09/17/22 - New markup: %TEXT%
08/29/22 - The bump limit is now 500
08/16/22 - Server migration completed, welcome to Russia!
08/15/22 - Kuz will hold a Q&A before his vacation
08/08/22 - Janitor applications are open. Click here
08/08/22 - A new experimental board has been added: /incel/
08/07/22 - All 14,568 soot-era bans have been undone.
07/26/22 - /webm/ and /muv/ have been returned, and the new rules have been officialized on the rules page. List of changes: kuz\'s memo
07/17/22 - I will be accepting new janitor applications for the next 24 hours. Please email
07/14/22 - Yuri "kuz" Kuznetsov is the new owner of the 'party
06/07/22 - Soot will be doing a q&a thread at 1800 utc
05/18/22 - Sorry for the time traveling. As a result of a false abuse report, the server was terminated, and so I was forced to restore from an older backup.
01/14/22 - Welcome back to the past
11/03/21 - I am aware of performance issues for some North American users. Please be patient as I work to migrate the site.
08/19/21 - MINECRAFT SERVER: version 1.17
07/23/21 - new soyjak file hosting service -
07/19/21 - /x/ and /nate/ (hidden) have been added as trial boards.
07/01/21 - overboard now added, check the top of your screen
06/22/21 - I have removed Syjck and -soyboywojak- from their wiki moderator positions.
06/08/21 - I am very sorry for anyone who had their IPs leaked, and I understand if you no longer trust me. If you are at all worried, please use Tor or a VPN.
03/26/21 - new board: /webm/
03/02/21 - the soyjak wiki might be coming back... stay tuned.
02/27/21 - Maybe the /qa/ mods have decided to not follow through on their decision to ban soyjaks. I really hope so, as their initial decision was ill-advised.
12/01/20 - jfif is now fully supported.
11/27/20 - sorry for the downtime, was trying to migrate the blog and royally fucked up the DNS. in the meantime, i have attempted to make speed improvements for the website by using openlitespeed instead of apache.
11/27/20 - In celebration of moving to a new server, the new max filesize is 50mb. have fun.
11/27/20 - maintenance in 1 hour (1 am est). estimated duration is 2 hours.
11/19/20 - /sneed/ has been added. not sure if anyone will actually use it, but the same applies to half of the boards on this website.
11/03/20 - kara boga gets banned on sight from now on
11/02/20 -
10/26/20 - i fell asleep; maintenance will be performed later.
10/11/20 - UPDATE: there will be no maintenance performed tonight. The site will continue to operate as usual. Apologies for any inconveniences.
10/11/20 - may be going down for maintenance at 10:00PM EST.
09/28/20 - Minecraft Server:
09/25/20 - Apply to work for free:
09/23/20 - filesize is 10mb btw, and webms are now sound-enabled.