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File: 1659798621098.png (1.14 MB, 954x1306, 1659798439245.png)


Average lolichud would agree it is wrong to have porn of this child, if you show them this photo.

But actually, the child is ai generate. So if you know that it is ai made(not real) is it morally ok for porn of the child? If no, then why cant the same logic be used for drawing that look like childrens?


lolifags are like troons, very delusional, i don't think they have to remain logically consistent in order to justify their own existence


File: 1659799955238.jpg (43.48 KB, 708x800, eca.jpg)

whatever you do, don't go to:
and type "sexy naked little girl"


replying to make my post more legible


another reply to stretch it out a bit more


okay three should be enough


If it doesn't result in harm of other people then it's not immoral it is however weird, disgusting and gives people a reason to distrust you.


>Trying to rationalize and debate the merits of simulated cp which will inevitably lead to the real thing, as all porn tends to
Hang yourself freak


Shut up faggot. There are forms of morality beyond your shitty postmodern reddit utilitarianism


Yes but they're all retarded.



>leftists accidentally advocate for pedophilia
How embarrassing!


I'm not a leftist and I'm not advocating for pedophilia.


You're a gay hylic beast. Kill yourself.


Yes you are. If you aren't willing to condemn it and use Satanic individualist principles to justify someone wanting to molest children you're complicit in their deviancy.


No I'm not because I am condemning pedophilia but I do so only because it brings harm to people in real life. The moment that stops being the case is the moment I stop giving a fuck.


>No I'm not because I am condemning pedophilia
>but I do so only because it brings harm to people in real life.
So a pedophile who jerks off to cp is okay? He's not hurting people in "real life" right? Go fuck yourself. You're morally bankrupt trash.


No because in order for that cp to be created in the first place a child needed to be harmed and is still being harmed by having his/her's pictures out there for people to do with as they please. In OP's case he brings up artificial cp which harm's no one.


Because it wouldn't be harming anyone when the constructs of our pedo-run society inevitably collapse and paedophiles go around molesting children because there's on police or state.


So you aren't morally opposed to pedophilia because that would require condemning someone, you just dislike practicing pedophiles. But you're okay when they jerk off to veeeeery realistic looking children with the same intent as they would with real ones: the result of them watching fake cp is the same with real cp, they both desire children and want to fulfill that desire. Why don't you just grow some balls and say they'll burn in hell for being kid diddling perverts


I don't have a problem with condemning people but I can't condem people over nothing. My conditions for condemning someone is based on whether they're causing harm to other people, nothing more nothing less.


Go back to KC you fucking faggots, this place is dedicated to anime and soyjaks and neither of those include discussions about pedokikery


File: 1659830434042.jpg (384.65 KB, 830x1200, 61.jpg)

anime is all about little girls being raped

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