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marge is this real?
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nobody can prove its a real dox nor can we reliably prove its a faildox
even if his head isnt on a pike just yet, he left twitter and thats a partial sharty win




'kijannies are still being tranny-hugging faggots. It still says Cecelia Scott on the cached robots.txt when you Google xer page, but it got reverted on the actual page sometime between then and now.


Who or What is a cecefem. Please give me context


ngl I'm retarded and based my opinion on only the 9 year old email fact. Had no clue who shadowyvixen was. The Twitter reset changed my opinion


Blacked trannycoaler literal commiepedotroon hapa subhuman from 4380 Tull Rd, Apt 212, Bellingham, WA 98226-9108


File: 1699541009727.png (114.82 KB, 720x622, Screenshot_20231109-094034.png)ImgOps

Mum's Yahoo email is linked to a GitHub page, which kind of lines up with the graphic design thing.
Didn't get anything useful from the other email other than the data breaches, which we already know.



commiepedotroon who made $100k doxxing and blackmailing underagies into transitioning
he recently quit his persona after a verifiably false backpedalerald from him and his 'cord
and now he got "doxxed" but theres not much proof to it and all the "sources" listed are archive links to random images and our site


>commiepedotroon who made $100k doxxing and blackmailing underagies into transitioning
Then i has nothing to do with us so why should we even care


Read the Kiwi Farms thread, newGOD.


Anyone has access to some good mexican hitmen operating in the united states of america?


Best part of these threads is all the trannie cord damage control, cope and derail attempts


this, its interesting seeing all those concerned chuds all prop up from nowhere 12 hours in this thread after some well dished out troonhunt


File: 1699541513530.jpeg (107.27 KB, 750x1071, Cecefem_soylita.jpeg)ImgOps

>Then i has nothing to do with us so why should we even care
Xhe spammed a bunch of 'p on here a few months ago and posted this on Xitter. This has everything to do with us.


You will always have black skin mutt kike




It's not giving attention when we are actively ruining xer life for being a disgusting dubhuman degenerate tranny, just like goonclown xhe will fear for xer life


if this dox wasnt real id imagine cece would at least post a hint of his real location, even if he delisted his emails theres no way CECEFEM AT MAIL DOT COM doesnt belong to CECEFEM and his real last name isnt "Scott"


File: 1699542113052.png (46.99 KB, 1311x144, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

>trannycoaler subhuman coping and trying to discourage action


File: 1699542219863.gif (996.26 KB, 512x682, IMG_4566.gif)ImgOps

thought this dox was fake until the other people saying it's fake started acting retarded itt




we fucking got him 11 days ago but we didnt bother to look for the addresses
maybe cece thought we would and quit beforehand?


apinya is ceces friend apparently and they played league of legends together, if this "shadowyvixen" is cecefems account he made with his moms details, its a trvthnvkedox that proved no one is undoxxable, but if its just a random middle aged woman, its a faildoxstone and cece got away



go back to leftypol






File: 1699545118674.png (91.92 KB, 3000x5455, IMG_4617.png)ImgOps





gonna need proofs for that one sis


niggerlover 'cord woke up


jesus christ cecetrannies completely derailed this thread, what the fuck are you retards doing?



>cant prove its real
>cant prove its fake
its over


Only proof that it's fake is the email
We knew about the moms username


they are LARPing as "centrist" shartyteens


go back to leftypol


just like theism


File: 1699548895838.gif (71.28 KB, 384x400, 1690964375085.gif)ImgOps

>just like theism


keep this up for the bellinghamer mutts to see and check that address in person


Are we gonna update the 'ki page for Cacafem?


File: 1699550499512.jpg (181.91 KB, 945x1058, nogson.jpg)ImgOps

ayo root i doubted you but you's a real nigga on gang


File: 1699550641658.mp4 (231.74 KB, 568x320, speed-1.mp4)ImgOps



File: 1699550738399.gif (666.87 KB, 871x517, 1675041746161203.gif)ImgOps




report her to the irs




OP has requested in /q/ that I move this thread to /raid/ so he can obliterate the derailing trannies, of whom I just mass-sweeped a couple. I must remind you offsite faggots that your parents will refer to you as your birth name after you ACK yourself.


Moved to >>>/raid/56077.

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