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Should my peripheral vision suffer obtrusion stemming from thy intrusion; thy piteous life shalt reach a premature resolution.

Expletives abound, yet none in my repertoire I had found, to eloquently expound how much your brittle skull I'd love to pound.

The superincumbent nous I instinctively espouse facilitates to arouse bombastic intelligentsia, little mouse.

BOOM is the sound that heralds your DOOM, and your psyche falls to a GLOOM as you helplessly bawl in your little ROOM.

I see you are taken aback, from witnessing this terrifying wit you lack. Rest easy, for you shan't suffer flak, it isn't thy fault your skin is near-black.

His name is RENNY RENNY RENREN, the biggest amongst all MEN. His unparalleled acuMEN is what earned him is cognomen.

He rarely smiles, but when he does, the brownies he riles. He ignores their wiles, as in their mind he is at all whiles.

His peers call him BOSS. His laurel wreath's mighty gloss, and its leaves, his angular temple they emboss, quite like a verdant moss.

People wonder: "Why is he so TALL?", he's built like a granite WALL. When they see him, the manlets BAWL and their women to his feet they CRAWL.

All the masses convert to be his fans, as he stimulates their adrenal glans. Audience as wide as his wingspans. His fights tend to induce a trance and women fall for him with just a glance.

His enticing aesthetics is what rile up the heretics. Compelling allure belies a sense of demure.

PIGren the OVERWEIGHT, said reishitter with his BAIT. But his muscles are ORNATE and his physique is so GREAT, it causes Paco's teeth to GRATE.



you liking going up though?



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