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File: 1613186289499.jpg (7.87 KB, 256x256, 1613118544819.jpg)


-42.694774, -68.190377
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File: 1617950378405.gif (92.55 KB, 220x220, soyak_monster_enlarged_mou….gif)


File: 1620813024748.png (33.33 KB, 811x1009, ua.png)


>Слава Україні


i say that

File: 1620498391776.jpg (122.64 KB, 880x587, st floyd shrine.jpg)


american christianity is fascinating


The man who almost stopped the Anti-Christ.


File: 1620782204367.jpg (136.62 KB, 1080x1207, 1582166638310.jpg)

>I kneel to the holy trinity of MLK, Malcolm X and George Floyd.

File: 1620666128145.png (339.97 KB, 1200x1000, el cangrejo sueco le remue….png)


Compartan en este hilo sus mejores sojarreros suecos y también sojarreros lloroncitos


File: 1620666178731.png (113.9 KB, 574x768, sojarrero travieso orejas.png)


File: 1620666258593.jpg (2.76 KB, 98x125, 1614055711688.jpg)




nigga imma kill ya on sight


que mis tacos QUÉ???????'''

File: 1620764776197.png (33.53 KB, 371x361, burgersoy.png)


>land of the free
>Makes drinking ilegal for 2 decades
>Makes drugs illegal for 7 so far and still going on

File: 1620720049564.png (43.92 KB, 657x527, apu-flowers-animals.png)


do you have any cool animals in your country? in Poland we have bears and Polish bisons
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why didnt i see them


bears live only in the mountains and bisons live in few forests


i was there but they didnt want to be seen?


idk I have seen bisons a lot of the times, but never bears
not that I want to, recently bear and two cubs have been seen in mountain trail so they closed it in case someone is attacked


File: 1620727014396.png (626.28 KB, 776x1194, indomelanid.png)

File: 1620619268413.png (3.15 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


I need to start living without imageboards again, with my country becoming venezuela2.0 i think it is imperative that i start learning how to live as a subhuman and let go of most my material wealth, if i cannot defend either myself or my things then it is as if i had nothing to beging with, what use is then to lousy deeds, decreets, laws, certificiates? Useless papers if the forces that are supposed to protect them turn into the pillagers.
If i am to live with nothing, then i refuse to be meek.
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Based, godspeed and good luck


Gentlemen, it was an honor to post soyjaks with you, and always remember that in your nebulous paths there is at least the certainty that you will walk, this can be a hope for you as long as you keep advancing.


See you tomorrow


Who is gonna be Hugo Chavez?


wholesome. now send over the next shipment of coke

File: 1620594029872.png (127.66 KB, 575x805, mrcroat.png)


This is a Croatian thread.


i don't get it


Just wanna see if any Croatian is visiting this site.

File: 1619134672955.png (212.06 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210423-050621.png)


Any movies where the main character got his isp and his vpn rangebanned?
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File: 1620488510584.jpg (4.31 KB, 207x244, 34567890.jpg)

>>>>>>>I'm the blackest BVLL in the jungle whiteboi


File: 1620488814669.png (174.11 KB, 720x720, 1620488725298.png)



File: 1620489208942.png (17.32 KB, 600x800, crying wholesomejak.png)

It do be like that sometimes.


Why are wh*Toids like this?



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