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Has anyone else seen this show? It's only partially subbed, but it was pretty good from what has been released.


kys pedo


lmao nice projection, this show is mostly wholesome.


Pedos love more than anything that little girls are "wholesome" and "innocent"
Muh projection won't work this time, try harder troon


tranny axe flesh wound coal



Built for BBC


No, it looks fun tho.


why doe


you should partially submerge yourself in gasoline and set it on fire


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File: 1667122499527.jpeg (25.91 KB, 474x266, OIP (5).jpeg) ImgOps

Maruko is NOT a pedo or tranny show!

It's relatively obscure in the west, but there's a decent number of episodes of the original series that were subbed, and there's a pretty good English dub of the newer episodes on YouTube.


i remember watching it when i was young with my mother good days


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Nobody said it was,meds. Its just girl shin chan.




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Maruko is cute and comfy, get some better taste.

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