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FNAC HAS BEEN GREENLIT BY STEAM (please go to /fnac/ to give feedback on the page)

File: 1699150558165.png (78.41 KB, 571x452, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


FROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT why does the new demo version ask me to install spacewar on steam? Why should a non steam game use this shitty DRM bypass method?
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releasing the source code doesn't automatically turn every potential consoomer into a piratefag (for example, those piratefags would still have to compile the source code in order actually play the gayme). that being said, maybe make it so that people who paid for FNAC get access to the source code, but only after like 4 months so that most 'teens would have already bought it by then (and a pirated version would have likely been already released anyways by that point)


File: 1699153181678.jpg (64.68 KB, 680x382, no i dont think i will.jpg)ImgOps


New version works fine thanks froot


at best release the source code 4 months after the final version is made

someone WILL immediately purchase the full game if and when the game is finished/released on steam behind a paywall solely for the purpose of putting the files in a prebundled NOSTEAM crack and then posting that on /soy/


do this, release the source one day, maybe after a year

File: 1699191107372-0.png (133.88 KB, 398x174, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

File: 1699191107372-1.png (10.62 KB, 640x591, Waowjak.png)ImgOps


holy shit my heart always felt like it was about to blow up during the night! kino game, 10/10


File: 1699191657095.gif (219.53 KB, 680x566, 1698806633172.gif)ImgOps

There WILL be a Steam achievement for staying /CALM/

File: 1699152324570.gif (468.1 KB, 577x474, ack.gif)ImgOps


>when will the full game be released doe


As soon as Steam lets us, which should only take a few days now (froot knows better than the rest of us since he's the one handling that stuff). The Steam 'chievements are done aldoe they have not all been tested yet. In the meantime we're adding some small stuff and testing shit like stability and trying some Steam features. An updated demo will be uploaded on itch.io very soon

File: 1698719790457.jpg (31.72 KB, 575x350, soyjank.jpg)ImgOps




turn your lights off


turn your lights off and when he's right outside your office, hold completely still when you hear that intense buzzing noise, and he'll go away

File: 1699035262844.png (626.35 KB, 670x656, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


>the first version of the fnac demo is lost media


but i have it downloaded


hecking upload the rar to the internet archive to hecking saverinoo it



Why is it not on itch anymore?

I saved the .rar to my Mega account BTW but I'm not giving the link cause I'm afraid somebody will 'ox me.


the events that occured that day go like this
I delete the itch .exe so I can upload the updated version
The updated version is fucking broken
I take the .exe down again
I forgot to reupload the old one
Now im posting the updated "fixed "one

File: 1698726410213.jpg (82.93 KB, 602x666, 1687651642850.jpg)ImgOps


Spend more time polishing and de-bloating the game.


What "de bloating", this isnt /g/ you gnutroon


File: 1698755543871.png (15.15 KB, 90x107, 1690784867617.png)ImgOps

i guess xe wants us to compress textures or something


>500mb is LE UNOPTIMISED even doe it’s a 3D game

File: 1699053165722.png (141.95 KB, 1500x1500, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


are the devs using the extra time they have until release since steam are being selfish little fucks to add more features to the game (patches and easter eggs)
no arrow because a nigger stole it


I got your arrow back


In what world will steam allow the sonnenrads, poorly drawn swastikas and tranny -ACKing xirself? The final version might become censored sulphur.


yes, the demo was a good way to get some playtesting en-masse.
Theres already 3 new easter eggs, and most of them have never been discovered yet. Almost all the bugs are fixed and of course, the next nights are coming with Steam release.


dont worry faggot i know how to swindle steam poopjeets

File: 1698975487275.png (218.56 KB, 300x286, 300px-Poopson_grimey_crime….png)ImgOps


if someone mods this game they should make a poopson night where even looking at him on the cameras either kills you or drains your power super quickly


poopson should be a rare easter egg


File: 1699042678340.jpg (3.28 KB, 87x119, Poopson.jpg)ImgOps

poopson could spawn on the custom night if every 'jak is set to max difficulty as an extra challenge


stop forcing your shitty variant


meds its not even my variant

File: 1698804516173.png (115.45 KB, 698x723, jaks.png)ImgOps


what do they even mean im retarded


Its the origin story of each 'jak. Squirreljak got picked up by Soyberg. Chudjak shot up a synagogue.

File: 1698997790469.jpeg (63.72 KB, 900x900, IMG_7958.jpeg)ImgOps


We need to get him making fnac video




Far-fetched, B it ‘plier playing a game with ‘plier in it would be legendary

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