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My prose is flawless.
We can see what happens to anyone without plot armor who dares to face Jiren. Hit is the perfect example. He was dealt with swiftly and mercilessly. Ringed out after a couple of blows. The blinding contrast can be denoted when Jiren has the base saiyans beaten and barely conscious at his feet. He just toys with them instead of ringing them out.
This is when the nuances and the endless possibilities for philosophical debate begin. One can argue that this is just because the looming impossibility of U7 to lose, which is a completely valid point. One can also object that Jiren is merely testing the limits and motivations of this seemingly alien philosophy to him. Where do they get their insane motivation? They are powerless against him and they know it, yet they continue to fight. Are they mentally ill? Are they in shock? And so he keeps pushing them in order to find out.
Truly a Shakespearean character indeed.
From now on, the peerless feats of this character just keep piling up. With each passing episode, he keeps surprising and enthralling the audience with his deep one-liners delivered by a 11/10 voice actor. His aura is captivating and gorgeous.
Characters throw themselves at him in a 3 to 1 handicap, and this man just brushes them off like there are, as himself said "impudent gnats". Mere insects, in layman terms, for the linguistically stunted out there.
This is where his sympathizers get their main arsenal. These unprecedented feats will remain relevant for years to come. As this character will NOT be surpassed anytime soon. For example one-shotting 3 GoD-tier opponents with a mere burst of his aura alone. Incredible, isn't it?


Verily it is


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I-I can't beat you... not even my sissyslut brother Broly the Jobber from the other movie can..


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>words words words
*Crushes your skull while your in the middle of your gay monolouge*


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>w-words words wo-




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