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File: 1632104992345.jpg (59.66 KB, 600x525, rika smile 2.jpg)


Higurashi Thread


Another W added to the books.




File: 1632105200745.png (853.78 KB, 1792x1120, Satoko gun.png)

Now let's discuss the ending, what do you think will happen? Witch ending? Or some lame ass one where satoko cries a little bit and rika forgives her, I think the latter is more probable, THOUGH you never know.


File: 1632105270732.jpg (654.54 KB, 1000x1309, smug rika.jpg)



Another falseflag thread


File: 1632105313972.jpg (74.23 KB, 686x447, yor.jpg)

you have one last chance to give up on tranime.


File: 1632105476533.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, Elegant rika.png)

*sigh* Can't believe they spent 13 FUCKING EPISODES ON RECAPS, fucking trash man... this season is too low quality, hope there's a twist


Kys falseflagger



File: 1632105678344.png (1.31 MB, 1439x793, bika.png)

Wuh? How is that a falseflag? Nigga what is you talmbout? Did you take your meds?


File: 1632105750012.jpg (301.05 KB, 1280x1280, 8be25c7b850b188820f87a5056….jpg)

i slowly walk towards you, the ground shaking with every step i take, a true signal of my full power and superiority as a grand and immortal being. i could easily fly but planting fear in the brains of my pathetic enemies is my number one priority
at this moment you are fearing for your life, shaking, crying and crawling through the floor until you meet a corner, upon realizing that there is no escape you shout in a pathetic attempt at stopping my plans

"p-please forgive me master"

but it is far too late as i have already drawn my sword fueled by the blood of my enemies and your allies. three thousand men. no, three thousand tranime watchers. slaughtered without even a hint of mercy. neon trаиnysis evangelion, traаиny-on, trаиу star, тranууs und panzer. years ago i swore by the honor of my forefathers that i would kill every single one of them, they of course laughed
"meds schizo" "why are you so triggered by a cartoon"
they would say, these same people were then begging for mercy the moment they fought me. truely, none of them could stand up to even 3% of my power once i unleashed it, and were heavily punished for it , i do not regret a single kill, you, also a tranime watcher, challenged me to a duel after i had killed your entire clan, a fbi.gov channel of around 200 users thinking that you could withstand my fury. GRAVELY MISTAKEN
as i thrust my sword through your throat you start crying in misery while you drown in your own blood. a pathetic fate for a pathetic worm. one less tranime watcher


File: 1632105756289.png (252.76 KB, 676x701, 1631847027420.png)


is a literal falseflag
>Talking like Discord trannies
>Taliking of Moeshit
>On the board were all 'jakkers hate
is a false flag


who let the trannies out?


File: 1632105914533.png (551.98 KB, 860x939, Bern gun.png)

Yuck, repulsive red text, perhaps I would've read it if it was like this


File: 1632105976920.jpg (486.83 KB, 2536x1356, schizo poltard.jpg)



File: 1632106001038.gif (1.63 MB, 400x369, 165164187487.gif)



the left cant meme but this shit was funny


How is she still jumping? Isn't she supposed to be dead?


File: 1632106191387.jpeg (39.68 KB, 496x619, images.jpeg)

mark my Words you will die a horrible slow death


File: 1632106345932.jpg (9.97 KB, 236x236, satoko shrug.jpg)

I don't think so


sometimes its muscles start flexing again just before death arrives



Right about what?


Nothing, xir is just coping


Also I don't look like this or I live on a asylum



Ban racists soot


File: 1632107154950.png (371.38 KB, 640x360, Witches.png)

Man, a witch ending that leads to a remake of Umineko anime(that's actually good this time), that would be really cool


kill all niggers


Name 1(one) bad thing about black people


File: 1632107321719.png (1.16 MB, 686x776, 1734982879.png)

>Ban racists soot


File: 1632107445922.png (341.69 KB, 500x500, Keiichi.png)

I love him no homo it cant be homo hes not real hes just lines and colors it cant be gay its not gay its not gay youre gay hes not real i love him but its not gay cause hes not real


This is just a Bait for soyqotes.
I'm not even going to do it.
Just kys


their dumb


File: 1632107748445.png (514.47 KB, 637x729, 16432463464.png)

This but unironically


>she says after soyquoting the obvious @ bait




This is now ridiculous


she didn't SOYquote THOUGH


I wasn't trying to bait you though, meds you fucking soytard


File: 1632108136379.png (170.08 KB, 584x600, f78.png)

this but post-ironically


Just stop


File: 1632108289356.jpg (83.42 KB, 640x672, 1wkfl0am5go71.jpg)

soytards this is your mindset


File: 1632108343618.png (571.34 KB, 754x704, 1625842329340.png)

>omg im LITERALLY an anime girl


This meme was posted by a soytard you moron. he leaked his reddit account


yeah then he started deleting the posts ahaha


it was a falseflag just like the roygb incident


File: 1632108509164.jpg (25.69 KB, 452x678, markichad 344.jpg)

falseflagger you will be stoned to death



Meds schizos


It was a Bait, though


File: 1632110966665.png (167.48 KB, 686x911, medsjak.png)

>Meds schizos


No black person is dumb


File: 1632569921172.jpg (548.18 KB, 1440x810, 1632408572936.jpg)

Oooooh weee! Now THAT was an episode, they went full DBS on this one.


File: 1632570029340.jpg (374.86 KB, 1280x720, Rika punch.jpg)

>How many times do I have to tell you?


File: 1632689617504.png (249.07 KB, 460x690, 1632687892345.png)



No arrows therefore you look like that and say that


File: 1632942480939.jpg (128.32 KB, 906x1000, rika smile 9.jpg)



File: 1633129569243.jpg (424.01 KB, 1280x720, rika happy 3.jpg)

She won! uh... kinda


File: 1633154247842.mp4 (784.69 KB, 360x642, f954516625fb3b8b20cfca945b….mp4)


Need sauce mang


Nigger, Also me the guy running


That mexibro in the black shirt is 100% based


Being a bigot will never be based


File: 1633564001778.jpg (35.32 KB, 740x370, Rika smile 10.jpg)

Rika... you've got me on my knees
Rika... I'm begging, darling please
Rika... darling won't you ease my worried mind




File: 1633565122076.png (304.21 KB, 600x577, Rika is glowing.png)

No, Datamining freak.


>nigger thread


You forgot the chudjak

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