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Are there any SERIOUS anime/manga with (optionally vampire) gothic lolitas in classic fantasy setting with ton of fighting? Like, all i see is just some shitty vampire isekai with your classical cringeworthy jokes and all of that shit. Closest thing i've got to wittness is Pandora Hearts, but manga is fucking barely readable due to format


Dragon ball
Dragon ball Z
Dragon ball GT
Dragon ball super
Dragon Ball movies


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why do asians love wypipo culture
>18th century dress
>European aristocracy aesthetic
>germanic pagan myths (dragons, knights, wizards, orcs etc.)
seems like aryan creativity is admired by everyone



Orcs are not a myth retard, and dragond are asian too




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Kill yourself you pidor Ukranian


Holol gem thread


did the bot break?


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i like synthesis of japs ideas of western stuff. japs became really better during meiji and taisho era exposure to elegant western ideas. mixed with natural jap unhinginess, it leads to really cool results. too bad that they were exposed to Alice in Wonderland only in Taisho era, the impact it had on western-style surreal fiction in Japan was tremendous
a maybi tee peedor, yopta?


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Fuck i've got it now
I am pidor because madotsuka wears pidorka hat.
Pidorka hat called so not because "pidor" but because π (3.14) Do (circle diameter) R (radius) k (hat knitting thickness) a (diameter of thread from which hat knitted). Pompom on top of Madotsuka head excluded from formula. The fact is that the knitted beanie is hemispherical when unfurled. To get the circumference, which is the diameter of the head, multiply pi by the diameter of the circle Do. And to find the height of the hemisphere, the radius R has to be taken into account. Only then we will have an idea of the size of the cap. The resulting formula is complemented by the knitting thickness denoted by the variable k and the variable diameter of the woolen thread A. The universal formula for the size of the cap that Madotsuki wears is Pi Do R K A.


>Orcs are not a myth retard,


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there is proof

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