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Higurashi thread
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Le BWC girl did say that


Episode and timestamp?


...In my fantasies




File: 1659477344797.jpg (109.6 KB, 371x596, 1659150418725.jpg) ImgOps

File: 1631838126341.jpg (233.44 KB, 1456x1046, Enter CHADren the FOUNDER.jpg) ImgOps


I've become so much like Eren Jaeger it's scary. I wear black cardigans, verbally assault women, and physically assault my friends. When I look in the mirror, I can't help but say "戦い, 戦い" (which means fight, fight in american.) I grew my hair out long because I don't care so now I have to wear it in a bun and I don't care what people think so shut fuck up Hange! I always leave an open wound on my hand, and go out of my way to show it to everyone so they are reminded that I am in control. When I see dogs being taken on walks I get mad at them for not being free like I am. I can't have sex with my girlfriend anymore without forcing her to dress up as Mikasa or Historia, both of whom remind me of Armin. When I order fast food, I refuse to call them french fries and insist on calling them freedom fries. I just keep moving forward, until my enemies are destroyed.
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It's so fucking over for us doomerbros..


Give up on your dreams and die, AOE is never coming.


Wait nevermind that makes a lot of sense, I guess I'll cope a little more.


its happening chud GODsayama will deliver kino


nah bro you go up

File: 1653677743555.jpg (123.4 KB, 650x933, 1653617993215.jpg) ImgOps


why did he put soys in his manga about ghosts?



File: 1652537762331.png (334.39 KB, 516x589, 1452484538388.png) ImgOps


have we won yet cartoonbros?


File: 1652537816018.png (25.33 KB, 645x770, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps

not yet



File: 1659384692287.jpg (356.92 KB, 539x768, 3e15b487955257bfba34025fb4….jpg) ImgOps

Coal, all of Ben 10 is gem. Even the life action movie.

File: 1659379400796-0.png (3.63 MB, 1017x935, mewhenzelig.png) ImgOps

File: 1659379400796-1.png (316.11 KB, 768x719, ropekakzelig.png) ImgOps


Killing colezlig thread


That's not how you write coal, silly chudster

File: 1659286181741.jpg (68.83 KB, 1080x1185, Gigasmile.jpg) ImgOps


>The crazy Yandere girl who wants to kill everyone just to be closer to me trope? Yeah, never got tired of it.


girls like this dont exist


File: 1659305173249.webm (1.47 MB, 400x446, 1649204168308.webm) ImgOps

they do


1 in 10 million for all practical purposes they don't exist.

File: 1659218176039.jpg (2.46 MB, 1500x2069, 606fd5162a1cc16fed3b5bf07f….jpg) ImgOps


BWC board kikes
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File: 1659296553565.mp4 (2.54 MB, 1264x720, cunny cunny cunny i love c….mp4) ImgOps


Bwc tho


I won the duel btw nigger kike tranny


For real though if you are white and you start dating ethnic girls it's basically easy mode. They are fucking obsessed with northern european dick


File: 1659309199161.gif (76.79 KB, 167x255, 1659308829082.gif) ImgOps

>I won the duel btw nigger kike tranny

File: 1659279843756.jpg (50.92 KB, 600x500, ...jpg) ImgOps


>It's another generic upbeat rock guitar opening
Into the trash it goes



File: 1646225016476.jpg (117.48 KB, 1456x1083, Toobie.jpg) ImgOps


Will (You) watch her upcoming /a/nime?
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File: 1659280942704.png (65.51 KB, 282x200, 1582150098882.png) ImgOps


File: 1659280989098.jpg (50.1 KB, 700x900, 2b dominating 9s.jpg) ImgOps

Go away.


File: 1659281105181.jpg (46.56 KB, 700x518, 1444734573703.jpg) ImgOps


How do I shot web



File: 1659292481089.png (404.29 KB, 650x488, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps




is a gem

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