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A bit of a throwback to a couple months ago

no longer using analytics software — by at 04/19/21 (Mon) 14:43:38

apologies for any concern it may have caused, i was just trying to get some general time zone and user agent information, but i understand why everyone was concerned, since the software can collect way more. as i have said before, none of the information that i collected has ever been shared with a third party, and any data that i collected with matomo has already been deleted. hope this clears things up.

no subject — by at 02/27/21 (Sat) 23:03:13

Update: Maybe the /qa/ mods have decided to not follow through on their decision to ban soyjaks. I really hope so, as their initial decision was ill-advised.

new blogpost — by admin at 02/27/21 (Sat) 06:17:31


it's now easier to shill — by admin at 09/24/20 (Thu) 17:12:56

I've now registered https://basedjak.party. It redirects to this site, making it easier to shill on 4chan.

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