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Santa can see when you dont watch your paint dry...

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Recently, a ring of potential pedophiles has been discovered in youtube, they seem to be operating a grooming operation children by making kid themed porn videos, this is morally disgusting and potentially pedophile behaviour which needs to be eliminated or something.
the point of this thread is to gather as many people participating in this and uncovering their base of operations.
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Maybe yeah


we need to kill and doxx these trannies immediately.


Is any of these sick fuck pedos from canada, maybe even in quebec? I might get in contact with the law authority there or maybe call their workplace or parent


Most are based in central/south America it seems


Bfdispergs, I still hate you all because you are autistic retards but at least you aren't unironic pedos like these sick fuck


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I fr'd a few and only SexyUmbreon has accepted. I said "hi" and no response yet.


File: 1698519722133.mp4 (2.36 MB, 360x360, rapeson.mp4)ImgOps


can't someone make some script that goes through the channels and collects the social media info?


good idea since they don't follow anyone apart from their own kind


It might be a good idea to make a dummy gooner account and blend in.


File: 1698520551459.png (20.23 KB, 598x628, 52160 - SoyBooru.png)ImgOps

tsmt, despite 'da 'cord being le bad or whatever


how do i get into their 'cord as a mole?


mole as in a spy pretending to be one




Just talked to “SexyUmbreon” and they didnt have anything. They didn’t even know they were in the channels tab of YiffMakesMeStiff. Which does make sense they aren’t even a porn account.


one of the people i talked to said
"IDK any Discord server for lewd YouTube channels. I'd join it if there was one, since I do like finding lewd vids on the site.
My hobbies would be hentai collecting, video games, h-games, watchin' anime, drawing, and making/doing insight puzzles."
i also talked to another person and xhey said xhey were probably added because of xheir name though another person gave me a telegram group of some sort


Names and what was the telegram?


sexyUmbreon and freshsquid, im not sure if i should link the telegram here because they might suspect something. not sure though


Haven’t heard of freshsquid by Umbreon mentioned other people finding their channel. If you can you should infiltrate the Telegram group.



freshsquid is this dude, i don't remember where i exactly found xhem but that's the channel xhe was the one talking about liking lewd stuff


File: 1698529944778.jpg (27.3 KB, 1284x720, 00076.jpg)ImgOps

where is the telegram group



said the name was unshacked


BTW xhey said it's about the youtube thing as far as xhey know and that xhey're not in it and only send messages from now and then or something


That’s probably where they coordinate then


File: 1698534486993.mp4 (1.07 MB, 480x360, 1696191328699.mp4)ImgOps

would they suspect me if i never did anything in the 'gram?


i was more worried about people joining too often or some idiot revealing the thing


I don't think so


File: 1698536346610.png (134.58 KB, 490x713, s.png)ImgOps

wait im a retard it's a dude i misread his message but it's one of them


there could be something though because i saw more telegram users than discord try to ask xhem


File: 1698538943239.webm (1.1 MB, 954x720, yeah.webm)ImgOps

>or however the pepsi kentucky fried chicken is glassed yeah sumthin' like dat…


Kill yourself obsessed faggot


live yourself


File: 1698543238030.mp4 (5.26 MB, 720x1158, 1694633060734.mp4)ImgOps


go up nig


Marge what is the music in this video?


File: 1698586174432.gif (5.98 MB, 642x642, feral schizo angry seizure.gif)ImgOps

That exhibfurry guy from the op is fucking putrid. That "cute pokemon girl" video is just that little girl in the thumbnail flashing you. Straight cp right on youtube, I reported it and the jannies did nothing. That vid also had a link to a unlisted playlist called "secret videos" (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOfkt4lSXY0eMI_JVxxs-8xjm21au29kP), in that playlist is a fully public video of a hat in time mod where they made the player model fully nude. It's like 5 minutes of this dude pausing the game and playing with the camera to get creepshots of her mid-jump.
If you know anything about google higher-ups, you know a lot of them are trannies so it wouldn't shock me if they're turning a blind eye to this sort of thing. I was thinking there might be some sort of exploit with the youtube jannybot ignoring non-shorts short length videos (I.E. making the video wide but under half a minute) but I haven't tested it.


They're really quick at removing ironic videos, why not be quick at removing cp?


File: 1698587875608.jpeg (256.09 KB, 1125x1355, C73AEE06-FC1B-4E75-B8CC-F….jpeg)ImgOps

Idk if its been done but i found this niggas address

Jacob Nuss
Born July 1997
3319 Indiana St, Racine WI 53405
is this nigga retarded? all it took was me snooping on his facebook and searching his name on


he’s connected with xelly soo..


File: 1698588079427.png (56.49 KB, 255x170, 1694636307273-2.png)ImgOps



i also suspect Jacob Nuss to go by ‘jacobowoboy’ on most of his social media, his facebook, and twitch was linked to his haunted house


Yeah he is from us of a but do we investigate more or do we just order them now


File: 1698590308069.gif (34.78 KB, 71x96, slf.gif)ImgOps

send the pizza man NOW


Oh my god you are right


can someone give me a tlldr


Found another zoophile account while checking around the ehxib fags channel. No uploads doe.


xelly's yt is gone?


File: 1698600253226.png (67.07 KB, 600x800, It's OKAY.png)ImgOps

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