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schizos are people too

Minecraft server hostname: soyjak.party on version 1.12.2
Keep it running for free: https://skynode.gg/soyjak

Apologies for the downtime, I wasn't expecting it either.

Ads — by admin at 10/04/20 (Sun) 21:28:57

Hello, chuds. I've added google adsense to the site. I don't expect you to turn off your adblockers, but I'd really appreciate it. Also, I'm going to try to add banners, sorry for the wait.

Ad Space — by admin at 09/25/20 (Fri) 18:34:20

I'm selling ad space, although I'm not sure of the pricing yet. Contact [email protected] to make an offer. For more information, visit https://blog.soyjak.party/?p=40.

in need of jannies — by admin at 09/25/20 (Fri) 03:44:50

Fill out this form if you want to work for free. http://gg.gg/janny-app

it's now easier to shill — by admin at 09/24/20 (Thu) 17:12:56

I've now registered https://basedjak.party. It redirects to this site, making it easier to shill on 4chan.

/int/ has been created — by admin at 09/23/20 (Wed) 23:45:12

/g/ is going to be removed shortly. If you would like to be a mod for /int/, please reply at this link: http://gg.gg/soyjak-party

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