ - Five Nights at Cobson's

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what's your favourite fnac easter egg? mine is the keylogger in the code that extracts your telegram information


is this real? what info does it extract?


my favorite easter egg is the secret poopson night that can be accessed by typing HWNBAG during the intro sequence


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it takes out login information apparently, froot deleted some threads about it


what the fuck froot
what now? is there any damage control I can do?


I don't know to be honest, I just deleted it and hope it was all, information is limited so far


File: 1698988223007.png (20.52 KB, 500x250, suicide.png)ImgOps

Datamined… AND the game wasn't even fun! What a fucking ripoff


The keylogger is there so you could activate cobson easter egg by typing "hwnbag" in your keyboard


File: 1698990558694.jpg (159.25 KB, 921x665, Untitled.jpg)ImgOps

How about stop being a lying nigger who can't even fake a screenshot


File: 1699002242162.png (138.84 KB, 845x850, sweed.png)ImgOps

well atleast i changed my password


We need snopes to give a fact check on this matter


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File: 1699006790654-1.png (157.75 KB, 1153x685, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

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File: 1699006790654-3.png (64.46 KB, 912x723, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

So the first thread was made for OP to scare teen off FNAC, then deleted it and blamed the jannies for removing it https://archive.soyjak.in/soy/thread/5187043#p5187043
Then the second thread was made to show how the "jannies" removed it, causing more uproar on the sharty. https://archive.soyjak.in/soy/thread/5187315#p5187315
A rightfully concerned Zaryan posted it here to make the others know in case that thread gets "removed by the jannies," which would only cause another delete.
If this was Froot's doing he would have already responded by now, but one of the original programmers did two times already,
It's also interesting that the demo was removed from the itch.io page 6 hours ago, but maybe just a coincidence, or they already stated that they'll remove it first to make a new update, or wait until the final version? (even though the final version will be in Steam) https://soyveloper.itch.io/fnac
I checked Assembly Explorer and you can't even use it to check Unity code itself AHHAHAHHAHA


Froot did reply in the 2nd thread, the TL:DR is that obviously all the screenshots are fake as fuck to scare gullible teens away from FNAC. The game does not have network access anyway.
If I had to guess I'd say this hoax is made by lutists who hate froot. Yet another proof that total jartycvck death can't happen soon enough


As for the download link being removed from itch.io, it's because froot wanted to replace it with the updated version that has a couple bugs fixed and some quality of life improvements. Howeverbeit he lost his remaining braincells from a goon sesh' that lasted a bit too long and left him unable to import the dev changes without breaking everything.
Doctos just stapled his skull back together, when froot wakes up he'll put the new build on itch.
The Steam release will be ready sqqn anyway but we still didn't want to leave bugs in the free demo


>If I had to guess I'd say this hoax is made by lutists who hate froot.
Now that I think of it there was a sperg who joined the dev team at some point and was being such an annoying troon that we kicked him out. Wouldn't surprise me if xe was behind the hoax since xe's mad af at us, I suspect xe posts on r/drama as well


Not so secret now are they?
And these don't require a keylogger, it's just input management, the same way you detect when the player presses WASD.
A keylogger like the r/drama tranny claims there is in the game would require network access to send the data back to us, and FNAC is a purely offline game.


I dont think i deleted threads about it. But anyways its all fake and retarded. Just open wireshark and run the game, it never pings a C&C server so it could never log shit.
And the game was taken down from itch to add the updated bug free version, but i broke it when "fixing it" so now its delayed.

Ill post the old build back if you guys really want me to.
also the game has no network access on the itch version and thats on purpose, i skipped adding all the rich presence and cloud saves until we're on steam.
And btw steam already approved the .exe so seethe and dilate in private sister


Will stability be improved?


Glad I don’t have telegram client on my PC


File: 1699023115472.jpg (2.59 KB, 93x125, 1694373146148.jpg)ImgOps

Spent a lot of time trying to solve the crash issue some 'teens are having, for now know all we know is that it's a Unity issue, FNAC isn't the only game where this happens. It's high on the dev priority list THOUGH.
Here are the possible causes:
>Your GPU's driver is not up to date
>Windows Defender or your antivirus is cockblocking UnityPlayer.dll
>You need to (re)install the latest Visual C++ Redistribuable
>You need to uninstall or reinstall Citrix workspace
>Your RAM's overclock is unstable
>It's a Directx11 issue
None of these are guaranteed to fix the crashes as it seems UnityPlayer.dll is the culprit here. There are still a couple leads we have yet to try but we can't reproduce the crash easily, in fact later builds seemed stable but we can only test them on so many different machines. We'll see if the issue persists with the Steam version.




>You need to uninstall or reinstall Citrix workspace


gemmy soyquote

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