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You short ass nigga with no friends, you need to be sissified by BIG FASCIST COCK right fucking now. You really expect me to think you’re normal when you’re trying to post anti-nazi propaganda on an ironic weightlifting and shrimpfarming website? It doesn’t work, slut, you need to understand that the next fetish you’re looking for beyond diapers is BIG FASCIST COCK. You’re already on this website, and soon you’ll convert. A harddrive full of chuddies… so sad! Like the kids who are caught by their mom having folders full of gigachad, they think the kid’s gay. Same thing for you. Soon you’ll become MINDBROKEN by the BFC and start lusting for /pol/-ites because of how often you visit their site, and ours. This is your fate, you already have no friends, no muscle, no skill, no normal sex perception. This is it, sissification for the slutty communist that needs to be DOMINATED by the Fürher. Inb4 “You’re gay!!” I never said I’d fuck you or was attracted to you. All I said was that weak chin and pale skin of yours will be enough to convince your nu-male manchild mind to turn yourself into a freak obsessed with fucking rightist chuds. It’s already happening wit your women, remember that reddit post about the leftist that went to a rally and got the hots for a real stud chud? You’re next. Your women already are looking for nazi chud male on communist female porn. You simply don’t cut it. Soon, the next thing related to you with the word cut is…. You can tell.


Gem albeit

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