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good morning /soy/.

i personally think i have the gemmiest idea that can bring the sharty together. and that is know as:
==BOARD CLASH: SHARTY EDITON== (i couldn’t think of a better name)

And i need (you)re help.
first we need someone to design the kits, i have no design idea but i hope (you) will. we will be using PES 2021 as it is the newest PES available. here is the website where you will be designing the kits https://www.pesmaster.com/kit-creator/

We will also need badges for the boards teams, such as the /q/ board, the /tct/ board and anyother board apart from these 2 crests i found/made

we will also need managers, with a rough idea of football tactics.

How it will work:
Each side will have bench (substitutes) players as 69
OVR rating.
the starting 11 will have one 90+ ovr player. the rest will be 77 OVR, with 77 on each stat.

If you need help with other things go to implyingrigged.info, this is where this idea came from.

there will also have to be a gamemaster. this person will be running the PES 2021 game, and will be making the changes for both managers. via email or DA COORD.
gamemasters can only sub in between breaks in play, for example if someone gets injured.

try not to make the kit the same colour or similar.



also op here, i forgot to add, if you want 3d models from 2D pictures use 3d.csm.ai
also i cant be the game master so someone else will have to




On my way to make some badges


File: 1699092903062.gif (3.56 MB, 1000x1400, mymy_unbothered.gif)ImgOps

Gemmy, /zellig/ would like to apply




File: 1699093796466.jpg (86.08 KB, 750x1000, 63734d4c5ea835c2895fe733c5….jpg)ImgOps

Badge for /nate( the old one)


>to coaly
esl fail


File: 1699094160509.png (23.75 KB, 258x314, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

/r/ won


File: 1699094206404.png (22.2 KB, 258x314, Untitled.png)ImgOps

marge why is like that


File: 1699094734950.png (849.11 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps

lfehilfaefae faefaef


File: 1699094998557.jpg (65.97 KB, 800x800, FC_Internazionale_Milano_2….jpg)ImgOps



File: 1699095591771.png (586.81 KB, 1155x1587, zellig_logo.png)ImgOps



if you added more references to ongezellig to the netherlands badge it would be gemmier


Der cord thread




get froot to stream the cup


File: 1699097664870.jpg (109.7 KB, 947x918, 7fab1de1-329c-4429-af9d-64….jpg)ImgOps



File: 1699097844665.mp4 (1.33 MB, 450x360, Los_negros_son_negros.mp4)ImgOps


froot has said he likes laliga in the past (a football league) so he could


File: 1699098015015.gif (902 KB, 480x480, 5F899416-F76E-4546-B799-C7….gif)ImgOps

badges are good and all teens, but we do need some KITS, SO GET TO WORK on THAT


File: 1699098415580.png (335.07 KB, 1200x1233, al.png)ImgOps



File: 1699099671387.png (187.43 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps

/zellig/ kit


File: 1699100351944.png (589.72 KB, 1155x1587, zellig_logo.png)ImgOps

better logo


File: 1699100552276.jpg (62.91 KB, 960x1024, aSlWzaFa_ZM.jpg)ImgOps



kill yourself polish subhuman


Negated = polish win


File: 1699100787155.png (21.96 KB, 245x206, descărcare (12).png)ImgOps



thats not even a polish flag you polemutt tranny, go back to wykop


That's bohemia


File: 1699100905503.png (170.76 KB, 803x979, polish nuts.png)ImgOps

o ty kurwo o ty zjebie jebany


Opinions on beavers?


File: 1699101051848.png (704.67 KB, 1920x2576, 1698636755161.png)ImgOps

>you fail at recognising coat of arms you bufoon.


Kys venezuelan


File: 1699101954399.png (28.27 KB, 862x706, raid.png)ImgOps



File: 1699102214202-0.png (133.34 KB, 800x800, ef badge.png)ImgOps

File: 1699102214202-1.png (190.69 KB, 2048x2048, ef texture.png)ImgOps


File: 1699102344707.png (64.2 KB, 357x563, IMG_4045.png)ImgOps

Powieś się na linie skurwysynu ty traniaku z Warszawki Lubelskie cię dorwie kurwo jebana


To, tak bardzo to


isnt pes paid doe?


we'll use fitgirl repack version


and you can play multiplayer with it?


The gameplay will be in PES coach mode where AI controls two teams. However, there is a manager for each team where they can input tactics and give commands by sending messages to the gamemaster/streamer. Read more here: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/FAQ


im not a nazi but thisshit is gemmy


gem but try to make it transparent


File: 1699106826469.png (253.76 KB, 970x1080, some.png)ImgOps

bloxGODS get in here


File: 1699107044632.png (160.48 KB, 803x979, pollack.png)ImgOps

lublinDEITY i kneel…….


I love cooper as the font, as SOOON we find the gamemaster HE WILL ADD iT




File: 1699111753404.png (22.87 KB, 1036x1036, 1698753042031.png)ImgOps



>muh 13 year olds
I'm not saying I enjoy looking at it but you sound like a massive redditor. Shut the fuck up


Black lives matter


File: 1699112234491.png (638.21 KB, 554x772, 1691935788088.png)ImgOps

>>>muh 13 year olds
>>I'm not saying I enjoy looking at it but you sou-AAAAAAAAACCCCKKKKKKKKKK




seal of approval so people dont forget about this after a day or however my word matters


Be a streamer for this cup, froot


>no /sci/ or /sneed/
already coal


hey guys this is completely unrelated but my ip adress is not able to upload files. can the jannies solve this thank you


who are you


File: 1699116322682.png (31.43 KB, 552x452, 1699101954399__1_-removebg….png)ImgOps


File: 1699116842655.png (241.95 KB, 500x500, 9198493_1-removebg-preview.png)ImgOps



File: 1699116993323.png (258.25 KB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps



File: 1699117372977.png (356.62 KB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps



File: 1699118170888.png (198.05 KB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

New kit with updated logo



remember: use 3d.csm.ai to generate photos into 3d


also i see the zarty has posted underneath this thread, hello to you guys and theres no rush to find a manager




somebody do /sci/, /x/, /pol/, /mtv/, /incel/, /art/, /bait/, /tct/, and /r/


ill do it after i eat then




ive got to work on it



>soyspeak is da ‘cord but also we need to use soyspeak because it’s le dying
(You) are the problem



Someone should write a 'ki for this


i am a wikigemmer, so ill make a thread on this but we haven’t found a gamemaster


>newbvlls… le bad!
4chuds called, they want you back


File: 1699130103676.gif (1.38 MB, 438x279, 1677961105224.gif)ImgOps

>2022fags le BAD
fuck you, dont diss me like that


File: 1699130197371.png (172.32 KB, 1200x1200, Manchester_City_FC_badge.s….png)ImgOps



File: 1699130254525.png (586.81 KB, 1155x1587, 1699096004869.png)ImgOps





File: 1699130530054.jpeg (434.3 KB, 1365x1024, CA9BC807-E004-4A85-8D52-9….jpeg)ImgOps

i feel like the old manchester city badge could fit incel more doe


nate shirt


'Farms logo would be more fitting but whatever else


File: 1699135439461.png (47.14 KB, 260x386, Bradford_City_AFC.png)ImgOps

Here comes a banger


The ruleset is pretty bad. I'm suggesting using the official 4cc ruleset here


lol i actually support bradford fc irl
whatever it says there but we WILL keep the game master idea as it will save me from the hatemail/screeching


File: 1699136241182.png (40.43 KB, 195x255, Muttish.png)ImgOps

>lol i actually support bradford fc irl




dont ever soyquote me again you mutt


who said i hated 4chan? also did 4chan as a site make it or did the community did? nice try sagetroon. too bad i bit this shitty ass bait




geg so now frogclittys have to put words into peoples mouth? nigga when did i say i made it? or how i hated the cuck


frogclitty is dilating it seems


dubs of truth




this is now a froot official project, ill be running PES.


stickied so its happening


Damn nigga, that's nuts




froot why did you remove >>>/nite/


Now Froot has agreed to become the gamemaster. We need the roster from each team now


Froot why did you delete me calling you a dork


upnuking this flartbomb


>dont ever soyquote me again you mutt
If froot deletes this again he admits to going built for Big soccer cleats


because i meant to type "this is now" instead of "this is not", if i had said "this is not a froot project" that would be a giant faggot thing to do therefore dork, but it was a typo therefore aryan


We should fix the /qa/ badge




>wait is it live?

[insert mutt]


I was going to soyquote you either way albeit


we WILL be needing managers to somehow communicate with froot for substitutions. the zarty is currently deciding. we also need some badges and kits for the remaining boards except from /art/ as it is a trial board


Recounting how many teams are prepared
Logo is done:
1. /blox/
2. /qa/
3. /nate/
4. /int/
5. /an/
6. /a/
7. /q/
8. /raid/
9. /incel/
10. /bait/

Logo and kits done:
1. /r/
2. /zellig/
3. /ef/
4. /sneed/
5. /soy/


File: 1699138039456.png (259.01 KB, 1001x798, 12545125153.png)ImgOps

I can host a matrix chat exclusive for managers. I dont know how managers will be picked, but if you can propose a solution ill take it into consideration.
Remember i can see a unique user hash besides your posts, so no need to clarify " Im x poster"


File: 1699138101189.jpg (3.31 KB, 148x179, 1687540683150.jpg)ImgOps



managers are voluntary but if a team has no manager, they will be put on autopilot


File: 1699138208774.jpg (2.9 KB, 153x174, cacabadge.jpg)ImgOps

dada aproovef1


File: 1699138215401.png (14.72 KB, 680x768, 1691064275352.png)ImgOps



i have a wikipage with ways to contact me there, users will have to have a rough idea of football tactics,


ill allow the nameniggering because its needed, but next time just shoot me an email .


/plier/ needs to join


i'll voleunter
[email protected]


oh yeah shit, if no one does it


neat, I was the one who added the "←- ANSWER THIS NOW NOW NOW" part btw


suggestions? I was thinking doll


yeah i tried to avoid that too, >>29338
ive seen that video the cord server forced you to make, you have a nice voice


oh wait when will this be taking place


that's what I was thinking too


I nominate doll and streamteen


/qa/ won, cob is the eternal gem


gem but i fucking find the idea hilarious if we get this fat fuck to commentate
As soon as weve done all the badges, got the commentators, and i become a fully fleged trans womam


File: 1699138581358.gif (318.24 KB, 255x255, 1697319372550.gif)ImgOps

KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK they doxxed a dead founding father
also if i had a better mic it would be better


next week probably on friday?


and whilst making the rosters dont forget to add your substitutes to the rosters aswell. if you run out of people to use just use nojak


hopefully this doesnt take place during skool hours


youre not getting all the sets and whatever by friday even with the fnac team onboard


File: 1699138916023.gif (41.46 KB, 808x852, 1698977006706.gif)ImgOps

hey froot can you take a quick look in the database and tell us what's the 6 millionth post? pretty please



tsmt. I expect December to be as soon as possible considering we need stadiums and balls model too


i am in school too teen, and everyone is online on a friday night


File: 1699139053064.jpg (2.88 KB, 93x125, babymarge.jpg)ImgOps

Nice. btw i forgot to ask how is this whole board thing clash going to work? i havent found anything explaining da rools


File: 1699139105920.gif (41.46 KB, 808x852, 1698977006706.gif)ImgOps

hey froot can you take a quick look in the database and tell us what's the 6 millionth post? pretty please


you obsessed pole nigger go back to writing 'cheevos and cleaning up


we can, its very easy. read here 'teen

it just requires mods




also we dont really need stadiums, its a board clash, maybe next board clash (if we will have one) we'll add 'em.


cecefem would be a gem
let's pool in and rent her out


gem 2


File: 1699139581142.png (814.93 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps

/a/ say hello to your kit


File: 1699139854070.png (372.03 KB, 2048x2048, kit (1).png)ImgOps

/blox/ say hello to your kits


doe you felt the need to reply to this



File: 1699140250214.jpeg (44.93 KB, 700x552, IMG_0032.jpeg)ImgOps

>this shit




Who should voice doe?


marioman has asked to do it, and froot is asking doll if hes up for it


If you call Mario Man to voice, who is a cord troon, should I also talk to CCfem?


meds im not even close to a troon. i asked about testosterone pills not to long ago


This, do a voicing competition just like last time the admins sponsored a sharty project that needed voice lines(before FNAF). We shouldn’t give someone the role just because they’re so starved for attention they need a tripcode to post here


Team Roster
Main XI:
CF Cobson (C) (G)
SS Plier (G)
SS Feraljak (S)
CMF Gapejak (S)
CMF Soyjak
DMF Impish Soyjak Ears
RB Squirreljaks
CB Bernd
CB A24 Soyjak
LB Babyjak
GK Nojak
SS Chudjak
DMF Rapeson
DMF El Perro Rabioso
DMF Wholesomejak
RB Kuzjak
RB Flartson
LB Fisheyejak
LB Selfish Little Fuck
CB Troonjak
CB Tony Soprano
CB Thoughjak
GK Smugjak

Anyone can suggest a better roster if there are some player you don't like or wants to change their position


true, i think we could atleast get one person in a week’s time


File: 1699140826827.png (17.69 KB, 721x789, 1695417248342.png)ImgOps


*before FNAC
And when I mean competition, we each give an audition
Here could be an example
>Cobson will always be a gem
In your best announcer voice
And if you win you can give your email to the jannies for further communication or something


i think you got it right, cobson will be captain and will have the number 9 role


Ok, here are some contenders for the voice acting:
>Some of the teens that sung soy music
>Max(if I can reach him)
>Soot(I'll try)


remove soprano and add doll


for the /q/ board have every person be a selfish little fuck soyjak


for the /q/ board have every person be a selfish little fuck soyjak


‘Ported for being an avatarfagging attentionwhore


File: 1699141325787.png (21.49 KB, 650x772, 1699051274535.png)ImgOps

We need 0hio badge or something like that


‘Ported for being an avatarfagging attentionwhore


marge I just made it as a meme


what does max even sound like? does he have a stereotypical jewish accent and go "OY VEY GOY! I DROPPED MY SHEKELS!" every few seconds?


You self insert as it on /qa/ all the time


This is the worst idea ever and is what will kill the sharty, im warning you dont do this, this isnt soyjakking



File: 1699141847275.gif (3.64 MB, 600x551, 1660264349778.gif)ImgOps

Nobody cares about your shitty doodle nigga


File: 1699141982234.gif (663.94 KB, 600x600, smokingregaleagle.gif)ImgOps

says the 4cucked frogcuck(USER WAS BANNED FOR AVATARFAGGING)


peer-reviewed evidence when?




Right above you


File: 1699142353377.png (137.79 KB, 720x720, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


Late 2022 Jem


Kill yourself obsessed faggot


>no actual /qa/ players
yeah kill yourself troon


Stop making all the rosters and let the boards make them individually you nigger


The fuck is this morrocan coal kys


happy halloween
do this


What's the /qa/ badge? I'm going to make a thread for our roster


Ban all the nafri shit


Xhe thinks xhe owns the board but is too scared to talk to me


It's on the OP


File: 1699144194235-0.png (5.82 MB, 2048x2048, caca kit.png)ImgOps

File: 1699144194235-1.png (169.67 KB, 392x361, caca coat of arms.png)ImgOps



extremely gemmy coat of arms



File: 1699145415340.png (31.88 KB, 378x378, ClassicAnnoyance.png)ImgOps

>>>5214476 (You)


That’s the flag of Bohemia albeit, Poland uses a similar flag but uses an eagle howeverbeit


File: 1699148702687.png (334.37 KB, 970x1080, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

Gone…but not forgotten… nor forgiven…


Holy gem


i know they're not a board but can i make a kolyma network team for funsies


File: 1699151486531.png (628.82 KB, 1421x1431, 1680104828566-1.png)ImgOps

>me so horny for furry


sameGod plus expected effortdust from cacatroons


guuuuyssss I made a thread on /incel/ about this if anyone was wondering


File: 1699151767468.jpg (115.37 KB, 1103x2000, FunPic_20231030_131028499-….jpg)ImgOps


File: 1699152680306.png (339.37 KB, 1520x2437, kuz fc.png)ImgOps


the text above kuz means aids


File: 1699152786275.png (523.85 KB, 800x880, totalbabavictory2.png)ImgOps




Marge what the fuck is going on?


File: 1699154024641.png (346.35 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps


File: 1699154571512-0.png (235.76 KB, 1060x1223, cado emblem.png)ImgOps

File: 1699154571512-1.png (209.59 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps



football gaem


File: 1699154741426.png (51.6 KB, 1024x766, Bait Fc.png)ImgOps

Here is my design for /bait/


File: 1699154806442.png (52.23 KB, 847x721, Bait Fc.png)ImgOps


how the fuck will that work?


if you load this forum but also actively discourage posting soyjaks outisde of this forum you should be permabanned


File: 1699155502184.png (910.59 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps


Gem that we pray bring back the /sneed/


File: 1699155807351-0.png (34.69 KB, 618x618, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

File: 1699155807351-1.png (601.64 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps




File: 1699157616350.png (351.09 KB, 1554x1554, x fc.png)ImgOps


jimmy in a see ob adultwoon NAB cole



File: 1699157772612.png (357.51 KB, 1634x1572, x fc.png)ImgOps

better cropping


File: 1699158893561.png (3.27 MB, 2048x2048, kit (1).png)ImgOps


File: 1699162223165.png (887.8 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps


This kit is for /bait/


File: 1699162255498.png (74.5 KB, 847x721, Bait Fc.png)ImgOps



Made the 'ki page. Managers can fill the signups for their team


all people wishing to be manager must email either froot or me,
[email protected]







I will be asking if froot. if sneed wins the entire competition, if he’ll add ‘em back




File: 1699171336287.png (418.31 KB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

/zellig/ kit with sponsor



File: 1699173895572.gif (406.79 KB, 760x825, 1698293804273.gif)ImgOps

/blox/ will win and frqqt will add it back


File: 1699177531768.png (181.05 KB, 699x720, 28E6541D-DCE7-44EA-AF40-32….png)ImgOps



File: 1699179568119-0.png (236.49 KB, 1125x1423, titled.png)ImgOps

File: 1699179568119-1.png (712.51 KB, 2048x2048, kit(1).png)ImgOps

better /r/


holy gem


File: 1699180088012.png (1.96 MB, 3464x3464, 7D23CD9C-B938-4DD7-B3E5-99….png)ImgOps

>wait is this live or something


do one for >>>/health/


File: 1699180929432.png (175.3 KB, 800x789, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

/sci/s team should wear this shirt


File: 1699185771364.png (78.28 KB, 405x600, xx.png)ImgOps



File: 1699186918709.png (102.32 KB, 600x600, 600px-Mlp_logo.png)ImgOps

In name of all my fellow ponyfags, I nominate /mlp/ as a team.


froot create >>>/nnn/


PES21 is literal shit, use PES19


File: 1699187592719.png (245.42 KB, 2048x2048, dummy_kit.png)ImgOps


File: 1699187609716.gif (1.23 MB, 800x600, 1696448768334.gif)ImgOps

ez win for ponyGODS


Add a 'telli in it and it's allowed


My fellow ponyfags, I thereby propose player names, models should be developed for them:
>CF: Lee Goldson
>AMF: Dollpony, Don Turtelli



File: 1699188258822.png (315.18 KB, 647x689, 1699024853611908.png)ImgOps

We'll win the cup just to spite you nigger


File: 1699188569299.png (54.05 KB, 1158x716, 1627248766764.png)ImgOps

Do you need some help chuddies?


File: 1699188700113.png (278.94 KB, 1051x1379, 1699111841634-0.png)ImgOps



File: 1699189033464.png (469.53 KB, 618x1024, 1698926860772-1.png)ImgOps

if we add a mlp team itll be too easy




File: 1699189224855.gif (117.91 KB, 250x250, 1698280944727177.gif)ImgOps

add a pony character to the qa roster thats our best bet


File: 1699189261599.png (194.93 KB, 600x600, 1697841192359513.png)ImgOps

sorry soybabies, ponyDEITIES will win the cup




were not having a pony fc.
we can merge it with /qa/ because there are some mlp headmodels







File: 1699190886510.gif (936.29 KB, 224x302, 2183383.gif)ImgOps

We had an /mlp/ board at one point, besides our vibrant culture and history, it only feels right to have an entire /mlp/ roster to join the ranks, /mlp/ or nothing.


She is like soylita cunny


Holy shit cunnyyyyyy


nigga i know that but that was only a trap and froot banned you niggers, its either you get merged with /qa/ or shut up








Trap my balls we only got banned because froot wanted to make a name for himself, before our ban that board was heaven on earth and was fun board too, no fucking way i'm letting ponies compete against a buncha zelligs, /mlp/ needs to be a standalone team.


you will always be cunny


File: 1699191302978.png (34.4 KB, 552x650, 65704E03-CDB0-4CA5-ACD4-7F….png)ImgOps





nope, you’re not getting your own special team, last chance, you either get merged with /qa/ or ponyniggers dont play at all


You're biased as fuck, let /mlp/ be its own standalone team, we can't represent a decade of culture with a single player.




File: 1699191534283.jpg (14.73 KB, 167x139, Babyjakcheers.jpg)ImgOps

are you drinking cacao right now


im gonna make a poll and if people want /mlp/ as their own club ill ask froot if he can


File: 1699191617519.jpg (19.93 KB, 378x378, 1686337888500.jpg)ImgOps

What’s the point in this? Nobody uses any other board than /soy/ so what team is there?


I use raid doe


these are the boards with kits btw:

soy/ - obviously
/q/ - selfish little fucks
/blox/ - gem
/zellig/ - gem
/r/ - requests
/ef/ - esoteric fascism
/a/ - tranime
/caca/ - baby
/kolyma/ - kolyma network
/cado/ - coin slot
/bait/ - bait
/int/ - international
/x/ - meds


File: 1699191738718.png (72.99 KB, 469x385, 1669711134987.png)ImgOps

Matrix and d​i​s​​c​o​r​d are literally the exact same thing keeeek what is this nvs0islvttas


That is a dumb fucking idea, people will naturally be going against us, if that was the case for the 4cc there would never be an /mlp/ team that won two major cups. What you need to comprehend is that /mlp/ has its own culture that is so distinct from the rest of the kway that it is only natural for us to have a roster of our own.


Most of them aren’t even real…


and raid has a badge but not a kit.
heres the poll teens, vote away



i forgot to link it but its aryan or something >>29502

keep on crying bitchfaggot


>it automatically votes yes
What is this 2020?


It clearly shows that you're a biased faggot with no sense of awareness whatsoever.


marge what are you on about


File: 1699192009864.png (20.34 KB, 1000x742, 9C4BEF62-F14D-437C-B56A-A0….png)ImgOps

i see the bronycord is.. dilating
*sucks on lolipop*


oh shit im sorry


you need to drag the option you want on top who the fuck made it this way and why
RIGGED because it's counter intuitive


You're full of shit, faggot. /mlp/ should be its own standalone team and no matter how much you try to force it otherwise.


File: 1699192102456.png (103.86 KB, 300x302, 448DB98D-596E-4F13-AA81-5D….png)ImgOps



File: 1699192399305.png (136.58 KB, 695x1234, 1E227D1E-E707-41FE-AB1D-B3….png)ImgOps

how long have you been a transwoman?


File: 1699192508235.png (148.66 KB, 421x431, 1697902221919073.png)ImgOps

That's a rather pathetic statement, running to miserable accusations of my aryan ass being a tranny, I'd even say you're projecting.


what if we allowed other imageboard boards to join in? Potential gem, rdrama might want to join in.


File: 1699192601869-0.jpg (75.65 KB, 750x1000, 1699093796466.jpg)ImgOps

File: 1699192601869-1.png (213.64 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps

Kit for /nate/


File: 1699192619299.png (16.05 KB, 313x146, 3D1C0261-5E71-428A-9C29-E1….png)ImgOps

you know, you dont have to be ashamed, we accept trannies!



>t. tranny


good idea, but froot would have to rig it somehow


that was taken out of context stop spreading misinfo goy


As long as it's within Sharty Influences/Soysphere


what do you mean?


File: 1699192871039.gif (1.03 MB, 512x602, 1EEED149-2CC2-420D-B713-45….gif)ImgOps



by making the players a higher rating that what they’re supposed to be


File: 1699192938954.png (632.73 KB, 1715x1121, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

>Potential gem, rdrama might want to join in.
interesting thread, but i feel like they wouldn't because sharty is filthy rightoids to them


Like I said, you're full of shit, you try your hardest to be a faggot and it really pays off. There is literally no reason why /mlp/ shouldn't be a team as there are more than 5 individuals that would be happy to contribute to a team like this, don't let your bias ruin your own thing, retard.


how is that a 'cuck immigrant doe?


He is a retard, and a newGOD. Everybody knows that we're all 4cuck immigrants.


well when we raided devrama and exposed 'oonclown they had some sort of respect for us, just look at the comments for each


R drama isn't actually a leftist circlejerk


people only use that
shit when theyre from the cuck, i came from the cuck myself back in 2021 so i would know


also wtf there is a little nigger cat chasing my mouse around on rdrama


File: 1699193224181-0.png (52.92 KB, 768x719, troon.png)ImgOps

File: 1699193224181-1.png (5.46 MB, 5360x3009, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

>Like I said, you're full of shit, you try your hardest to be a faggot and it really pays off. There is literally no reason why /mlp/ shouldn't be a team as there are more than 5 individuals that would be happy to contribute to a team like this, don't let your bias ruin your own thing, retard.


may as well consider kiwifarms then too


This is kiwi farms though


File: 1699193349713.png (60.73 KB, 226x220, 1330225719962.png)ImgOps

kys projector


everyone uses 't' here and if you're a 'cuck immigrant you know about the kway, as long as you dont post NAS youre golden


Mlp will never be a board on this site unless it falls into the hand of some admin who manages to somehow be more of a troon than froot
Cope and dial8


File: 1699193408313.png (45.69 KB, 1476x533, 45D0B824-B01E-407D-9598-B7….png)ImgOps

how about we contact nigerian forum called nairaland, nigerians have an interest in football/ we had a nigerian soyteen at one point

>inb4 ew i dont want niggers on the sharty


>even doe /mlp/ was an actual board at one point


put him in a blender


the "t." just like soyjakking itself was practiced on /int/ so they have similar roots even


File: 1699193440440.png (33.9 KB, 255x250, 1697740280498.png)ImgOps

>>Like I said, you're full of shit, you try your hardest to be a faggot and it really pays off. There is literally no reason why /mlp/ shouldn't be a team as there are more than 5 individuals that would be happy to contribute to a team like this, don't let your bias ruin your own thing, retard.


i came from bant back in late 2021, i was never on it and you are the first guy ive ever seen do that t.[something] on the sharty


>i came from bant back in late 2021
Yecch why would you admit to that I can practically smell your axewound through the screen


it was a trap you dumbass retard. were never gonna get a mlp football club so ignore this tranny dilating about his board


you actually gave me a good idea out of this shitty one, lets get amarnaforums to balance rdrama


doe most the posts ive made has had over 100+ replies


we tried to colonize bant doe


We don’t need Armatroons here


File: 1699193673155.gif (1 MB, 778x720, 1420019727287.gif)ImgOps

There is not a single reason against the creation of an /mlp/ team, retard. There are people who want to do it and that will undoubtedly bring a fun game for everybody, you're just retarded.


File: 1699193725772.png (648.27 KB, 1000x563, 1687789842372.png)ImgOps


hey, feel free to go on 4chans /vg/ board and scroll through the catalog for the 4chan summer cup general thread


we need more people here that understand our culture, im tired of only twittroons joining


Why not just be on /qa/?


we have nu4chan immigrants, but the post quality from them is really..


because this faggot really wants /mlp/ to be its own club even when i offered to have some characters on the /qa/ team


File: 1699193869444.png (337.83 KB, 583x676, 1699050232059757.png)ImgOps


This is good, I don't really know the context of the argument but that seems perfectly fine.


You're really gonna make me repeat myself aren't you?
Simply put, /mlp/ cannot be contained on a single player at kway's roster, it's decade of culture, history, modes, customs, memes that could only truly shine as a roster of their own, besides the fact that I, alongside other people, are much more passionate about an /mlp/ team than a /qa/ team, I want to do it, and one's drive for a great team that will be the hero and the villain of many people is a great reason to add an /mlp/ team.


holy fuck if you want /mlp/, go to /mlp/ on 4chan, but just so you know only a few tolerate'jaks, let alone the sharty


it is what it is, im trying to do something nice for you, no one else, but YOU and you keep on pushing it


I ask of Yahweh, curse this goyim named "/Mlp/" may he know the most painful searing agnony imaginable… may he shit himself bloody and his entrails fall out of his asshole, may his eyes bleed, may his teeth rot out and his anchors sore… may his gut expand, stretch with marks and fill with bile and spit and sharts of a niggers toe fungus, may his tiny brown pecker fall off… leaving him dickless, may his fat fingers clot up with high blood pressure… may this neo-nazi demon suffer horrible agonizing pain, I ask of you Yahweh, Curse this goyim… Amen


most of the NASposting from 4cucks are mostly teens baiting, if we advertise on /tv/ for example, post quality goes up for sure


Let's settle this by allowing both /qa/ and /mlp/ to have ponies on their roster


I doubt that there will be dedicated people for all teams, every bit of passion should be channelized on whatever will bring a fun event, and there is no shortage of passion for ponyfags, like I said before, don't let your bias ruin something that could be great, an /mlp/ team would be a great addition.


File: 1699194174947.png (136.02 KB, 943x1067, 1696448377816.png)ImgOps

When in rome, do as the romans do. We are on /qa/ now sister and are lucky this site tolerates us.


I'm convinced this mlp faggot is some type of control freak who constantly try to coerce everyone else to whatever they want just to see how well they can psyop and how far they can get

> Simply put, /mlp/ cannot be contained on a single player at kway's roster, it's decade of culture, history, modes, customs, memes that could only truly shine as a roster of their own

none of which is relevant to soyjak besides maybe lee

> I, alongside other people, are much more passionate about an /mlp/ team than a /qa/ team

you mean your 'cord?


/mlp/ wont be a team as it wasnt even a board, it was a trap by froot and the board served no conversation anyways you WILL have ponys on the /qa/ roster, im done here


nigga that's nuts


File: 1699194241100.jpg (19.93 KB, 378x378, 1686337888500.jpg)ImgOps

Literally nobody likes or tolerates you


File: 1699194277340.png (72.99 KB, 469x385, 1670792603805.png)ImgOps

>tolerates us
Froot banned all of the mlp rapefugees en masse keeeek


truke, im convinced this guy is just trying to derail this threaf


there might be 3 other ponyfags and two leebaiters that do


MLP is tolerated by site administration when its on the right boards, joke bans from FrQQt mean nothing.


>3 other trans queens and two other discord users


trips of truke


File: 1699194434448.png (660.13 KB, 1367x1500, 1699135607109970.png)ImgOps



never said it was a good thing either


File: 1699194518042.gif (1.88 MB, 352x262, mark.gif)ImgOps

/devo/ team when?


File: 1699194591509.png (407.95 KB, 1240x1069, 1699153226838.png)ImgOps

Yea bro your cartoon dinosaur girls(or something like that) are really the moral highground over ponyfaggotry


File: 1699194626244.jpg (109.39 KB, 945x910, 1699139472786849.jpg)ImgOps



add the Kolyma network team instead of the
MLP team it’s unironically more sharty culture than mlp will ever be


File: 1699194763948.gif (734.15 KB, 395x449, 1698431503966751.gif)ImgOps

>Still no real arguments against an /mlp/ team


>neither for a team


we 100% will, were just currently looking for a manager who will be in a matrix group, asking froot to change bits and bobs, and to make subs, (you) can be manager of /kolyma/ if you just learn abit


Read the thread before posting.


epic bait my discord sister don't forget to post all the yous in the #bait chat


All I see is a person whining about being replaced


Still not a real argument.


File: 1699194943332.gif (6.58 MB, 498x303, no-i-dont-think-i-will.gif)ImgOps


truke, this is just bait at this point, and kudos to you ponyfag, your email address pfp is twilight sparkle


File: 1699195089284.jpg (420.2 KB, 2048x1152, 1699029624185320.jpg)ImgOps




> /mlp/ - Pony
> Error!
> Sorry, this board does not have search enabled.



listen, check your email


File: 1699195551187.png (338.28 KB, 880x1134, 1696638885919.png)ImgOps

don't pick a fight with the poniggers you dubass
they are too autistic


File: 1699195693696.png (886.4 KB, 1677x1569, sa-ACK.png)ImgOps

yeah I'll give you that


File: 1699195728413.jpg (420.2 KB, 2048x1152, 1699029624185320.jpg)ImgOps


How do you make a character design this unappealing


File: 1699195902179.png (46.48 KB, 223x255, 1697845864661.png)ImgOps

Trans queens from Canada


zippertits romanian bait


File: 1699196443908.png (504.93 KB, 2000x2698, tct fc.png)ImgOps

back on topic, i made a logo for TCT. thoughts?


gemmy, as soon as i finish something ill make a kit



File: 1699197370363.gif (6.24 MB, 600x450, urshit.gif)ImgOps

/les/ when?


when i become a woman


File: 1699197629449.gif (834.79 KB, 450x338, gaspasser.gif)ImgOps

uhmmmm what? lol


File: 1699197758631.png (39.01 KB, 480x600, pngwing.com (5).png)ImgOps

'craft it up


gem, finally a banner without blue


File: 1699198200582.jpg (312.43 KB, 1927x1792, 1692510077588.jpg)ImgOps

>teal isn't a shade of blue the science fucking says so you fucking stupid chud incel


File: 1699198645073-0.png (1.06 MB, 2048x2048, kit (2).png)ImgOps

File: 1699198645073-1.png (54.26 KB, 481x439, Badge_of_the_Israel_Defens….png)ImgOps

/tct/ kit, made it better


File: 1699199163966.png (959.92 KB, 2000x2000, preview (2).png)ImgOps

uploaded wrong image heres the preview


the kits look good.


File: 1699199397264.mp4 (3.21 MB, 640x360, 16123612939404.mp4)ImgOps

unlike you




How will this even work?


Maybe we should create a dating app for ‘teens and ‘cafe queens.



mr poom here. ive sent over (you)r kits to froot via matrix


I got some ideas for /nate/ if anyone was wondering (I guess it's better to post it here than on /nate/ because it could get deleted):
BBC cat
C3c3coal (altough giving HIM attention is le bad)
Nate higgers???? (The board is named in his honor but he really isn't "/nate/core")


Also some controversial soyjaks such as p3tr4, br*j#k, c*tj*k, etc could also be added but that would also give attention to the trannies who made them which are mostly discord pedophiles


>Catty spammer




im down to make some now tell me which ones we need and crests too please




File: 1699206478189.png (407.15 KB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps



make crests


I think /incel/ could be interesting due to the many peculiar celebrities this site has had (plus we got a few IRL photos of some) but I'm probably one of the few retards that care about the "faces of the sharty" so I don't know
I made a thread on >>>/incel/ with some suggestions.


i dont really use /incel/ send me some images i could use


File: 1699207142300.png (175.61 KB, 1200x1200, Manchester_City_FC_badge.s….png)ImgOps

of sharty incels or for the badges/kits?
Either way, if you need pics of people I left some in https://soyjak.party/incel/thread/66142.html#q66142 (I got more but I would have to search)
In case you meant for the banners/kits my guess would be to make it about discord (most sharty boogeymen have some relation with 'Der 'cord), autism (most sharty boogeymen behave in an autistic manner) or something that could represent "attention whoring" (every sharty boogeymen is an attention whore). At least before someone else made pic related so I guess if it was discord themed that would be a way to keep a constant topic


File: 1699207277587.png (1.09 MB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps

made this

tell me if i should add anything


we need /dawla/ and /ohio/





/soy/ anthem


File: 1699208458395.png (226.62 KB, 2048x2048, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


File: 1699208495391.png (454.8 KB, 2015x1064, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


File: 1699208667487-0.mp3 (7.29 MB, Беспонтовый пирожок.mp3)

File: 1699208667487-1.mp3 (1.35 MB, Call of Duty_ World at War….mp3)

File: 1699208667487-2.mp3 (7.47 MB, Victory Day.mp3)

Kolyma Network Anthem, Chant, and victory anthem


File: 1699209101109-0.mp3 (5.02 MB, cobbo — kopia.mp3)

File: 1699209101109-1.mp3 (3.75 MB, 15968 - SoyBooru.mp3)

/soy/ and /raid/ anthems


File: 1699209509499.mp3 (8.77 MB, Crazy Bus Title Screen.mp3)

works for either x or caca because its unhinged nonsense


File: 1699209740884.mp3 (4.63 MB, Sword Art Online - Opening….mp3)


File: 1699210020028.mp3 (3.53 MB, skibidi_toilet.mp3)



File: 1699210287635.png (158.04 KB, 1024x1185, plier.png)ImgOps

tried to make the most boring logo possible to reflect the enjoyment one gets from reading a blogpost


File: 1699210540691.png (202.71 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps


what will /dawla/ look like?


they are all playing on the french team



File: 1699211676722.gif (6.12 MB, 255x255, feral happy.gif)ImgOps

>Opinions on beavers?
>Kys venezuelan


File: 1699211692131.gif (867.86 KB, 500x375, Breakdancing_Gir.gif)ImgOps

/gir/ when?


File: 1699212037235.png (82.9 KB, 920x1195, fnac.png)ImgOps


nice toes


i dont think there even are enough characters for a dedicated fnac team geg


File: 1699212779892-0.png (423.34 KB, 2048x2048, kit (1).png)ImgOps

File: 1699212779892-1.png (669.49 KB, 2000x2000, preview.png)ImgOps


File: 1699212805276.gif (33.15 KB, 463x489, you.gif)ImgOps

are we gonna get custom players like with 4cuck's divegrass?


probably, just for plier FC im gonna try and learn blender in a week.


File: 1699213460327.gif (481.28 KB, 255x139, 1699132367916.gif)ImgOps

/mower/ when?



File: 1699213920861.gif (203.76 KB, 680x566, impdance.gif)ImgOps

/imp/ would be the last standing board


i know how to do some blender work just tell me what to do and i may do it


btw this wont be real football


disinfo, me, froot and 24 other teens are actually gonna play a football match


File: 1699214346774.png (258.33 KB, 851x465, MrEnter_the_stoner.png)ImgOps

/enter/ when?


can you even get pes 2021 anymore?


File: 1699214545563.png (977.98 KB, 1598x1600, aryan speaks.png)ImgOps

No we're playing on pirated PES


File: 1699214624603.png (132.21 KB, 700x753, chudcel larp.png)ImgOps

>this statue is LITERALLY ME!!!!!




File: 1699215163687.gif (318.24 KB, 255x255, 1697319372550.gif)ImgOps

show toes pls, froot




you dont look like that you discord tranny muttoid


File: 1699215248651.png (320.03 KB, 1280x1280, Hornyteen.png)ImgOps

>show toes pls, froot


File: 1699215424328.png (571.34 KB, 754x704, 1677477265239.png)ImgOps

>bringing up random countries out of no where


a tranny janny literally confirmed it


File: 1699215467197.png (27.56 KB, 776x673, 1699196457225.png)ImgOps




File: 1699215549435.gif (213.96 KB, 226x255, 1694906307351.gif)ImgOps

>>show toes pls, froot


File: 1699215592665.png (24.52 KB, 776x673, edit2.png)ImgOps

>show toes pls, froot



when is this going to be hosted?


i believe this week friday


oh my fauci, whaat a gem


add gentoo, meds and vaccine or >>>/sci/ wouldnt accept it


File: 1699218616175.gif (25.96 MB, 1280x720, 1695334519382.gif)ImgOps

/peperami/ when?




File: 1699220646060.jpeg (23.86 KB, 460x454, 1BAC1DCF-CE86-4A20-9E9F-F….jpeg)ImgOps

frooty froot you VILL add /steele/


File: 1699220993271.gif (1.08 MB, 271x271, 3dgifmaker90765.gif)ImgOps

/eric/ when?



what boards are we missing?


How will managers get in touch with each other?


Are you the bant manager?


I will make a form to submit a manager application. you send me your ip, email and a short paragraph on why you should be the manager and for what board.
That way i can check your post history on this thread and confirm you are the manager so soyteens can address you directly. On top of that I will invite you to a matrix chat with me and the rest of the teams.


Make me the manager of /slf/ without me having to fill out a form because I'm selfish.


hmofa gemerald




File: 1699226234383.png (111.62 KB, 1546x854, mtv.png)ImgOps



File: 1699226342338.png (51.29 KB, 721x720, URRRRAAAAAAAA.png)ImgOps

add a red army soldier for /communism/



you already have a team


then add a red army soldier as a kolyma player


File: 1699226578925.mp4 (2.08 MB, 1280x720, DuckTales Theme (Red Bar R….mp4)ImgOps


This is such low effort coal fuck you dumb ass.


File: 1699226927064.gif (290.87 KB, 360x236, speed.gif)ImgOps

/garf/ when?




froot make /mutt/ already


File: 1699228585878.png (1.07 MB, 2048x2048, kit (2).png)ImgOps


File: 1699228742783.png (1.09 MB, 2048x2048, kit (3).png)ImgOps

alt ver. go with whichever one you think is better


File: 1699229947972.png (1.7 MB, 2048x2048, kit (4).png)ImgOps

raid kit


refer to >>>/qa/186591 for additional details, for unclear characters i added explanations in brackets
no, it is not going to change we already went over it 10 times
Team Roster
Main XI:
CF Lee Goldson (C) (G)
SS BLACKED (G) (spadeson)
SS orange woman (S)
CMF GEEEEEEEEEG (S) (laughing frog)
CMF Sneed
DMF Dollmare
RB Dilbert
CB Zoo-wee Mama (pinejak)
CB Jarty Coal (soytan)
LB Janny
GK Amerimutt
DMF Marge
DMF namefag ('cord blue nigger)
DMF new 'toss (stonetoss character)
RB Don Turtelli
RB fetishes
LB Woahjack (regular wojak)
LB The Family Guy (peter griffin)
CB cracker (cow)
CB my wife chino
CB Gigachad
CB Glowie
GK Cado


retarded europoor shit


true LUL


finished kits


bring back /nigger/ eurofag


Make me the manager of /bait/ even doe I don't post there because I made a shitty logo or something


this is gonna be gemmy


will hitler be in this


on /ef/ or /pol/ yeah


File: 1699240466730.png (284.24 KB, 624x624, 1693877227317.png)ImgOps

>will hitler be in this


what should /pol/ be


File: 1699241170741.png (96.05 KB, 832x647, 24708 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps

awesome hope chuds beat everyone or something idk


where is /mutt/


File: 1699246327050.png (64.43 KB, 1059x929, footballkuzgiga.png)ImgOps

Сойяк чемпионы мира.


My prediction for the end
if this post ends in 0 it will be true

final 2 teams are caca and zellig, caca wins


File: 1699248413616-0.png (353.24 KB, 2048x2048, kway kit.png)ImgOps

File: 1699248413616-1.png (349.2 KB, 2048x2048, kway kit alt.png)ImgOps

/qa/ kit


File: 1699250483183-0.png (279.18 KB, 2048x2048, kit (5).png)ImgOps

File: 1699250483183-1.png (679.34 KB, 2000x2000, preview (1).png)ImgOps

redesigned kolyma kit, go with whichever one you like more


is that kuz or xi



theres not enough kolyma characters to have a kolyma team


where do i buy this


the rest of the team will look like bots


Eduardo Foltz

rest can be memes related to kolyma


File: 1699272381179.jpeg (347.72 KB, 828x828, B8D2D5C3-2AC4-4BDE-B8CF-7….jpeg)ImgOps

>you send me your ip


bumping because I don't want to see the ugly indian every time I refresh /soy/


File: 1699275853783.png (165.92 KB, 666x838, 1699274002686.png)ImgOps


File: 1699275909004.jpg (3.71 KB, 93x125, 1698522255653.jpg)ImgOps


File: 1699275954192.png (353.61 KB, 828x456, 1698394349759.png)ImgOps


File: 1699276008655.jpg (32.88 KB, 640x590, 1698515946758.jpg)ImgOps


zellig audio kit with .4ccm file if we're using rigdio from 4cuck cup


/caca/ FC will win


File: 1699278889336-0.jpg (32.86 KB, 1157x159, truth.JPG)ImgOps

File: 1699278889336-1.png (48.98 KB, 986x1941, BURN_IN_HELL.png)ImgOps


File: 1699279081317.png (83.47 KB, 324x288, 1699272595238.png)ImgOps

Nu-lee..? It's no use to keep this up if it's SO inorganic..


I hate you, I want you gone, please get fucking shivved, you disgusting selfinserter.


File: 1699279775612.gif (5.03 MB, 600x600, 1699228345260.gif)ImgOps


File: 1699281380145.png (225.38 KB, 800x808, IMG_3517.png)ImgOps

Norwegian post, ignore and report


i’ve received this award on many of my posts, so thank you


File: 1699283612883.png (14.53 KB, 552x650, 34F6BF28-D385-4E3B-A150-76….png)ImgOps



Should I start to ask people 'bout the voice contest?


marge can you explain what the game even is?


twitter immigrant made this post btw


We should have Spade Gang as anthem for /nate/


File: 1699288128279.png (620 KB, 1280x1280, 9781 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps


lurk more newGOD


more like nobody needs to know any of this autistic shit


newSTUD, just ignore those tranny attentionwhores.


File: 1699288561852.jpg (9.3 KB, 255x255, 1697042945361.jpg)ImgOps



File: 1699288796582.png (158.33 KB, 544x402, 50094 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps

/vista/ when?


Uwu are you trans?


File: 1699289559104.png (58.96 KB, 600x600, FB20F346-6BBD-4039-B14B-90….png)ImgOps

>post brought to you by - a tremendous FATTY


you could put elvis on the team because kuz loved elvis
also there could be a banana man


even doe froot has kolyma cant be a team because of the possible issues surrounding it


the company is defunct and kuz is dead. What other issues are there?


ask froot not me nigger, im just le heckin messenger


froot why can't we have a kolyma team


now that i look at it this shouldve been /ohio/


File: 1699290769197.png (78.16 KB, 1059x929, footballkuzgiga.png)ImgOps


File: 1699292224247-0.png (474.3 KB, 2000x2000, preview ef.png)ImgOps

File: 1699292224247-1.png (736.99 KB, 2000x2000, preview soy.png)ImgOps

File: 1699292224247-2.png (882.05 KB, 2000x2000, preview tct.png)ImgOps

File: 1699292224247-3.png (889.07 KB, 2000x2000, preview x.png)ImgOps

making previews for all of the kits


File: 1699292551933-0.png (423.04 KB, 2000x2000, preview sci.png)ImgOps

File: 1699292551933-1.png (793.78 KB, 2000x2000, preview r.png)ImgOps

File: 1699292551933-2.png (840.04 KB, 2000x2000, preview incel.png)ImgOps

File: 1699292551933-3.png (705.47 KB, 2000x2000, preview craft.png)ImgOps


File: 1699292923968-0.png (657.43 KB, 2000x2000, preview bait.png)ImgOps

File: 1699292923968-1.png (561.57 KB, 2000x2000, preview cado.png)ImgOps

File: 1699292923968-2.png (827.88 KB, 2000x2000, preview int.png)ImgOps

File: 1699292923968-3.png (677.91 KB, 2000x2000, preview zellig.png)ImgOps


File: 1699293319398-0.png (762.78 KB, 2000x2000, preview qa.png)ImgOps

File: 1699293319398-1.png (653.89 KB, 2000x2000, preview raid.png)ImgOps

File: 1699293319398-2.png (508.94 KB, 2000x2000, preview plier.png)ImgOps

File: 1699293319398-3.png (1019.17 KB, 2000x2000, preview mtv.png)ImgOps



File: 1699293616680-0.png (643.09 KB, 2000x2000, preview sneed.png)ImgOps

File: 1699293616681-1.png (696.71 KB, 2000x2000, preview blox.png)ImgOps

File: 1699293616681-2.png (812.28 KB, 2000x2000, preview a.png)ImgOps

File: 1699293616681-3.png (1.6 MB, 2000x2000, preview caca.png)ImgOps


where's the template


File: 1699293817499-0.png (571.22 KB, 2000x2000, preview kolyma.png)ImgOps

File: 1699293817499-1.png (561.08 KB, 2000x2000, preview fnac.png)ImgOps

File: 1699293817499-2.png (260.24 KB, 2048x2048, kit (1).png)ImgOps

that should be all of them for now. also fixed the fnac texture. /pol/ and /an/ still need kits and then we have a perfect 24



looking through all of these and i gotta say good job at making them all distinct, teens. the only ones that sorta blend together are cado and ef and even then you can easily tell them apart


File: 1699294187795.png (380.68 KB, 2000x2000, preview nate.png)ImgOps

disregard that i suck cocks
i forgot nate


File: 1699294370664.png (304.37 KB, 2048x2048, kit.png)ImgOps

here's /pol/


File: 1699294626887.png (17.38 KB, 407x500, descărcare (14)-fotor-bg-r….png)ImgOps

/ohio/ badge


File: 1699295192490.png (69.22 KB, 407x500, descărcare (14)-fotor-bg-r….png)ImgOps

/ohio/ badge


File: 1699295737987.png (8.07 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)ImgOps



Yeah I see what the issue is with Kolyma now. feel free to cut it
Can’t be added. /pol/ and /an/ put us at 24. Ohio isn’t currently a board and that puts us over.


File: 1699296407309.png (197.17 KB, 2048x2048, kit (1).png)ImgOps



someone make another one


holy gleamonds


File: 1699298299717.png (566.14 KB, 1106x1012, 1699291901397.png)ImgOps

>someone make another one




File: 1699300846068.png (14.38 KB, 351x434, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps



I will soon
Busy rn


File: 1699304304747.png (584.07 KB, 2000x2000, an preview.png)ImgOps

making a better /pol/ now


File: 1699305097677.png (98.35 KB, 800x800, pol fc.png)ImgOps

pol logo


File: 1699305451872.png (52.87 KB, 1540x1776, Crtež 7.png)ImgOps

/soy/ FC's coach. /soy/GODS have a very athletic coach


ill ask froot if he is willing to give up his role for you. why dont you be the manager of /pol/


File: 1699306678642-0.png (335.95 KB, 2048x2048, kit pol.png)ImgOps

File: 1699306678642-1.png (698.89 KB, 2000x2000, preview pol.png)ImgOps


better /pol/ kit


sending this to froot



poltroon dust


/pol/aryan gem


shit i just realized no one made a kit for /q/
i guess we can fit kolyma and ohio in


File: 1699308806356-0.png (22.05 KB, 245x206, 1699100787155.png)ImgOps

File: 1699308806356-1.png (574.63 KB, 2000x2000, preview (2).png)ImgOps

/q/ kit


File: 1699308832054.png (293.04 KB, 2048x2048, kit (7).png)ImgOps

for some reason the texture didn't upload


File: 1699312063818.png (116.98 KB, 300x278, 300px-ACK.png)ImgOps

>poltroon dust



File: 1699313089137.png (39.66 KB, 192x108, 1690688935535.png)ImgOps

>he still thinks rapeson was (or is) one person


File: 1699313907749.png (136.34 KB, 407x500, 1699295192490.png)ImgOps


File: 1699314400014-0.png (1.62 MB, 2048x2048, kit (8).png)ImgOps

File: 1699314400014-1.png (1.11 MB, 2000x2000, preview (3).png)ImgOps

ohio kit since we're running over anyway



Should we add /dawla/?







making dawla logo now


File: 1699321796623.png (138.6 KB, 694x809, dawla.png)ImgOps



File: 1699323312396-0.png (2.64 MB, 2048x2048, dawla kit.png)ImgOps

File: 1699323312396-1.png (1.25 MB, 2000x2000, preview (3).png)ImgOps

dawla kit


this will be the gem that saves the party


do we need any more kits?


One for fnf pedo




Maximum numbers for tournament is 32. We currently have 28 kits. We need 4 more teams


It will be 30 if we add /fur/ and /mlp/. If /dawla/ is allowed eventho they were part of the purge, then /mlp/ and /fur/ should be included



i forgot the oppositroon negating




thrembo team NOW


can someone post the janny tool that allows people to see all the board? real hidden boards should be a priority
also /giga/


we need a wiki and booru team since theyre technically on the board list


you can use search to see all boards including hidden boards




good idea


Here's my proposal for the last 4 teams:
either test or z


this but replace test/z with a thrembo team nowwwwwwww


File: 1699345393610.png (44.94 KB, 435x144, wiki fc.png)ImgOps


File: 1699345936634-0.png (917.74 KB, 2000x2000, preview (1).png)ImgOps

File: 1699345936634-1.png (269.09 KB, 2048x2048, kit (3).png)ImgOps

File: 1699345936634-2.png (761.99 KB, 2048x2048, kit (1).png)ImgOps

wiki and booru kits


File: 1699346177732-0.png (453.66 KB, 2048x2048, kit wiki.png)ImgOps

File: 1699346177732-1.png (798.49 KB, 2000x2000, preview wiki.png)ImgOps

alt wiki kit



Swap last one for /froot/
/froot/ vs Kolyma network match would be a fucking gem


File: 1699347942264-0.png (934 KB, 2000x2000, preview (2).png)ImgOps

File: 1699347942264-1.png (917.68 KB, 2000x2000, preview (3).png)ImgOps

File: 1699347942264-2.png (1.68 MB, 2048x2048, kit (4).png)ImgOps

File: 1699347942264-3.png (49.38 KB, 309x337, 20231107_055123.png)ImgOps



/test/ and make the logos and kits as funky as possible


File: 1699355367576.png (4.3 MB, 3840x2160, soccer.png)ImgOps

Made a poster or somethin'



> Janny only gives a yellow card for ranged decapitation




And some say 'jakking is dead


soyjaks are so 2021 this site is millionsmustdie.troonjakky now


I would do so much of these if i had spare time… And when I have it, hope sharty wont get obliterated (~3 years)


Gem, please make the tournament logo too


So the new teams are /wiki/, /booru/, and /nigger/. That increase the total teams to 31. One team left so we can focus on creating roster and exports (tactics, aesthetics, and musics)



add a discord and offsite team, along with a NAS team.


File: 1699365349892.png (133.6 KB, 1000x1000, new frootist order fc.png)ImgOps



No, someone make on for /test/


File: 1699366091496-0.png (3.71 MB, 2048x2048, kit froot.png)ImgOps

File: 1699366091496-1.png (1.35 MB, 2000x2000, preview.png)ImgOps


See I thought that too but then I came to the conclusion that /froot/ just works better
What would /test/ even be? It’s just the old archive board. Nothing is exclusive to it. Meanwhile, /froot/ has a pretty defined team already (froot, root, and fruitjaks) and has a gemmy match right off the bat (/froot/ vs Kolyma network)


List of all 32 teams
* /soy/ - obviously
* /q/ - selfish little fucks
* /blox/ - gem
* /zellig/ - gem (taken)
* /r/ - requests
* /ef/ - esoteric fascism
* /a/ - tranime
* /caca/ - baby
* /kolyma/ - kolyma network
* /cado/ - coin slot
* /bait/ - bait
* /int/ - international
* /x/ - meds
* /nate/ - coal
* /tct/ - the current thing
* /craft/ - Minecraft
* /fnac/ - five nights at cobson's
* /incel/ - 'farms
* /sci/ - soyence
* /plier/ - markiplier
* /mtv/ - music, tv, vidya
* /raid/ - raid
* /qa/ - NAS
* /sneed/ - Sneed's Feed and Seed
* /pol/ - Politics
* /ohio/ - Ohio
* /an/ - Animals & Nature
* /dawla/ - dawla
* /wiki/ - 'ki
* /booru/ - 'ru
* /nigger/ - nigger
* /froot/ - FRQQT

So far only /zellig/ that already has a manager. /soy/ and /qa/ are also the only teams that already have a roster currently. All of these teams should create their own roster and have their own manager


posted it again award


>zellig gets to be special and be its own team because….
They truly do force their clittys down everyones throats


shitty server caused me to posts multiple times


How do we get a full roster for all the dead boards tho


thats the problem the retard thinks we will be able to come up with original characters for everything


I would like to create roster for the rest of the teams but I rarely visit majority of these boards and people wouldn't like the idea of a single person creating a roster for all


test could be just random shit hence the name test


/sci/ can have dr fauci, richard stallman and uhh


Add asylum members for /sci/


File: 1699372950412.png (44.78 KB, 540x540, 1674650943256.png)ImgOps

For /a/ you can just use a bunch of anime characters, especially if they're from Higurashi or something. Also I can't remember xer name but whoever the hell this character is.


Kolyma Roster

Main XI:
CF Yuri Kuznetsov (C) (G)
SS Anton Maximov (G)
SS Logan "Doll" Cooper (S)
CMF Sobot
CMF Eduardo Foltz
DMF Kaguya
RB Elvis Presley
CB Massjak
LB Red
GK Lolwut
SS Bananajak
DMF Devyach
DMF Heyuri
DMF VidLii
RB Polish prostitute that gave kuz aids
RB Gurochan
LB Kuz's adopted son
LB Kuz's bastard son in russia
CB NSS agent
CB Bananajak
CB Kereste
CB Cvnka
GK Nigga Kuz aka Quandell Sha'quan Gibbs


shit i included bananajak twice
swap one of them with an obsessed jartycuck


marge what is kuz's real name


sharty csi go


File: 1699379669105.gif (1.03 MB, 512x602, 7BC3F887-2D64-4F35-BC1F-87….gif)ImgOps

top secret information, id have to kill you if i was to tell you


File: 1699379710558.png (131.83 KB, 697x673, 1698423382521.png)ImgOps

try me glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger glownigger !!!


workin' on logo right now. I need an adjustment thoughts on these subjects: Main text (making it "Board Cup 2023"), Sub text (2 lines or 1 long line of some text, still thinkin' on the contents), Admins (will draw soot, kuz, doll and froot on it)


Soot should be the captain of /q/


File: 1699383605281.mp4 (2.27 MB, 640x720, 7c9d1d3ac15b294770735a5378….mp4)ImgOps



Ohio ass video


got an idea for an /incel/ roster

Main XI:
CF Turkey Tom (C) (G)
SS Joshua Moon (G)
SS Orion Passmore (S)
CMF Alex Casanas
CMF Adam Hopkins
DMF Tyler "SennVenn" Beacraft
RB Vinluv
CB Emanuele Aracri
LB Kirbizia
GK Noah Martin
idk i ran out of ideas




looks good to me


naserald ytbattyboys do be like this


what about togglebott
anyone else remember him?


talked about self in third person award
at least vinluv made oc you're just one of a sea of pisscord degen trannies now fuck off loser


kys toggletranny


You’re not interesting


missing the female who everyone was obsessing over who posted in the nuqafe and haled from poland (i cannot remember xir name)


sobot, that's the name
you will include sobot, it is kuz-era sharty culture, and occurred not only on discoal but also outside of it


File: 1699400469900.png (74.5 KB, 847x721, Bait Fc.png)ImgOps

>I will be the manager of bait or something




check for subs yo
(f clicking is too much, the suggestions for subs would be:
Vinluv who was already added
Noah music
I got pic of all of them btw, and I think it would be better to prioritize teens who have dropped their face in here before
All the other name trannies or incels that I currently remember are unironic troons that don't deserve attention (the new Yorker or however he was called, niggerbot, etc)


noah music is in. He's noah martin.
sobot is included. xhes part of team kolyma network


shit i missed all of this


i contacted op via email but he never responded
i can be the wiki manager (i am a helper on the wiki)


will angeleno be your team captain?


Add signature next to your team on the 'ki or contact froot, scar


added kits to page


who else would be


File: 1699425625078.jpg (201 B, 50x48, 201_bytes.jpg)ImgOps

froot takes to long on email i have better chances talking to him in this thread
he knows its me because of my ip
still emailed him doe


File: 1699427614668.png (22.59 KB, 1068x212, Screen Shot 2023-11-07 at ….png)ImgOps

nvm op emailed me back


The gameplay will be on PES coach mode


i have still never played the game DOE


File: 1699428228642.png (598.54 KB, 1080x1162, 1938 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps

what does a team manager do, can i get a rundown? i might join if i have free time


you create tactics for your team that will be used during the match. During the match, you can live-manage it by sending instructions to froot of what you want to do to your team. You can learn more by playing PES coach mode


FROOR release the tournament bracket so we can do heckin sports betting


sounds gemmy i might join for /caca/



Yeah I realized later but I didn't want to reply woops


File: 1699449203208.png (148.98 KB, 2880x1728, ClipboardImage.png)ImgOps


File: 1699449746204.gif (3.89 MB, 494x498, 1694393867527391.gif)ImgOps


File: 1699454033351.gif (856.83 KB, 232x232, so fucking zased.gif)ImgOps


File: 1699457014010.png (119.21 KB, 750x600, Swedejak.png)ImgOps

gem but what is the template you used called? i remember someone posting the /kolyma/ lineup




fun fact, i am johnzysinsbbc on the /blox/ lineup i would prove it but i forgot my password, so


There's a thread on /a/, /nate/ and /caca/. If any of guys you want to help them out with their teams go there.



epic fail of massive proportions


Thank you.
Plz don't bully me.


the template is copied off of 4cuck cup wiki



kinda spergy



marge, where will this be played


no ones playing it, doe it will be ai vs ai


ai vs ai is coal




also if we were to have soyteens we would have to play on FIFA which is like 80 pound which nuTheDonald browsers dont have.


kolyma roster is done add to the 'ki


making some edits


File: 1699478000365.png (31.54 KB, 671x353, kolyma roster.png)ImgOps




since /blox/ didn't put Rubin Sim on their team, put him on /incel/


added to wiki


File: 1699484792255.png (569.27 KB, 721x720, rust.png)ImgOps

It’s been 5 fucking days and nothing has changed, holy fucking brimstone


File: 1699484882003.png (738.86 KB, 1389x1405, 4A2986E1-A6E5-4EE3-B0A7-DB….png)ImgOps



>posts a jak saying "RUST"


File: 1699485035808.gif (85.22 KB, 234x255, 1699295780395.gif)ImgOps

Tomato tomatoe nigger


File: 1699486044918.png (43.55 KB, 577x369, 1678567553544-0.png)ImgOps

use this pic next time


>It’s been 5 fucking days and nothing has changed, holy fucking brimstone even doe every team has a kit


demoralization coal


Wow congrats that’s the first step


and now were working on rosters nigger
why not help

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