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Five Nights at Cobson's


Five Nights at Cobson's is an absolutely spine chilling genre defining bone tingling aryan slow burn terrifying jumpscare 'jak driven atmosphere oozing a24 released trope subverting dark and eerie gut wrenching aesthetically heavy craft gradual escalation soul shaking dread inducing post horror suspenseful build up a “say more with less” approach blood curdling kino keyed nerve wracking nail biting jaw clenching free of cheap gore kuz, soot, doll and froot approved snopes verified reuters verified ‘zelling free coal killing cobson loving fauci approved pro science truth uncovering jannie decimating glowie zapping vtuber chudding schizophrenic 4cuck killing shitter crashing discoal erasing ‘coinslot closing NAS free anti meds soylent free wholesome pupperino west rising heavenly holy sharty saving IAS gemerald horror game.

Become Dr. Soyer, a recently hired night guard and uncover the institution's dark secrets, managing your friendly patients in the meanwhile. What could go wrong?

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