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Santa can see when you dont watch your paint dry...

File: 1695755439344.jpg (93.08 KB, 1200x714, 1677964201051.jpg)ImgOps



Only the tripcodes below are real FNAC devs.
Soy sneed:
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New dev trips added:


File: 1701064158510.jpg (72.5 KB, 600x800, Bq2ngxpCIAALRXq.jpg)ImgOps


Hey in the event that Markiplier tries to sue/strike (or something along those lines) you (Froot/Soydev/whoever thoughbeit) for using his voice in the first night of the game, I can do a good 'plier impression just in case he does not want his voice being used in FNAC.
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Well Scott forcefully took down one FNAF fan game because it used an AI recreation of his voice for the phone guy, so that's why I got a bit worried regarding 'plier in this situation.


apparently ai voice stuff on youtube has gotten struck/copyright claimed so maybe look into op's offer
and check your emails FAGGOT


doesn't steam disallow from making profit off AI-created works THOUGH?


it was satire anyways, doubt anyones gonna take down anything. we dont use anyones works, literally 0% fnaf stuff because scott is a giant faggot (hes le tradcath albeit)

File: 1701172331536.png (613.94 KB, 1373x873, FNAC UCN roster v1.png)ImgOps


Made a character roster for FNAC:UCN based on a thread I saw about it. My main goal for this was to somewhat emulate the catalogue page. Any feedback is welcome.


File: 1701172442494.png (38.22 KB, 1373x873, image_2023-11-28_035342389.png)ImgOps

Here's the blank template if you want to change anything around.




new DLC just dropped


oy my gyatt froot and a developer responded

File: 1699403921975.png (1.14 MB, 1440x1080, whopooped.png)ImgOps


would the next soyveloper project be a caca version of who's your daddy?
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File: 1699850996416.jpg (1.39 KB, 88x81, babaoriginal.jpg)ImgOps

that'd be gemmy, please fund this idea frooty patooty


Get over it chud




op here, i have another idea, what about mario kart but with soyjaks?


holy shit literally don't listen to any of these retards, we should have an original game idea for once

File: 1701140453396.png (108.81 KB, 1316x469, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


btw fnac will be released as soon as steam allows me to (Currently it seems like itll be at best december 11th). Sorry chuddies but steam is rulecucked and loves tax info so it took a bit. Anyways the achievements work and you can show off to all your friends. Game comes with avatars to pick from too. and yes its "the full game". also the next update is already ready to release for christmas, so stay tuned because FNAC isnt dead.
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File: 1701179848853.jpg (18.83 KB, 268x275, Ragejak.jpg)ImgOps

>joked about the game taking ages to release because froot was aiming for a christmas release since he missed halloween

>it really will be a christmas release at this rate


can somechuddie post a still (or the gif) of the /calm/ easter egg without the soyjaks to imgtr.ee? i need it for art class


xe def wouldn't play it unless the troonjak and the chudjak were changed or removed albeit, maybe the mods could make a sfw version for xim?


*dev team not mods oh my science


There is now a streamer-friendly option in the main menu that changes the color of troonjak's clothes and censors nigga on squirreljak's stuff. It doesn't change chudjak's shirt doe since his swastika was already drawn failed

File: 1700718450781.gif (179.22 KB, 740x859, chudthinking.gif)ImgOps


what 'jaks do you guys think would be in a five nights at cobson's version of ultimate custom night? what mechanics do you think they would have?
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thoughjak and /calm/jak sound gemmy but need polishing
all gems
all gems


gemmy ideas


wholesomejak but hes like rockstar foxy, he kills you or pushes everyone else a space or two behind(?)


File: 1701198481370.gif (620.53 KB, 539x540, 33617 - SoyBooru(1).gif)ImgOps

A24 slowburn colorful dancing baby: if he gets in the office he will hypnotize you with his colorful dancing making you unable to check the cameras or close the doors unless you flash the flashlight at him


Dr sprokeberg: he will dispense meds to plierjak and take him out of the running for the evening, but to do this you have to toss him a sproke zero. Warning: you only have one sproke, and once you give him a sproke he will be coming around for more, angry that he can't have it. You can just treat him like a normal soyjak and close the doors, but you can take the risk and trade a more aggressive sprokeberg for no power outages.


New tranalog horror video i made about fnac bump it so it surpasses the other troon horror videos

File: 1701116462680.mp4 (91.04 MB, 1280x720, 1127.mp4)ImgOps


I'm making a slowburn bone chilling genre redefining tranalog horror on FNAC with many jumpscares I made a test of what would be the 1st episode give feedback so I can make it a gem
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change to font to something else. also try to make the slides more similar, looks a bit low quality. otherwise gem


Oh my fauci thats so scaryerino


File: 1701162013397.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 63.75 MB, 1280x720, 1128.mp4)ImgOps

made new version with vcr font


PinoyGOD here, good video so far
Was it inspired by my dox parody?


File: 1701169608273.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.09 KB, 225x367, 225px-Evilson.jpg)ImgOps

erm not really but your videos could be a nice template for muh tranalog series tough

File: 1693702593374.png (1.55 MB, 2930x2028, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

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when does soyjak.party get its own fnaf clone
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File: 1698526660389.mp4 (3.69 MB, 664x480, COAL ALERT!.mp4)ImgOps

>I love you so much let’s kiss and hug each other for hours on the sofa while the sun sets after a long day at work, with a muted tv coincidentally playing soft, fuzzy, non-intense prime-time romance movies. Let’s whisper in each others ears. Let’s get close to each other. It’s a coincidence that such movies are on at such a time, but it alludes to us (and to our love), chuddubs; for it alludes to the chances of us meeting and our love blossoming on this very board: to the circle of life being finally closed (this making our lives feel fulfilled).
>And when we grow old together… as we sit by each other’s side and drift verily into our next eternity together (forever linked by the holy board that binds us)…
>I’ll never forget those days. Those days where we sat in the fields not far from the gem mines, it was my lunch break; halfway through a long (and worthwhile!) day of excavating gemeralds and burning coal. You took a piece of coal from your dress pocket, and prompted me to look at it. It was such vantablack in comparison to the almost blinding rays of the sun that went through the cracks in the shadows we dwelled in to stay cool on these days. “What are you doing with NAS? You should be careful, dubby” I said. You giggled, and told me to close my eyes. Confused (and yet intrigued) I followed your instructions, and felt a small, dainty (yet cold and pale) hand lift my comparatively hard-worked and callused one up from its prior usage, supporting some of my weight (Just posture of sitting down).
>You scribbled a BBCobson on my hand, finally making coal IAS. “How cute and silly”, I thought. How full of great ideas you were. I kissed you on the cheek that afternoon.
>Memories like these… they don’t go away from me… they never will.
>It doesn’t matter where we reside now, or when we reside now.
>Suddenly, I’m awake again.
>You hold my hand at the side of my hospital bed.
>How you notice it. How you notice when fake natural light becomes real artificial light, in such a manner. “How ironic, I think”.
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put this in >>>/chive/ it's to gemmy to die alone




File: 1701045498686.gif (19.06 KB, 242x255, a24rapidpointinvert.gif)ImgOps




hi froot here (my tripcode is glitched)
i like bbc and getting raped


welp that settles it soysisters


File: 1701128075185.png (184.23 KB, 600x839, a24bigmouth.png)ImgOps




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